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    Rafa: Why I Back Lucas 100%

    So basically , if Rafa praises the guys you like thats OK , if he tries to raise the morale of guys who's confidence is on the floor that's bad - I see. Lucas ( A young lad trying to make his way in the game in a totally foreign environment ) has had some bad times & been booed by his own supporters , but has never stopped trying , showed any frustration & actually thanked the people who actually hadn't booed him for their support via the Echo. Keane ( An experienced guy who's been through the mill ) acted like a prima donna soft-arse , produced some displays that would have had Lucas strung up from the ticket office roof , clearly told his manager to fuck off on the pitch & has slagged us off every day since he went.
  2. sir roger

    Rafa: Why I Back Lucas 100%

    Lucas isn't fantastic but he is certainly good enough to be the 4th place midfielder who basically gives the big boys a rest in minor games. I think the hate aimed at him is exacerbated as he is seen as keeping the local lads ( particularly Jay Spearing ) out of the team. If this is the case surely the criticism should be aimed at rafa & the lad should be spared when out on the pitch in a red shirt. I feel this is very unfair pressure to be put on a young lad plucked out of his environment & finding his feet at a massive club away from friends/family and seemingly asked to change his game as well. He has made bad mistakes this year but so does every player . His 2 main mistakes have also come when he has been left in emergency situations when more experienced players have given the ball away badly & left us exposed. I think Rafa has erred by not playing the young Liverpool lads ( Spearing / Darby ) in the Hokey Cokey cup which would have assuaged the fans who could then see them getting some chances & released the pressure on Lucas a bit.
  3. sir roger

    Gerard Deulofeu

    He was good in 'Green Card'
  4. sir roger

    The great Joe Calzaghe retires.

    Don't get me wrong Remmie I have great respect and admiration for Joe and his performance against Lacy was in my top 3 British all-time best , but I think there is a distinct feeling that he allowed his career to drift during the middle period when he was potentially at his best and his management was happy to use him like a servicetill to keep getting cash from every 6 months or so without any quality control of opponents. Lacy & Kessler - great performances Eubank - good performance against a fighter past his best. Sheika - good performance against decent opponent Hopkins - I think he lost Reid - Didn't Joe struggle against Robin who I have never thought was absolute top class ?
  5. sir roger

    Stupid question - how do I create a "singnature"?

    It is in the settings part of User CP , but I'm not sure whether you need to be a full member to have the option
  6. You're not wrong , and as for product placement the fact that Justine Mills of Cricket is given a column every week to basically do a puff piece about her shop is unbelievable.
  7. sir roger


    Classic song that Wigan were singing at City fans Kaka wherever you may be Have you ever heard of Man City Don't go there it'll end in tears They've won fuck all for 33 years
  8. Ryan should have started rapping , they'd have all fucked off sharpish
  9. sir roger

    Sly awarded 5th tv package

    My mate was laughing last night that his dad doesn't have anything on his telly these days other than LFC TV. Last Sunday his ma put an extra dinner out & when his dad said 'Who's that for ' she said ' It's for that Matt Critchley he's here more than me anyway'
  10. Fair enough Z , I rate the guy & can't remember him having many games where he hasn't added anything to our team. Having said that you are in the majority so I'll take an interest in observing him more closely over the next month or so.
  11. sir roger

    Moyes Press Conference

    Physios or Psychos ? Ratcatcher , I know what I'm hoping for.
  12. Very surprised that only about 30% rate Arbeloa and I think he is underrated & certainly missed during his recent injury break. The 13 who dissed Sami had better buy Paul a present to thank him for making this poll anonymous.
  13. sir roger

    Babel Striker?

    We have 2 main options for support for nando or to give him a break on occasions. Dirk is the safe option but Babel is the wild card. The way I see it Dirk will always be admirable but his limitations cannot be overcome ( lack of speed ). Babel could become world-class as he has every physical asset he needs but needs to decide that he wants to work his tripes out to realise the maximum of his talents . To help him do this though , his manager/coaches need to give him their backing that he will get a reasonable run of games to bring this to fruition.
  14. sir roger

    Gerard Deulofeu

    I feel a bit dirty , but I agree with Platini to an extent on English clubs' pilfering of young foreigners from their academies due to legal restraints on them offering contracts like we can.
  15. sir roger

    I actually feel ok now

    I was in Wetherspoons in Walton Vale last night and a jamook came in with no coat to ensure everybody saw his Everton top . It was freezing last night & he was dithering but was obviously desperate to wallow in the very rare success from the previous night. In a funny way it summed up everything about the Blues & I almost felt sorry for him.
  16. sir roger

    West Indies v England

    Gayle & sarwan looking ominous at the close 160 / 1.
  17. sir roger

    The great Joe Calzaghe retires.

    Well timed retirement & hope he doesn't get the itch to come back later. Very few top fighters go out with perfect records ( I can only think of Marciano & Mayweather Jr ) Debate will rage over his status in the boxing firmament however , and I personally don't think he had enough fights with good fighters at their peak ( Some due to very careful matchmaking & some down to timing issues as he just missed the golden era of British super-middleweights ) to be a 'legend'. Definitely hovering around the top 10 of British fighters though.
  18. sir roger

    Which ABBA girl would you choose now?

    Either/Both & I would say thanks too.
  19. sir roger

    Alan Wiley

    As a general point and not necessarily from an LFC point of view ( and interested in Crackers view on this ) there seems to have been a real dip in refereeing / linesmen standards this season . I have never seen so many inept performances and outright poor decision making in one season before , at a time when the increased professionalism brought on by their full time status should mean exactly the opposite. I think Hackett needs to get his thumb out of his backside and earn his considerable salary , as the standards are in freefall.
  20. sir roger

    Something Fletcher said recently

    I think as well as Man Utd's mentality about expecting to score , there is also the other side of the coin where the opposition expect them to score also which often becomes self-fulfilling. This came home to me in their game at Bolton. Bolton had dealt fairly easily up to the 90th minute mark but you could tell that rather than gaining confidence they got more neurotic expecting Utd to score. Eventually 2 defenders dived in ridiculously on the edge of the box at a nothing ball , the ball evaded them ran through to Tevez , he crossed for Berbatov & goodnight Vienna. This mindset has been earned by Man Utd over many years much in the way we in the 80's caused Desailly's mate to say ' All you ever get at Anfield is a cup of tea ' We did not have this fear factor , so needed to be very forceful at Anfield early on this season to dampen subsequent opposition hopes . Unfortunately due to a few ropey performances and the disappearance of Torres' goals through injuries this has given visiting teams a genuine prospect of getting a result. This has also happened more obviously in Chelsea's home form since we & Arsenal shattered their invincibility. Even Southend & Burnley have taken the piss since then. As espoused by earlier posters , the only way to build up the aura is by becoming much more positive at home and if we get a few decent wins on the back of the Chelsea game the subsequent games come easier as the opposition are more cowed , the players more confident & the the crowd are more relaxed and supportive.
  21. sir roger

    Monty Python Film

    I love Life Of Brian , but I still feel Holy Grail is more pythonesque and a bit more like the original spirit of the series. In essence , Life of Brian is cleverer but I like the more chaotic feel of Holy Grail.
  22. sir roger

    Not good enough?

    Inter have won Serie A for the past 3 seasons. I don't see the relevance.
  23. sir roger

    Shitanta last night

    Setanta's replay was Arsenal v Cardiff & was never supposed to be on Setanta in England
  24. sir roger

    300 mins against Blueshite - How many shots on target?

    Disagree completely Faustus. We had several awful performances but ( with maybe the exception of Riera ) effort was not an issue.