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    Manc cunts at the Old Toilet thread

    Thought Riera was terrible for 25 minutes or so , but seems to be linking with Aurelio better at the moment & not giving the ball away as much. As well as this , Ryan played the 90 minutes during the week , so I would hold him back for the last 25 mins or so.
  2. sir roger

    Manc cunts at the Old Toilet thread

    What happens to Pepe every time he gets to Old Trafford ? Almost like he becomes the reincarnation of Mike Hooper
  3. sir roger


    3 Torres's ?
  4. sir roger

    Pot Noodle

    Thanks to an apple tart & 4 pints of cider , I managed my 5 yesterday without a problem.
  5. sir roger

    Cheltenham Fridays Guide

    Yes , they are on that ' At The Racing ' channel
  6. sir roger

    Cheltenham Fridays Guide

    I've had an absolute mare today with everything flattened before the last 2 races - ' King Midas in Reverse' as Elvis Costello would have it. Slightly up over the whole meeting though & enjoyed it thoroughly.
  7. sir roger

    Rafa to finally pen 5 year deal next week?

    Interesting stats , in as much as I would anticipate the sale of the bought players in the first team would bring in @ £150m which suggests that the manager is not as useless as some might suggest in the transfer market. I do agree with posters on here however & think Rafa ( if still here ) has to stop the revolving door policy on transfers in the close season and home in on a maximum of 3 excellent players , using sales from the bloated under-squad to make this financially viable.
  8. sir roger

    Rafa to finally pen 5 year deal next week?

    I don't think he is saying we as fans should not want the league most , he is just pointing out the fact that ( for various reasons ) the owners / board / non-Scouse players will always prefer to win the CL. The manager is a funny one. He will be torn 2 ways in that the owners will be looking mainly at his CL revenue-earning while his tenure in the job probably hangs on supporter-opinion which edges towards the league position.
  9. sir roger


    Saw a staff picture in the paper , I assumed the shop was in Royston Vasey not Dorchester.
  10. sir roger

    Who do you want in the next round?

    I've gone for Villareal , as I see them & Porto on a similar level & I'm bored of playing Porto. If I still went to the away games in Europe I would think Munich would be a corker ( and my Bluenose mates said that Villareal was basically an industrial estate with no bars or anything ) Can't really see why anybody wants such a bile-ridden affair as getting the Mancs.
  11. sir roger

    Cheltenhm Festival Day 3 Thursday

    Having spent the last few days reading all the bookies moaning about how much they would lose if all the good things went in yadda yadda yadda , I expect they'll be queuing up to admit how much they've cleaned up in the papers tomorrow. I'll not hold my breath.
  12. sir roger

    Cheltenhm Festival Day 3 Thursday

    Ha Ha Ha He got me.:yes:
  13. sir roger

    Cheltenhm Festival Day 3 Thursday

    Fantastic stuff Ezekiel. Well In
  14. sir roger

    Cheltenhm Festival Day 3 Thursday

    Judging by the time he posted the thread-starter , he'll still be in bed if he has any sense.
  15. sir roger

    Where we off on holidays this year ?

    Wife's sister lives near Mojacar in Almeria , Spain so we will probably nip there for a week at some point. Not sure how secure the job is at the moment so keeping my powder dry for anything beyond that.
  16. sir roger

    that cunt Mckenzie

    6 months before & 6 months after should do it
  17. sir roger

    Cheltenham Wednesday's Guide

    It'd be better placed on Zlatan ( brick by brick )
  18. sir roger

    Cheltenham Wednesday's Guide

    I was just above level , but Shinrock Paddy cost me a couple of hundred quid by not being in the first 3 . Had it & Dunguib picked out & went for the higher price. Later found out it was ridden by a 50-odd year old amateur bloke who won't let anybody else ride his horses & I'd probably beaten him in a donkey derby at Butlins Pwllheli in the 70's.
  19. sir roger

    that cunt Mckenzie

    She's supposed to be , but most scousers of either persuasion would swerve a seat next to this guy surely , whether on principle or more cynically to safeguard them from criticism. If she has been warned & not given a toss , then I agree with the previous poster.
  20. sir roger

    Non paid up members.

    I'll admit , I've never had the bottle to use the chat room. I imagine at as a sort of offshoot of the Hellfire club ( only funnier , with more in-jokes about the TLW 5 a-side games. )
  21. sir roger

    We just gave you fucking 'what?'

    There was the usual drivel from Phil McNulty on the BBC Sport web blogs this morning saying how bad Real were , yadda yadda yadda etc. Quality goading from the responding posters , one asking him if that was him with the Everton scarf in the Anny Road & another telling him to save his energy for queuing up for his semi final ticket.
  22. sir roger

    that cunt Mckenzie

    Very surprised Cilla Black is appearing on a programme with that excuse for a man - she can't be getting advised very well.
  23. sir roger

    Cheltenham Wednesday's Guide

    Well done BBC Sport has a good text thing which shows the winners pretty quickly & some witty comments in between races.
  24. sir roger

    Cheltenham Wednesday's Guide

    Watching it on Channel 4 , No19. I take it you know Tricky Trickster won,