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    Set Pieces

    I always feel we are very static when corners are pinged in , and all our main threats stand too close to goal ( all in or on the 6-yard box ). Added to pretty poor delivery it constitutes a pretty poor package. I see to remember that set pieces practically won one of Chelsea's titles for them , Mongo , Gallas & Drogba's headed goals being the major difference in a lot of games. As somebody said earlier , we need to address this pretty swiftly as you should expect set piece goals to be worth a minimum 8/9 points a season & I suspect we are nowhere near that figure.
  2. sir roger

    Where My Thread Go ??

    I registered after TCW's first thread & it's the best new site I've added for some time. And as for you Johnny H , I can assure you I've just been on SKI's thread to vote A for ' disgusted at the thought of being a gayer !!!'
  3. sir roger

    Where My Thread Go ??

    Don't be apologising TCW , yours was the original and best.
  4. sir roger

    West Indies v England

    Said in the BBC blurb that it hadn't staged a test match since 2006 , so presumably it's the old one. The new one was built for the World Cup I think.
  5. sir roger

    Celtic V Rangers Tomorrow: Predictions

    I'll be watching tomorrow as I consider Celtic my 2nd team ( since Hillsborough particularly ) I will be looking for a solid victory , & if secured , I would think that is more or less that for the title.
  6. sir roger

    West Indies v England

    More or less NF West Indies opening bowlers were bringing up sand from under the surface with every stride and ended up bowling @ 75% pace & the umpires called the match referee after 10 balls & decided to abandon for the day. Subsequently decided to start on sunday on an alternative ground in Antigua
  7. sir roger

    Fill up Your Bus of "Doom"

    Drogba , Merson , O'Neill , Clough , Howard from the Halifax adverts , Thatcher , Gary Glitter
  8. sir roger

    Liverpool Vs England

    Martin O'Neill kicking off tonight demanding talks with Capello about him playing Heskey from the start when he had a hamstring injury. Probably out for the Everton game. This makes me laugh as we have been putting up with this sort of crap for years and Villa finally get a few internationals and they are squealing already. On a related matter , very surprised to see that Villa have returned 1900 tickets for the Everton game. I thought their supporters would be well up for it.
  9. sir roger

    West Indies v England

    What a balls up today Re-starting it on Sunday on an alternative pitch on Antigua. Noticed however that on BBC when this was being discussed as a possibility this afternoon it was clearly stated that England had practiced on the other ground but it was ( particularly the outfield ) nowhere near test standard. This has now disappeared off the site , but makes me wonder if the farce hasn't finished yet.
  10. sir roger

    Thank Me LAter NSFW

    Quality stuff TCW Guy in the local paper tonight was giving girls Valentines Day advice His advice was not to spend anything on blokes other than sexy matching underwear for themselves. Good advice and validated by the girl on the middle right - jesus wept.
  11. sir roger

    How shit is Saturday night Tv

    Harry Hill's TV Burp is Ok I'll be honest , we got the Virgin + thing & it's the best thing we ever did. Doesn't matter what day it is , you have some things saved that you can watch.
  12. sir roger

    The Mersey Beat Down - Echo Arena 28th March 2009

    What's the layout Kev , is the ring in the middle on the arena floor.? Are the £75 tickets decent specks ?
  13. sir roger

    Clone My Cock!

    Push one of those Hula Hoops down like a cock ring & physics will ensure your dick will be like a black pudding for the mould. ( Thatcher thoughts or not ) Voila -- One happy Mrs T.
  14. sir roger

    10 years younger on 4 now

    Someone bought me moisturiser for Xmas ffs , I'm an old bastard who has managed without it before , why would I need it now ?
  15. sir roger

    The Mersey Beat Down - Echo Arena 28th March 2009

    If I was unscrupulous I would get the other 3 lads to order £75 tickets , collect the moolah & get mine for nowt. Lucky I wouldn't do that , honest.
  16. sir roger

    Valentines day tips

    Don't let us miserable old bastards stop you stumptown. With my birthday being on the 17th , I have had the misfortune to spend my whole adult life being surrounded by couples staring into each others eyes making grand romantic gestures , wherever I go to celebrate it. And as for the 'bumming' comments , it seems to have become a generic term for anything sex-based on here.
  17. sir roger

    The Mersey Beat Down - Echo Arena 28th March 2009

    Looks a cracking bill Kev. I believe tickets are £28 upwards according to the Echo tonight. I am going to get the lads from work to go and make a night of it.
  18. sir roger

    The "credit crunch"

    I think she is just trying to build up kudos with the media , after several 'wag' types ( I saw Colleen getting criticised by some shrivelled up old lemon sucker in the papers ) have been slammed for flaunting their wealth in ' such chastening times' blah blah blah Much funnier was the story about Rooney getting a £27 bill in a Cheshire restaurant and producing a half-price voucher he had diligently clipped from the Royston Vasey Bugle or some such like.
  19. sir roger

    Player Managers

    Can probably be done at a lower level if you have a decent older manager / director of football type sounding board ( I think Ince used Ray Matthias ) but at the top level I don't think it's feasible any more with the pressure of money and fans. If a guy like Scolari can't get more than 7 months what chance would a novice like Terry have ? One of the young managers who I really rate , Roberto Martinez , wouldn't take the job as a player-manager at Swansea and said he would insist on managing only when the job was offered. I think he was correct.
  20. sir roger

    Supporting another team for family reasons

    Only if it was by Torres
  21. sir roger


    I support England but with with nowhere near the fervour that I follow the Reds. Whilst obviously noting the unsavoury things ( fans / other teams players you dislike etc ) I would like to see England do well in European Championships / World Cup whether they have Liverpool players in the team or not. On a broader point , are there any other countries that have large tracts of the population that hate the national team & revel in attacking it. ? I can only see it as a mix of footballing tribalism & political / historical hate.
  22. sir roger

    Supporting another team for family reasons

    I could probably support him against anybody other than us , but blood would not be thicker than water if it was against LFC. On a side note I read about one of the England RU players saying that his bird is Welsh & she has told him in no uncertain terms that she wants him to get battered on Saturday
  23. sir roger

    Risse or Dossena????

    He was also playing as a wing back in Italy I believe , so you can understand the problems caused by going into a full back role in a back 4 as well as a different league at the same time. Certainly worth seeing how he goes to the end of the season at least.
  24. This Week I'm hating French full backs who take a shoeing and won't keep quiet about it.
  25. sir roger

    Most pointless food

    I hate water chestnuts in Chinese food - no taste , no point