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  1. sir roger

    Wee Football Trivia Question

    Gone over my head I'm afraid chaps.
  2. sir roger

    did everyone apart from yossi come back fit?

    He's like the Terminator , Ted. I remember Kevin Davies smashing his nose to smithereens & him playing for us the next midweek.
  3. sir roger

    Ferguson and McGregor

    Some very pompous stuff on this thread. It's only relatively recently that players didn't go on the piss constantly. If we sacked Stevie or the Spanish lads over something as pathetic as this on international duty , I would go off my head.
  4. sir roger

    Fulham fans - Shocking info.

    seems an awful high percentage to me FP. Are Fulham's prices that much lower that people who had not won the league since 1955 with Chelsea would jib it when they had just got a bit of success. ?
  5. sir roger


    You don't think Dirk has any value to a squad like ours ?
  6. sir roger

    Mancs Striker problems.

    I thought Ferguson was going to cry on Sky Sports News.
  7. sir roger

    Wazza from bitter to manc at it again

    I don't think he's said anything massively wrong there , but the fact that he is making any comment along these lines suggests that he isn't particularly bright. If I was a player whose transfer had precipitated a pitched battle between fans of my former and present clubs , leaving several with fairly serious injuries & others with jail sentences and had an ongoing bitterness with both sides of the city which has caused several problems in subsequent games , I might avoid inflammatory comments completely. But hey thats just me.
  8. sir roger

    Ferguson and McGregor

    I love Steven like , but he's already had one big pay rise today. Now , if he jibbed England.
  9. sir roger

    did everyone apart from yossi come back fit?

    Sky Sports News tickertape suggests that Sami & Yossi are both struggling for tomorrow.
  10. sir roger

    Ferguson and McGregor

    Agree with Johnny H here . If Steven Gerrard was messing around with England , would anybody here want Rafa to axe him from our captaincy.
  11. sir roger

    did everyone apart from yossi come back fit?

    Good , hope it plays out that way & if so I will put my medical career on hold.
  12. sir roger

    did everyone apart from yossi come back fit?

    As I said earlier Unrighteous , I watched Yossi closely after the goal & even to a complete non-expert to me he seemed to be hobbling. I know he is their captain , but he could now be out for a fair time & it doesn't seem fair to his employers to me.
  13. sir roger

    Contract Updates

    He's been solid Ayre so far.
  14. sir roger

    did everyone apart from yossi come back fit?

    I was flicking past Eurosport 2 news yesterday ( I know , I know ) and there was international highlights on. Imagine my surprise to see the lesser-spotted Benayoun appear as a second half substitute in the midweek game in Greece. He actually had an assist for the Israel goal but looked decidedly like he was limping as they went back to the centre circle. Rafa will not be pleased methinks.
  15. sir roger

    The Apprentice

    Said exactly the same ISR when that Anita girl got fired for nothing in round one , so they could keep the other two basically as it looked like they might have a feud going & it made decent tv. To be fair to the lad named Rocky , he explained on the Adrian Chiles thing later that his dad named him and his brothers after boxers --( Rocky Marciano , Sonny Liston & Cassius Clay ) as I remember
  16. sir roger

    CONCACAF & World Cup places.

    Sorry AS , didn't see your thread & put my comments regarding this on the 'Eriksson' thread.( and have no idea how people copy their comments across from one thread to the other !!!) Absolute disgrace that not only do they get 3 automatic positions for no good reason ( except for FIFA votes ) but Mexico can fail in a first sub-group , then win 1 out of 7 in a second , lie 4th in a group of 6 including the likes of Costa Rica & Honduras and still get a play-off against the 5th from South America.
  17. sir roger

    A Cole...

    Agreed that Cole has looked a totally different person since leaving Arsenal , but looking at your shortlist of 4 , I would say that by default he is still the best player. Bridge - see 'ordinary' in the dictionary & had possibly the worst international performance by an England player I have ever seen against Croatia last year. Warnock - decent player & likeable lad , but his defensive work can be awful ( holding the line etc. ) & is very slow on the turn which would be siezed upon at International level. Baines - had a decent couple of months , but couldn't get a game at Everton 3 months ago & is suspect defensively , & the same height & weight as my 11year old niece. Basically our left backs are collectively poor by international standards.
  18. sir roger


    The farcical thing from what the BBC website says is that although Mexico failed in their previous sub-group , have won one of their last 7 games & sit 4th of a group of six including the likes of Honduras & Costa Rica , that this would mean they would still have a play off with the 5th placed South American team to go to the World Cup. If the Irish scientists can work out a way to tow their island to Central America they could both qualify for every World Cup they entered. Fuck me , even Wales might qualify. FIFA in ' worry about votes not fairness' shocker.
  19. sir roger

    The 2009 Grand National

    Shit. Exotic Dancer had a heart attack after the big race & was put down. sorry for repeated post
  20. sir roger

    Haye Vs Klitschko

    Both suspect around the chin area but Wlad is the much bigger man & must be the choice. I like David Haye and I know he is growing & maturing , but I can't really see a guy who lost to Carl Thompson & was floored so heavily by Mormeck , beating a Klitschko ( even the poorer one ). Hoping I'm wrong though.
  21. sir roger

    The 2009 Grand National

    No , the bet would only be a tenner , but all of your four would have to win. If you want to do it 'each-way' like Woo's , it would be £20 , as in effect one of your tenners goes on all four to win & the other tenner goes on all four to be placed in their races ( Be careful , depending on the amount of runners in the race it might need to be in the first 2 , 3 or 4 ) Alternatively you could pick 4 horses & do smaller cumulative bets ie 6 x Doubles - you win if any 2 of the 4 win 4 x trebles - you win if any 3 of them win 1 x Fourfold - all of them need to win. This would be 11 bets at whatever stake you can afford .
  22. sir roger

    The 2009 Grand National

    It is a cumulative bet on 4 horses. the betting vernacular goes - Single , Double , Treble , Four-fold .
  23. sir roger

    jail terms

    Thinking exactly the same myself. Lets be honest , the Police/DPP could probably prosecute for perjury or perverting the course of justice in about half the cases they put forward if they wanted to. The profile of the case has led to the ma's prosecution in my view. Her son is scum , but mums don't see that. My mum was the most gentle , religious person you could meet but I'm sure that if I had ever been in serious trouble my mum would have tried to cover for me.