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  1. On 25/05/2022 at 18:41, Shooter in the Motor said:

    Ray Parker Jr has quite the musical legacy and check out his studio...



    Can't hear mention of him without thinking of his comment when declined an audience with the Pope on a Ghostbusters European tour. ' FFS, doesn't this guy have any kids ? '

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  2. 2 hours ago, Bot said:

    3-0 Liv written all over this. 

    Salah to score 2, Mane 1. Diaz and Robbo to assist them all. Entire crowd break into song about how much Ramos is a cunt. Parade is a fucking sensation with Klopp wearing a Pep is a cryarse cunt tee and counting 7 on his wonderful fingers. Liverpool go into the next season twatting everyone like they did during the pandemic. 

    I like this name change for The Drowning Man

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  3. 1 hour ago, Harry Squatter said:

    I actually don't mind there being 3 European competitions. The teams in it have got excited for the competition and the ones competing for it are never going to win the CL, I'm sure the fans of Roma and Feyenoord will be up for it tonight. They need to change the name of it though. 

    Agree, Harry, there has been some real sniffiness about some of the comments about it, but it is a European trophy and has made the season for fans of the likes of Roma, Feyenoord and West Ham.

  4. 50 minutes ago, Rushies tash said:

    Just parked up at Tesco, miles away from anyone because I don't trust any of the inconsiderate pricks not to open their door onto mine. Got out to find someone right next to me when there's still dozens of free spaces. Just fuck off.

    You'd have appreciated the performance of a particularly strange woman in Makro car park this morning, who managed to take 10 minutes to reverse into the next space to the trolley bay opposite the main door, during which time she almost crashed twice into cars going past, scraped her car door on said trolley bay and almost mowed down two shoppers. This in a 10% full car park.

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