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  1. Rodgers is only hurting himself. Lambert was poor today and there was no striker on the bench to replace him with. Borini would offer more pace and movement up front, either with or instead of Lambert.
  2. Ian

    The Hodgson / England caption thread

    Accidentaly negged this, sorry.
  3. Ian

    Fifa 2010

    They have it in manager mode alright but that's single player only. They should include it in the league modes too though.
  4. Ian

    PES 2010

    I like the dribbling this time, you can't beat 4 or 5 players with any half decent player any more like you could in 09. It's a lot more realistic, you have to pick your passes and be patient in your build up play, just like real football. As for tackling, i find that there are hardly any frees given for blatant fouls, like tackles from behind. In 09 refs blew for everything but this year you'd have to really chop some one down for a free to be given.
  5. Ian

    Madrid being Madrid

    Wouldn't be surprised if Pellegrini was sacked in the morning. When they lost to Sevilla there was calls for him to be sacked, imagine what it will be like after this defeat.
  6. Ian

    PES 2010

    Winning Eleven Next-Gen Blog The one on that site is class. I downloaded it earlier and it is very good. They'll be doing an update in a few weeks with the full bundesliga, so far they have Bayern, Wolfsburg and Stuttgart.
  7. Ian


    Spot on, he's done it with all his other albums. He releases a single that can get good radio play and then the rest of the album is totally different. I have the new album, haven't got round to listening to it yet but fingers crossed it will be good.
  8. Ian

    Petition for a new inquiry.

    I'm Irish and i had trouble with it as well so i put in that i was an expatriate and it accepted it then.
  9. I stayed in the same hotelas the team a few years ago. It was before a game against Leeds. They were getting on the bus at the side of the hotel and being only a young fella at the time i was a bit start struck. I couldn't move when Fowler came along so i missed out on a picture with him. Gary Mac saw me standing there with my dad and he called me over, asked how i was and then i got a picture with him. He was a really sound fella. I got my picture taken with Jamie Redknapp as well, he was sound too. When i was talking to Gary Mac someone shouted at him to hurry up but he told them to hang on, he had a few minutes to spare to have a chat with the wee lad. I met Roy Evans in Tramore Co. Waterford the night before a race meeting. Againi was fairly young at the time. He was with a group of friends but there was one twat with him acting like a bodyguard. Roy was up at the bar so i went up with my dad and we started talking to him, the twat came over trying to get us to leave him alone but Roy turned around and told him to piss off, he was only having a chat with us. He signed a beer mat for me as i had no paper or anything on me. I found that beer mat a few weeks ago clearing out my bedroom. I met Ray Kennedy as well outside Anfield the day after a game, we were rushing to get to the airport so he let us take his taxi, another sound man.
  10. Ian

    Who would you like to go down?

    Man. City - It would be hilarious if they were relegated with all the money they have and all the bullshit about them taking over the world soon. Newcastle - It would great to see those cunts relegated. ''Big Club'' my arse. Boro - I just don't like them and Southgate looks like a paedophile.
  11. Ian

    Resevoir Dogs

    Same here, i watched it a few days ago and i don't get what's so special about it. I was bored watching it, too much talking not enough action.
  12. I watched Reservoir Dogs for the first time the other day and to be honest i don't know what all the fuss is about. People have always said to me how good it is and they couldn't believe i hadn't seen it. It's an ok film, nothing special really. I kept checking how long was left in it, i just didn't get in to it at all.
  13. Ian

    Good comedians....

    He's ok, i saw his stand up dvd and it wasn't great but on the panel i think he's hilarious. It' strange, must be the way the show is edited. I agree with the person above who mentioned Neil Delamere, he's very good, his stand up dvd is excellent and he's great on the panel as well. Colin Murphy is one of my favourites as well, he's in the comedy club here in Cork next weekend, i'm definitely going to that. I went to see him last year and he was fucking brilliant, he was on stage for about two hours and he stayed in the bar afterwards as well talking to people.
  14. Ian

    P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs etc.

    He's a cunt. He can't sing or rap either, the twat.
  15. You could be on to something there. :yes: Seriously though, what the fuck is an 81 year old woman doing robbing houses ? Shouldn't she be at home knitting or something or whatever it is old people do.
  16. Ian

    I have a game.

    I give up, who is it ? I've been staring at it for a while but i can't make out who it is.
  17. Ian

    Important announcement

    Happy Birthday Dave :thumbup:
  18. Ian


    Pause the game and go to your stats and in there it will say what % of the game you have completed. I've got the story mode finished and to be honest i haven't played it since, i went looking for the pigeons but gave up after a while, i'll go back to it soon though when i feel the urge to blow things up again.
  19. Ian

    Back Advice

    I suffered with back pain which was eventually sorted with surgery. I went through a lot of physio and the best thing you can do for it is to stay mobile. Go out for a walk or even up and down the stairs at home a few times if you're not up to going out. Sitting or lying down for long periods of time will only make the pain worse. Also i'd advise you see a doctor or physio, someone qualified before attempting any exercise's or anything else you've been told to do. You could end up doing more damage to yourself. Get well soon too, back pain isn't nice, i suffered long enough with it. You wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  20. What about the 40+ other goals he scored. I'd love a player like that in my team, he might miss two penalties in a row but if he scores 40 odd goals who gives a fuck about penalty misses. He also scored the opening goal last night in case you missed that. I don't think any banners should be made about last night's game unless it's one taking the piss out of Mongo, the big crying pussy. If he's such a tough guy why was he balling his eyes out when he missed ? He was obviously disappointed but you don't cry and whinge like a baby for fuck sake.
  21. Ian


    Yeah it was the one with LJ alright. It wasn't that hard, i kept getting killed because of LJ, he was holding me up the whole time. The similar type mission for Manny was a piece of piss because i was on my own. I've been working 8 to 8 this week and when i get home i don't have much energy to play GTA which is a balls. This weekend though i'll play it non stop i'd say.
  22. Ian

    You're favourite non Liverpool player

    Me too, great player and he's having a great season for Juve and he has a good chance of being picked for Italy for Euro 2008. Zidane is an obvious one but that man was a genius, it's a pity his career ended the way it did, still a genius though and one of my all time favourite players.
  23. Ian


    What a fucking game, it's unreal. I only got it friday and i've played 11 hours which is a lot for me. I'm getting stuck in a mission with Little Jacob, we're in a warehouse and we have to shoot our way out, but Jacob keeps getting killed and leaving me on my own, the selfish bastard. :smile: I've got a lot of over time at work this week, which will really eat in to my gta time, work will be long enough anyway but it will seem longer knowing gta is waiting at home for me, begging to be played. How big of a slut is Michelle though, i rode her after every date, i expected some challenge from her. I'm waiting for a few replies from the dating site as well, i think i asked them all for a date.
  24. Ian


    Fucking hell, that was fast. How many hours did it take you to do it ?
  25. Ian

    Shannon Matthews Stepfather.

    I laughed out loud at that, it felt wrong. Funny as fuck though.