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  1. sir roger

    Best Band You Have Seen Live ?

    Not sure it's any use to you Karl ( He says covering the fact he has no idea where Vitebsk is ) but I have just had an e-mail from ticketmaster saying that they've announced a new tour for October this year & tickets are on sale from 9am on 6th February. Seems to be relatively small venues , Liverpool University is the local one.
  2. I thought that , but as she'd been going out with the ex for over 3 years it seems to throw out the chance of it being her diddling the OAP. Maybe Moira Stewart lied about her date of birth on her application form.
  3. sir roger

    When I grow Up....

    Our Maureen once wrote an essay in school in which my mum ( The quietest lady ever ) was beating up half the street. My mum couldn't work out why the teachers always looked petrified at open nights until some years later when she was looking at Mo's English book.
  4. sir roger

    Sky's punditry and commentary yesterday

    Agree that it wasn't a red card Major Tom , but Xabi went to kick the ball with his instep while Lampard launched in showing all his studs , so cannot see any way Xabi was the perpetrator of a foul.
  5. sir roger

    Sky's punditry and commentary yesterday

    In a funny way it sometimes adds to my enjoyment when we have a good win , to see these twathooks trying to denigrate our performances while you can see their hatred for us in their eyes ( Not really including Jamie in that although he seems to be sliding down the see-saw towards monkey-boy & tefal ).
  6. Well they've started well giving them Brazil's most expensive tranny.
  7. Hopefully in 15 years you might have to.
  8. He's not Thant's , I accidentally repped him & gave him 4 greens - bah !! I did put ' bollocks' as the comment mind.
  9. sir roger


    I thought the rule only covered when the officials had dealt with the incident ( yellow card ) and didn't feel it needing upgrading. Surely 'The Matador' isn't suggesting that he saw nothing wrong with the incident. Due to the dignified after-match comments from Scolari I'm not too fussed with Bosingwa getting off ( And it was funny as well ), but as RoboRiise points out the RESPECT campaign is in tatters at present. It is one thing making a mistake , but another thing to blatantly lie about it later when presented with irrefutable evidence. Don't they say that one thing government's can't get past is when the population start laughing at them. Well every sports media outlet have been taking the mickey out of Riley & The Matador today.
  10. Are we not allowed to draw games anymore ? Did I miss them changing the rules ? Chelsea & Villa 6 draws each , Arsenal 7 draws - see I'm afraid they sometimes happen Man Utd have 5 , but if we had a forward line of Tevez , Rooney , Berbatov & Ronaldo I suspect we might have drawn less games. We have had a few very disappointing performances out of the 23 games we have played but I don't think it deserves the venom aimed at the team and ( mainly ) the manager from posters like you
  11. I think the big issue here is Robbie's attitude. I was pleased with the signing & my only reservation was postings from some of the Irish guys on this forum suggesting Robbie was a bit arrogant & disliked in the Republic. That was shown in spades to me , as he blundered around blaming everyone for his failings from spending most of some games on his arse shouting after referees , to effing & blinding at the manager. His presence had become a distraction , we needed rid & were so lucky that Harry had been given another large budget to save us. I think the criticism of Keane would been stronger on here if he didn't play the useful role of giving another piece of shit to fling at the manager.
  12. sir roger

    Keane not at training today.

    Sky Sports reporting Liverpool have confirmed Keane is having a medical at Spurs , but no deal agreed yet.
  13. sir roger

    Xabi's back-heeled volley/pass

    His continued grooming of the beard has turned him into a sawn-off version of Wolverine from X-Men.
  14. sir roger

    What an English/Irish Cunt

    I don't think it was a terrible game at all. It was certainly better than the Man Utd v Everton game last night.
  15. sir roger


    I assumed he was taking the piss , Unrighteous. I think Lampard & Bosingwa will swap bans.
  16. sir roger

    Tyler's comment about Xabi

    Watching MOTD2 & Hansen is suggesting Xabi should have been yellow carded in the incident - beggars belief.
  17. sir roger

    Chelsea match thread

    Me too JH , only striker in the Prem that really worries me.
  18. sir roger

    Chelsea match thread

    Drogba not starting for Chelsea Kalou plays in the 'Kuyt' position with Anelka as the only striker.
  19. sir roger

    Weekend football

    It was a penno , but would Everton have got it the other end ? That's the point isn't it ?
  20. sir roger

    Who's the ref for sunday?

    I've seen hundreds of bad decisions (for us and against us ) but the Tiago handball is the only one I am convinced was crooked. Riley saw that quite blatantly , put the whistle to his lips & then deliberately didn't blow. Carra's reaction said it all.
  21. sir roger

    Weekend football

    When the Setanta coverage started it showed the sprinklers plastering the pitch which seems strange as it looks like a bog !!
  22. sir roger

    Women's tennis...

    The thing that baffles me is how many female players are overweight. Surely playing a physical game like tennis at a professional level would automatically make this unlikely , but just watch how many chubby girls there are. One of the British girls was being lauded recently for losing two & a half stone. My question would be ' As an athlete , how could she be 35 pounds overweight in the first place ?
  23. sir roger

    Weekend football

    Ha Ha , thats exactly the same as me & then Fuller got taken off injured as well. Was Delap a straight red & how many games will he be out for , i might have to ship him out.
  24. sir roger

    The Aussie open final!

    Totally correct AS on the favouritism issue , but I get the feeling that Murray has a much stronger mentality than Henman , Rusedski & co. and will not let the press grind him down as easily. The performances of Verdasco against Tsonga & Nadal has actually made the criticism of Murray's defeat seem quite churlish. On a separate ( sexist ) point , I am sure that if Ana Ivanovic was my lady friend I would not be showing as much energy as Verdasco is on a tennis court. ps Is the temperature under 40c yet ?