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  1. I'll probably go back into hiding for another 8 or 9 years.
  2. iRAT

    David James

    Wasn't really an admission though was it? I'm probably too honest and open to have PR help | David James | Football | The Observer
  3. I don't have the power to neg. Can someone do it on my behalf? Ta
  4. iRAT

    Don't Let Him Catch You Looking....

    Piss. Caught lurking the dark side. Neg away.
  5. iRAT

    Merging of threads

    Too many of my threads get merged. Leave them as they are!
  6. iRAT

    The Photo Montage of the GF Piss Up

    For all you know I could have been lurking there last night. I'll try for the next one though.
  7. iRAT

    Ipod stuff.

    I bought a cassette adapter from Comet, which was a pretty stupid thing to do seeing as my car doesn't have a tape deck. Oh how the bastards laughed when I returned it in exchange for a Belkin Tunecast 10 minutes later. It was nearly as embarrassing as when my watch stopped. Assuming it was the battery I took it to a jeweller who handed it straight back ticking away. The winder was out. :wallbutt:
  8. iRAT

    Cd's received thread

    Theghost SD Dirk - Sent and Received Thants - Sent and Received Sh#t Waffle - Sent and NOT Received (You scum sucking whore bag of a postman/forumite) Weeksie - Sent and Received Kurt - Sent and NOT Recieved Mongstock Owen RJ Fan Club - Sent and Received Karl- Sent and NOT recieved Plewggs - Sent and Received RedinSweden - sent and not received Malarkey Uncle Meat El Rojo - Sent and NOT Received by 28/12, away travelling until end January, so redeem yourself if not yet sent, partner BeNiRL DT TK421 CrouchieBoy - Sent and Received Red Dawn - Sent and NOT Received Loadsoftrophies -Sent and Received Cain - Sent and NOT Received Ian - Sent and Received Paul - Sent and Received Mattyq Remington Stu Monty Thisisanfield ATXRED PaddyBerger15 - Sent and Received iRAT - Sent and Received Stouffer - Sent and Received Rondeco Banger
  9. iRAT

    Cd's received thread

    I thought that the photo on CD2 may have been a clue, but I don't know if it's a forumite or not? http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii10/iRAT_photos/STH70554.jpg
  10. iRAT

    Cd's received thread

    I could have sworn that the postmark wasn't Newcastle, I'd check but I'm a cheap fucker and sent mine in the same jiffy. Surely Stouff would have delivered by hand, I know I would've if I'd drawn him.
  11. iRAT

    Cd's received thread

    Mine arrived last Friday. It's a work of art. I can't get the sodding photos less than about 3 foot wide so here are the links. http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii10/iRAT_photos/STH70548.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii10/iRAT_photos/STH70554.jpg http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii10/iRAT_photos/STH70562-1.jpg