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    They should have put him on one of the people-pyramids & then flipped the bastard off face first
  2. sir roger

    The Brit awards.

    Did Weller win ' best male ' ? There was a scam going on in London with a shedload of bookies reporting £50 bets for him on the same day. Hills had to close the book on the award eventually.
  3. sir roger


    I was amazed by Hodgson's response to Wenger's 'Utd will definitely win against Fulham' comment. I like Hodgson & was waiting for something along the lines of ' we are professionals & have gained results at Liverpool and others this season & I can see no reason why we can't achieve a result at Old Trafford' What we got was ' We can do something at Old Trafford but admittedly it would take a miracle , but miracles can happen' Fuck me do they have their summer camp in Vichy.
  4. Now I love Dirk as much as the next man , but instead of Rooney !!!
  5. The Fletcher pick is ridiculous , although he's a decent player . I wouldn't pick him over Scholes , Carrick , Xabi , Mascherano . Reina & VDS are both fantastic goalies & it basically comes down to who you support as to who you favour ( Or in Blutos case which will cause the more sensationalist headline ) Other than that & the ridiculous formation , wouldn't argue too much.
  6. sir roger

    TV amnesty thread

    No amnesty needed for La Lansbury , Woo - quality all the way. Now the one with 27 members of Dick Van Dykes family is another matter.
  7. sir roger

    This Jade Goody

    That is probably my favourite post in all of my time on here. On the Goody thing , she is reportedly getting £1m for the rights to her wedding with that rat faced fuck of a boyfriend of hers. To add to Redder Lurtz' comment regarding the financial prostitution being for Goody and Goody alone , I would suggest that messrs Tweed & Clifford aren't exactly gutted either.
  8. sir roger

    13 year old dad

    Despite myself I had a quick look on Paddy Power & it has come into 2/1 this morning ( presumably as the queue of 'ahem' suitors grows ) Decent gag from Mcgovern as well. ' It appears that 15 year old Chantelle went through Eastbourne before she went through puberty'
  9. sir roger

    13 year old dad

    According to McGovern in the Mirror , Paddy Power are quoting odds on whether he is the father. What is the world coming to ? p.s. 3/1 he's not the father has got to be worth a dabble hasn't it ?
  10. sir roger

    TV amnesty thread

    I found myself half-smiling at that ' Lark Rise to Candleford' shit on Sunday. Dementia cannot be far behind I fear.
  11. I think its an adult game based on darts but the board has sections which read ' tweak my t**s ' , ' lick my c**t ' etc. & depending on where the dart lands you have to do whatever is suggested. Having said that , knowing this place the answer will be far more perverted.
  12. He'd have struggled to get it off Josemi I would have thought.
  13. sir roger

    Buying a bed

    I know you're looking for a bargain Remmie , but from my unfortunate experiences the one thing you do not skimp on is your bed. Get the best you can afford & you are solid. Any other furniture can be sold for drink or whatever.
  14. sir roger

    Pre Match Meals

    Depends on the time of the event & whether it's a weekend or whatever. Saturday / Sunday League footy ( midday/lunchtime kick offs ) Toast & an energy type bar. Weekend football ( mid-afternoon kick off ) Full English @ 11am Squash / Badminton ( early evening ) have a decent late lunch , then fruit / energy bar in mid / late afternoon & then wait until after you've finished to eat again. Most awkward was playing 5 a side at 8.30 pm . couldn't really have a full tea as you end up a bit splodged so had a sandwich & fruit. Problem was you aren't hungry straight after & the tendency is to fall into Chinese / Kebabs late on after a pint.
  15. sir roger

    Johnston Paint Trophy

    Went to support my nephew who was playing a gig at the Windsor Castle in Walton Vale but ended up taking more notice of this on the tv in the back room. Despite hating Luton in the 80's , I was supporting them tonight , seduced as I was by their poor treatment by the FA & the fact that they are on their way out of the league. My pleasure at their success was soon overridden by annoyance at the fact that their fans' first thoughts were to invade the pitch & go up the other end to taunt the Brighton fans. I should have stuck to my first instincts.
  16. sir roger

    Born the same day as ...

    My birthday today & not a bad haul of 'same dayers' Yasser Arafat Ruth Rendell Barry Humphreys Gene Pitney Guilermo Vilas Rene Russo Michael Jordan Lou Diamond Phillips Paris Hilton Adriano A bit worried when I saw that Giordano Bruna had been burnt at the stake on this date & mightily relieved to see it happened in 1600 , and was not a TLW protest outside the Academy.
  17. sir roger

    Centre Mids

    To my mind they come roughly in 2 groups although there is some cross over.. Gerrard / Robson - more creative goalscoring types. Stevie is the better Souness / Viera / Keane - more aggressive , less goalscoring. I loved Souness ( as a player ) so would lean towards him although I rate Viera very highly also. Keane , excellent but 3rd.
  18. sir roger


    Wasn't too bad with them in the 70s / 80s and I even went on some away games with blue friends when I was young. Gradually relations got worse as their fan base got pettier and generally Heysel-tastic. Started despising them after having 3 meatheads kicking off at me in the Bullens during the 3-0 Goodison derby ( Owen & Kewell ) during Houlliers time.
  19. sir roger

    Set Pieces

  20. sir roger


    Some fair comments there GK Macca , but I think it's unfair throwing Clough into the mix , as we are in a totally different era of media saturation & Clough could not just disappear for weeks like he was allowed to in days of yore. Obviously with the amount of talking Mourinho does , he will talk some wallop at certain points , but to be fair his record as a manager stands him in the top 3 in the past 5 years to my mind which suggests to an extent he can ' walk the walk'
  21. sir roger


    Exactly right Scotty T. How stupid must they think we are ? He's one of the main reasons they are top of the Bundesliga , while we are still paying a fair wedge of his wages & now they want to extend this & have a bit more thinking time at our expense. Either buy him or fuck off.
  22. sir roger


    I was off work last week & having Sky Sports News on in the background constantly , I can understand why they loved Mourinho. Hours & hours of bland , boring , anodyne interviews where everybody is petrified to say anything out of line & if they accidentally do , always follow up with ' I mean that with no disrespect' . I can't remember him ever doing an interview when he didn't at least stir an emotion in me even if it was pure hatred. It is also much easier to appreciate him at a distance.
  23. sir roger

    Ryanair Handling Fee

    According to mr brother in law he uses his bog-standard Halifax card and it doesn't attract any card fees ( presumably it is the 'electron' card mentioned before )
  24. sir roger

    Centre Mids

    Gerrard Viera Keane In that order. All fantastic players mind.