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    Little Things That Brighten Your Day

    Ha ha, me too. Still don't get why they bought it. Mind you it was either that or the Catholic pictorial
  2. DalyanPete

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Don't intend watching it but I'm confused?
  3. DalyanPete

    Kylie Minogue

    Last one is photoshop surely?
  4. Some of you won’t get that. Yep, it's hip to be square.
  5. DalyanPete

    Other Football 22/23

    Nice one mate, knew you had a job hence me being a nosey fucka.
  6. DalyanPete

    Other Football 22/23

    Worked as in what fella?
  7. DalyanPete

    Other Football 22/23

    Give it up mate if it makes you feel this bad
  8. DalyanPete

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Yep, I'm with you on this.
  9. DalyanPete

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Gwladys St. Glory sys.exit Forum Supporter 59 minutes ago #166 I can envision a good side for opening day at The Dock, just maintain the laser focus on recruitment and quality coaching strong.
  10. DalyanPete

    Our midfield

    I can confirm he's shite, has always been shite and will remain shite based on the knowledge that only shite players sign for the shite.
  11. DalyanPete

    NFC pass season 2022/23

    Once forwarded they become the owner of the ticket. If someone was to throw a smoke bomb it won't come back on the original ticket holder. I still can't forward My ticket as his profile has been updated and his name is spelt wrong. Told him he will have to sort his end. Don't know why they change things so late, very little time to sort shit.
  12. DalyanPete

    Air Conditioning

    In Dalyan, without aircon we die.
  13. DalyanPete

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Think it does mate.
  14. DalyanPete

    PhD in Wanking

    I managed to crack one off reading the car detailing thread which was tough.
  15. DalyanPete

    NFC pass season 2022/23

    Clicked on the watch here link, fucked if I can find it. Clicked on forward ticket but sure if it's gone. Stop confusing things.
  16. DalyanPete

    NFC pass season 2022/23

    Think you know the answer! Thanks for the update.
  17. DalyanPete

    How does your garden grow?

    Super hot here in Turkey but the water table is so high it doesn't affect anything. We have an artesian well connected to underground water so watering is free. God blessed this country with sun and water which I think was a bit arlarse on other countries who got errrr, sand.
  18. DalyanPete

    Barcelona Setting Fire to Their Future

    Better call Saul.
  19. DalyanPete

    Oludare Olufunwa - Welcome to Liverpool

    Arsed? Told everyone in Turkey including the President we are signing Bellingham.
  20. DalyanPete

    NFC pass season 2022/23

    Should be able to do next Monday about 5ish then.
  21. DalyanPete

    NFC pass season 2022/23

    Cheers mate.
  22. DalyanPete

    NFC pass season 2022/23

    Anyone distributed Palace ticket yet? Still not giving me the option.
  23. Potato cake in Liverpool. Sayers used to do a lovely round one. I'm ready to cook a new batch this week.
  24. DalyanPete

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    It's called Stranger Things.