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  1. sir roger

    Team V Villa

    I wonder if we've had a word , as Bennett hates us. Mind you Riley's not much better
  2. sir roger

    Stadium Update...The SKYWALK!

    Is correct AWS , we get shoved in the shittiest parts of most away grounds , even the Hubble telescope struggled to find me at Newcastle. So how do we get our own back , give them a nice view behind the goal & then when poor bastards are paying over the odds outside , 14 Fulham fans play hide & seek in the away end. And breeeeaaathe
  3. I still think Ashton & Johnson are the standout bets
  4. sir roger


    Was gutted at losing out on him last summer , but having checked him out a fair bit this season I'm not really that arsed now.
  5. sir roger

    First Six League Games

    Letting 2 in at fucking Sunderland FFS , Sack Rafa
  6. sir roger

    Florida Reds - TV help

    Friend is going to Florida on Saturday morning ( staying in a place called Haines City ) near Disney. He is going to miss some important games & wonders if anybody has any idea of places that show the Reds games in the area. I was sure we have a poster ' Red in Florida ' or similar but can't find him on the posters list to PM him.
  7. sir roger

    Florida Reds - TV help

    It has poshibilities for sure
  8. sir roger

    Florida Reds - TV help

    Oi you two , haven't you got mobiles :biggrin:
  9. sir roger

    Florida Reds - TV help

    Thanks Chaps
  10. sir roger


    JAR has used the long throw less & less each season. I assume Rafa had a word.
  11. sir roger

    Martin Lipton on Torres

    The thing that wound me up about the article was the blatant bias against us ( Lipton does seem to have a problem with us ). Every comment practically is positive on the other 3 but negative about Liverpool. His masturbating over Ferguson is unbelievable - 'The only pressure on SAF comes from within himself . Master of all he surveys , master of the universe. Ferguson now knows there is no question of his brilliantly won reputation dripping away in his last years of his spell at the top. Looking younger than he has for half a decade ' FFS , Ferguson is a very good manager but I would say that the pressure is on him in Europe & he is well aware of it. ' Chelsea have only spent money on Malouda , but are still bullish about their chances unlike the man who has spent big - Benitez ' We have net spent ( sorry ) about 10m more than them so far this pre-season so this obviously negates the endless funds they spent the last 4 years !! And possibly the biggest load of shite of all ' At the Emirates stadium , Wenger simply has to stay ahead of Spurs for a rebuilding season to be considered a success ' This will come as a shock to the Gunners I know . I know I shouldn't get wound up by no-marks like Lipton , but as well as the obvious bias in his writing , it is the absolutely lazy journalism involved. Reading the excellently argued & interesting views raised by some posters on here , other Liverpool web sites & no doubt other teams' websites , I cannot believe a massive newspaper like the Mirror cannot do better than him.
  12. sir roger

    Shoot League Ladders

    I had the set of them Esso things & they're probably worth a bit of money now. Unfortunately they have been mislaid during house moves etc.
  13. sir roger

    Compulsive Obsessive Amnesty Thread

    I am exactly the opposite . I am not as bad as I was ( I used to eat my fry ups on 4 pieces of bread - not 3 or 5 - & I used to get all the foods in piles & divide them into quarters , Even squashing the chips to make it easier. I would thus ensure each butty had exactly the same amount on ) but I still leave any food that is on its own at the end of the meal.
  14. sir roger

    Please God, let this rumour be true!

    Ashton looks a cracking bet ( even each way ) @ 50/1 & (gulp ) Andrew Johnson at 25/1 is a good price as with the Vaughan & Cahill situations , the whole Everton attacking plan will be based on Johnson ( and the pennos help him of course )
  15. sir roger

    Villa-Inter 3-0

    Watched the Sunderland v Juve game last night ( Juve equalised in the last minute 1-1 ) & the Italian teams are a long way behind the English teams for fitness with their season not yet as imminent as ours .
  16. sir roger


    England are doing much better than of late but Wales look woeful. Just as an aside , Australia are 10/1 for the World Cup. This is a cracking bet for such a strong-minded sporting bunch who seem to always come good at tournament time ( And I'm sure they beat the All Blacks last month who are odds-on )
  17. sir roger

    Shanghai Vs Liverpool Pre game discussion

    That was my first thought as well , but glad to hear from you & Ted that they are out of order in their comments. Cheers
  18. Very true Nick , made even sweeter by Breitner's arrogant ramblings before the game. I remember shuddering when Howard Gayle's name was announced. Boy was I wrong.
  19. sir roger

    Shanghai Vs Liverpool Pre game discussion

    I have only seen the goals , as LiverpoolFCTV has only got stills !!! Strange comments in the Daily Mirror today who praise Torres' goal but then launch into him for constant diving & cheating. Have not seen this even touched upon in this thread. Accepting that legally the Mirror cannot be 100% positive in any Reds reporting , what did you lads who watched the game think of this aspect.
  20. sir roger

    Owen injury worse than first thought

    Did anybody see that article last week about the magnificent horse racing stables he's built ( @ £3m worth ) with his own trainer involved. He's spent all of his summer overseeing this & has studiously avoided watching any Newcastle pre-season games , leading to a lot of disquiet amongst the barcodes.This is all as well as the Ingerlund obsession. I genuinely believe that he has very little interest in club football whatsoever & sees it as basically funding his real interests. We've dodged a bullet here.
  21. I would put it 2nd behind Istanbul. I think it remains such a highlight as ( as fans ) we weren't spoilt at that point & appreciated the success fully .
  22. sir roger

    My lovely Mayo Mammy..

    Something along the lines of Ted; ' Father Larry Mullen's dead Dougal , an avalanche in Switzerland' Dougal ; ' Thats terrible Ted , are there any chipsticks left'
  23. sir roger

    Worst profession

    Obviously can't argue with the thrust of that , but lets not kid ourselves. The solicitor/barristers behind Langham , Sutcliffe , West etc. are not in any way shape or form doing the job for moral reasons. They are in most cases totally aware of their clients' guilt , but are basically prepared to put their personal repugnance to one side to make money out of the misery of the victims & their families. My teeth are set on edge every week reading the Liverpool Echo column of that old cunt Rex Makin. He constantly pontificates on the moral decline of the city through drugs & gangsterism , without ever mentioning that a good half of the human flotsam & jetsam in Liverpool can walk around freely because of his services. Right , wheres that 'Twat List' thread gone.
  24. sir roger

    The GF book thread

    Just bought the John Daly autobiography & am looking forward to it. I like my maverick sportsmen.