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  1. sir roger

    Tonights games

    8pm kick off , so should be @ 15 / 20 mins
  2. sir roger

    Rafa in hospital again

    Even BUPA unhappy with Rafa's team selections
  3. sir roger

    Agger latest

    We would be crazy to let him go. 1) It will mean we have secured the best young pair of central defenders in Europe , and along with Carra we would have the best central defence in Europe imo. ( Sami would make this even more so for the next 18 months. 2) If we pay him ( I think he would settle for lower ) £4m per annum , his transfer value immediately increases by @ £8m on his value today as soon as he signs. We would have secured an asset worth £13m / £15m.
  4. It reminded me of the Morientes one with us , where a player just does not suit a certain type of football league.
  5. sir roger

    Rafa in hospital again

    I was wondering about the levels of severity myself Barry , as I had a couple of kidney stones problems about 10 years back & had one sorted via the ultrasound & one rather painfully via a hook & basket affair up the japs eye. Neither required any major hospital time or recuperation time.
  6. Read 9999's thread on Irish house prices & it prompted me to wonder why anybody would take a blind bit of notice of the worst-performing sector of the British workforce - Fucking economists. They are all shite , get everything wrong constantly , just pretend they hadn't & if pinned down , simply cite all kinds of bogus shite to exhonerate themselves. We had a Chief economist in NatWest called Kern , who brought out a quarterly newsletter & he was that bad with his predictions & trends , that he became a standing joke & we used to diarise his predictions and then piss ourselves looking back at them. He was one of the main reasons that NatWest became that crap that RBS took us over ( A bit like an Asian Corner Shop buying out WH Smiths ) Obviously he went with a 7-figure bonus but without an apology. The most obvious recent example was the Bank Of England committee who spent the past 2 years ignoring the signs leading to the recent downturn & instead taking the piss out of the one guy who was on top of his game & insisted we needed to reduce interest-rates to try and avoid the problems . He ( can't remember his name ) has now returned to America so we are at the mercy of these idiots again. Basically if before taking any financial decisions over the past 20 years , you had polled the top 20 economists in the world & then did exactly the opposite of their advice , you would probably be as rich as Croesus by now.
  7. sir roger


    I aim to die holding a Satterthwaites pork pie.
  8. sir roger


    My missus was going for an office based job interview last year , so we sat going over all the usual competency questions that might turn up & she left for the interview feeling quite professionally researched and ready. When she got there the owner of the firm looked at her said ' You look a bit like Debbie Harry ( she doesn't ) and I've got pictures of her all over my house , so you've got the job and can start straight away '. She spent the next 2 hours with this bloke showing her the computers & breathing all over her. She cleared off on lunch & never went back.
  9. sir roger

    Should Rafa have complete control over transfers?

    You have a valid point TT , but we are talking about Rafa here. I suspect he's the type who photocopies luncheon vouchers he uses in case he is quizzed about them 5 years later.
  10. sir roger

    Gareth Bale...............

    I watched Bale in a couple of Wales games & he stuck out in both as a potentially fantastic player. Due to injuries , poor Spurs team & one assumes poor coaching , he has seemingly gone backwards , but if we could get him for the same money we could get back on the Dosser , I would be absolutely thrilled.
  11. sir roger

    would you have someone like kuyt in your team?

    I don't think it is possible to have a squad of worldbeaters who are all specialists in their own position.( It's bad enough trying to get any 2 world-class strikers to play together without their egos becoming a problem. An ideal team for me has a good sprinkling of world class talent & the worker bees who spread the work ethic , will help the team out wherever needed , and cause the manager/coach no headaches . The world-class players need to be mainly in the more important positions ( right down the middle ). This was the basic make up of the best Liverpool teams. So yes , players like Dirk are important. ( on the right )
  12. sir roger

    Should Rafa have complete control over transfers?

    Agree totally with that. Somebody said earlier that Parry should outweigh Rafa in deciding transfer prices. Fuck that. Why should a pen-pusher's view hold any credence against a multi-decorated football man. Don't think Rafa should be allowed control over the Academy though & if he wants to buy any players for the reserves , they should come out of the original budget & reduce his pot for 1st team players accordingly.
  13. sir roger

    Setting a Scary Precedent

    I'll be honest , I preferred her strip with the snake in 'From Dusk Til Dawn'
  14. sir roger

    Car Insurance

    Fair do's , it just seemed a massive amount to pay. Maybe the earlier guy's advice about bumping up your excess is the best way to reduce it next time.
  15. sir roger

    Car Insurance

    I'd sell the car Robbie. You'd have £80 a week to spend on taxis from the £4k insurance you save & also have the wedge from the car sale.
  16. I had 3 that I mentioned on the previous resolutions thread. Weight - doing all right & being bullied by the Wii-Fit version of Hal Learning Spanish - downloaded a free e-book & moving forward slowly Swearing less - getting fucking worse if anything
  17. sir roger

    Its up to us now to stop Man utd

    I believe Chelsea are 15/4 at the bookies. Massive overreaction to yesterday
  18. sir roger

    Derby double-header

    I agree ( Skrtel / Agger a toss up )
  19. sir roger

    Not once......

    Noticed the Liverpool v Stoke stats in the Pink bit of the Echo had us letting in 2 goals direct from set-pieces , while Stoke had let in 7 this season. As Stoke are the Prem equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters this would suggest that Rafa & the coaches are doing a fantastic job on this issue.
  20. sir roger

    Avoid Sky Sports News

    They pinched the idea off us . We did it in a European game a few years ago. Pretty sure it was Garcia & ( I think ) Stevie. The dozy liner pulled us back on that occasion as well. Don't remember Sky Sports being arsed.
  21. sir roger

    Le Saux

    Was he looking for Robbie in the audience , skitting his spandex ?
  22. sir roger

    Worst weekend ever?

    I had a season ticket right through the Souness reign , and I've still got the campaign medal to prove it. Some of those weekends were that bad that this weekend is the equivalent of getting a tug off the winner of the Cheryl v Rachel thread on the GF.
  23. sir roger

    Stoke Match Reaction FAO Dave Usher

    Anyone who uses the word 'togger' is ok with me. I agree with Faustus' comments in this thread in the main.( I would place myself mildly in the pro-Rafa camp , but edging back towards the middle of the see-saw after last night ). I don't go on any other Liverpool sites than this , so wonder how they are viewing our performances ? There does seem to be a disturbingly neurotic feel to a lot of posts lately ( from both sides of the divide )
  24. sir roger

    Mundane Things Which Knock You Sick

    Can't stand looking at a cut open pomegranate with those bloody looking pips. It turns my stomach. Missus hates touching newspapers & it's even worse if she has wet hands.
  25. sir roger


    Obviously doesn't give a full picture with no cup games covered , but interesting that he has scored 5 goals in his last 460 mins. of league action ( basically a goal a game ). It does make you wonder then why he hasn't figured at all in the last 2 league games , particularly as Dirk has gone back into his previous slump.