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    i'll wait till you get a round of applause,you seem more upset than him
  2. sheshot


    fuckin hell that was an insult,pretty sure if i look i would find a lot worse.
  3. sheshot


    er no
  4. sheshot


    your welcome
  5. sheshot


    maths not your strong point then? fuck everyone else and shout for red
  6. sheshot

    Why do so many hate Riise?

    ask a blueshite,they know everything about refs
  7. sheshot

    Why do so many hate Riise?

    problem for me is in the far away past, if you where shit you went in the reses to get your form back,as they hardly seem to play now that doesn't happen,think rafa sticks with out of form players to get there confidence back,which when a lot are doing it hurts us. however on the postive side-come on you fuckin red men
  8. sheshot

    Why do so many hate Riise?

    you know your ginge man
  9. it will tell you how reds where to blame for slavery
  10. make a guitar out of cardboard and do some serious busking
  11. sheshot

    Ifithadntbinfer De Germans

    this really is strange,in last saturday echo barry horne said blues just dust themselves down and move on,obviously not
  12. sheshot

    Alex Ferguson

    the way to solve this is to link the refs up to andycuntingray,he knows everything