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  1. Best Believe It

    The Anfield Wrap

    The Football Ramble is better. I used to listen to TAW but got bored of it. A few people on there whose names I don't care about are interesting to listen to, but a few just talk without any real point to what they're saying. Since I started listening to the Ramble I found it less easy to have patience to listen to what TAW were saying. I know they're trying to support Liverpool bands but I don't really care. Also, the journalists they have had on, with maybe one or two exceptions have been surprisingly uninsightful. I think it's also a bit more interesting to listen to a wider debate on football rather than everything so Liverpool-focused. Some of the wailing and cuntery on here over the past two years was putting me off footy.
  2. Best Believe It

    Director of football

    Change is scary, man. I think the interview with Digger on the offal was strategically placed and I think the whole thing he was talking about is indicative of what FSG are going to be putting in place. That the most important thing at the club is the philosophy which, let's be honest, is currently ill-defined at our club. We have terms like 'The Liverpool Way' and 'Pass and Move' which don't really say anything. Even on here whenever the former term has attempted to be defined there's been disagreement. We've managed to get to the early stages of continuity in the academy, youth teams and reserve side due to technical directors and the like. I don't see any reason why this can't be extended to the first team; more than that, I think it should be. We should be a forward-thinking club and not just do things because that's the way everyone else does them.
  3. Best Believe It

    Manager poll updated.

    *Checks poll results* *Waves to Rashid*
  4. Best Believe It

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    Spot on. As much as I hate Chelsea I always thought this would eventually happen; they've thrown enough money at the issue for it to have done so. I saw last night's game as win-win: Bayern win, then I take the pleasure from seeing Chelsea fail again; Chelsea win and we see the repocussions on Spurs. As Code says, whatever happened last night Chelsea would still spend big and be up there for top four spaces. Spurs were relying on CL football to keep hold of their best players. Bale, Modric and VdV will all agitate for moves now, and they won't be able to recruit top class players as they can't pay the wages.
  5. Best Believe It

    Its hit the fan !! (Atk incident)

    Think you're generalising for the sake of convenience there. Most people apparently didn't know that Alan had been making stuff up about Rafa, going by this thread. I fully admit to not liking Gerrard all that much, though that has much more to do with the Chelsea flirtation and my misgivings at his captaincy than anything else. Both he and Carragher, whatever managers they rate or don't rate, deserve respect though. As does Rafa. Not sure about Raga.
  6. Best Believe It

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    What would you class as a senior player? I think several senior players have been guilty of not giving their all on the pitch under the last three managers.
  7. Best Believe It

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    You're drifting into the thorny issue of player power now though. It could quite easily be read that at both Chelsea and Liverpool there were players who considered themselves to be bigger than the manager and therefore felt quite justified in actively trying to get rid of the boss. In Chelsea's case though, there was probably more about self-interest - ie players not playing, or feeling like they were being edged out - whereas at Liverpool they may well have been actively trying to get rid of the manager because Purslow made it much more possible for them to do so, pallying up to them and slagging off Rafa behind his back.
  8. Best Believe It

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    Aye. I don't think they sacked him because we finished 7th.
  9. Best Believe It

    Its hit the fan !! (Atk incident)

    He told a story on here that Benitez told Carragher (and maybe another player) on the training pitch 'They can't afford to sack me' whilst rubbing his hands together, in response to something Carra or someone else had said. Which is why you might notice the odd post with the phrase *rubs hands* in it, from different people, from time to time. Alan Kayll made the story up completely.
  10. Best Believe It

    Its hit the fan !! (Atk incident)

    This might be an obstacle to you finding out, Code.
  11. Best Believe It

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    Broughton replied to an email Jim Boardman had sent him about Rafa's departure where Broughton said 'I note your opinion is not shared by the media' or something. Rafa wasn't sacked due to media pressure/influence. He was sacked because he gave Broughton an ultimatum - Purslow or Benitez. Broughton chose to sack Rafa.
  12. Best Believe It

    Its hit the fan !! (Atk incident)

    Considering how Alan would happily invent stuff to slur Benitez I don't think he's exactly an innocent party in this. There's been fairly regular mud-slinging on both sides; this would simply appear to be a logical progression in the ridiculous row that's been going on between two groups of supposed Liverpool fans.
  13. Best Believe It

    Guitarists of TLW

    I bought a black Vintage VS6 and it's ace. Wilkinson used the same specs as the Gibson Vintage Humbuckers to make his own humbuckers. They sound boss. It's about 100-150 quid cheaper than an Epiphone SG and about 4 times as good.
  14. Best Believe It

    “XXXXXX is the least of our worries

    My favourite - and by favourite I mean least favourite - is the phrase 'If we'd have played [insert flavour of the month] then we'd have won 150-2'.
  15. Best Believe It

    “XXXXXX is the least of our worries

    Saying a player is the least of our worries is the least of our worries.