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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I think catshit, davek and st domingo are one poster with split personalities; posting from broadmoor.. Catcher is the wannabe evil genius one, davek the psychopath and domingo the one who wonders who and where he is.
  2. Peter Cormack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    What if……they’d have reacted like the other teams banned from Europe and minting it from the premier league deal and not pissed the Money against a wall and got back into Europe as soon as the ban was lifted. The answe is they would be in exactly the same position they are in now.
  3. Peter Cormack

    Liverpool 2 Burnley 0 (Aug 21 2021)

    Barnes tried to chin Ali with his leading arm, Reid gave a foul, should have been a yellow or red. That knob Macmanamen says never a foul. I hate Tyler and Alan Smith but BT is much worse.
  4. Peter Cormack

    Featured: That was the week that was (Aug 16-20 2021)

    Rumenigge smoke screen, Haarland’s going to Bayern. He denied interest in Lewendowski and most of the others they sign. l’ll bet the deal is already done which is why the Pole is talking about a new challenge and Bayern are prepared to see him go.
  5. Peter Cormack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Don’t think this is true, the real story as told by Speed to his coach for Flintshire schoolboys, a mate despite being a blue of the worst kind. It does involve Kendall and started with a team talk when they were playing manu. Kendall, allegedly half pissed, spent a lot of time on the plan to stop Giggs. Speed who had been with the welsh squad that week kept interupting to tell Kendall Giggs was injured and wouldn’t play. He was correct. Kendall’s response and the events surrounding it did for Speed, he wanted out. Told to my mate at woodison when Speed was with Newcastle.
  6. Peter Cormack

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 13-15 2021)

    Top, top neuroscience analysis there Dave.
  7. Peter Cormack

    Gerd Muller RIP

    A great player, „short fat Gerd“ was his other nickname. He played sweeper in frontof the back 4 for Bayern when they got a 0-0 at Anfield back in the day. I was in the paddock and he never crossed the halfway line; Alun Evans scored the German goal of the season in the second leg which we lost 3-1.
  8. Peter Cormack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The real Red Brick was on Lodge Lane, it was my local and it’s now a Lebanese restaurant I believe.
  9. Peter Cormack

    Other Football 2021/22

    1860 are Munich‘s club not FC Hollywood. Darmstadt have been in the BL more recently than 1860 and stayed up for a couple of seasons. 1860 were in the regional league not long ago.
  10. Ross Barcley built a life size lego statue of Lee Carsley which he insists on sitting next to in the dressing room, this is why Chelsea are trying to sell him.
  11. Peter Cormack

    VAR Thoughts?

    It doesn‘t matter what changes are made to VAR while the same bunch of incompetents and pedants are looking at the pictures. It worked OK in the Euros till an English ref was involved.
  12. Peter Cormack

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I doubt anyone involved in running city gives a fuck about the NHS given the owners’ record on human rights. It‘s a disgrace that City and PSG aren‘t thrown out of football. Along with the Ev - for other reasons.
  13. Peter Cormack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    He must be in solitary, otherwise he‘d have been found hanging from a bedsheet.
  14. Peter Cormack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Grade one cunt, got me banned from GOT for questioning the accuracy of his“facts“ about German history and pointing out that supporting Liverpool does not make you a racist. He was defending the human rights policies city’s owners; then I was banned from following him on twitter because I said Carra was talking sense and he wasn‘t. I would love to know his real name and address.
  15. Peter Cormack

    Managerial Sack Race 2021-2022

    Smith if Grealish is sold, holy spirit at Spurs will be gone by Christmas and although he won‘t be sacked Rogers won’t finish the season at Leicester
  16. Peter Cormack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    https://www.toffeeweb.com/season/21-22/comment/fanscomment/41028.html not all across the park talk shite. Some reality from the best everton site
  17. Peter Cormack

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Final)

    Excellent report Dave, five star. I watched the England-Germany game in a german pub surrounded by mostly young Germans. No bother, no belting out the anthem, no aggression, booing or pissed up dickheads. I wonder what being an Italian watching the final in a pub in, say, Dover or Croydon, would have been like. The total opposite I bet. The only thing coming home is more shite.
  18. Peter Cormack

    Euro 2020(21)

    Patel is one brass necked bitch; if she had her way half the Ingerlund team wouldn’t be ”english”. Neitther would she for that matter. Talking of cunts, catcher’s twitter feed shows how little he knows about football, praising phillips and rice, etc etc, think he has a crush on pickford.
  19. Peter Cormack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Fat Johnny Morrisey was sold behind Shanks’ back, he knew nothing about it until it was completed; I think we were playing in Europe and it caused a massive rift between him and the board; probably the first time he threatened to resign.
  20. Peter Cormack

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Quarter Finals)

    Excellent Dave, wonderful analysis of the england team - there’s more shits in it and supporting it than a blocked up bog.
  21. Peter Cormack

    Euro 2020(21)

    Was there a game another game yesterday, we could hear the Danes celebrating on the other side of the Bridge…..
  22. Peter Cormack

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Round of 16)

    I watched it in a pub in Rostock, after the match I was asked if I was happy…..my response was ”fuck off I’m from Liverpool, not England,”
  23. Peter Cormack

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Round of 16)

    Lots of top top analysis Dave, the best was the balanced comparison of the Welsh managers, great round up, well done……..but isn’t there something missing?
  24. Peter Cormack


    Klopp was a brilliant pundit on German TV, a breath of fresh air after Netzer who was on for decades.
  25. Peter Cormack

    Managerial merry go round...

    My predictions…..Southgate to Palace……Rafa to Spurs…….bobby brown shoes to Ev