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    Even when he is on the bench Dossena always looks thrilled when we score. I like that. Particularly after that idiotic Sherwood comment that benched players want the team to lose.
  2. sir roger

    That Scot twat on Shitanta

    I thought he was a bit better last night & not getting on our case as much. Sherwood is worse imo. Given that he talks for probably a tenth of the time Burley does , he manages to pack in a lot of LFC-hatin' Both tools , but Sherwood is a mechanical digger to Burley's trowel.
  3. sir roger

    Man Utd Vs Villa

    Exactly. I think Heskey being injured will actually help them.
  4. sir roger

    Something's happening

    If Everton win tomorrow , I will be in the awkward position of a United win being worth over £200 from my accumulator. I would be glad to lose the money however.
  5. sir roger

    Xabi is my hero

    Xabi & Lucas were excellent today. On a minor point , I thought the tackle came in from Arbeloa.
  6. sir roger

    Fulham away 04/04/09....

    One of the highlights in the background to the after match interviews , was the ever more desperate announcer trying to get the Reds fans to ' move to the exits in an orderly fashion , please' , and being ignored studiously as the singing got louder.
  7. sir roger

    Fulham away 04/04/09....

    My neighbour just knocked to check I'm OK , I screamed that loud.
  8. sir roger

    Bird fancying amnesty thread

    If you haven't gone ugandan for 8 months & you are still dithering about diddling Ms Fey , you are a better man than me CM.
  9. sir roger

    This weekends other matches

    I put £20 on Sunderland going down months ago & forgot all about it when Sbragia got those early decent results. The fact that I stand to make £140 from the bet should mean they are safe though.
  10. sir roger

    Waiters / Waitresses who put on fake accents

    Est Est Est in town was one of the worst. The waiters & waitresses obviously studied the language by watching the Italian bloke from Allo Allo.
  11. sir roger


    Good post & you like The Jam. What's not to like. ?
  12. sir roger

    This weekends other matches

    Would settle for a draw , meaning that if we win then effectively Chelsea are out of the race.
  13. sir roger

    'Big 4' all star 11

    Oi Paul , I bagsied it first
  14. sir roger

    Wee Football Trivia Question

    In the notes after the Xabi article it also mentioned that Antonio Nunez lived in Ballybrack ( which I believe is in Dublin ? ) for a year or so as a teenager. Convince the quizmaster that Tony N also got an All -Ireland & sit back and watch the pub rise up & murder him for taking the piss. Moves you down to 'accessory' at worst.
  15. sir roger

    Fulham away 04/04/09....

    Can Lawrenson get any further up the arl bastards arse . Has he even noticed the 'goals for' column in the Prem & that's the draw out for me on the fixed-odds coupon.
  16. sir roger


    We have nobody in the squad better than him in the right forward position ( bar Gerrard who is otherwise engaged ) so unless he is injured or flagging I can't see why he wouldn't be picked. Can understand the argument that he should sometimes be substituted when he is having a bad day , but that is not his fault.
  17. sir roger

    The 2009 Grand National

    Only had interest bets on the National , and put my main money on Kalahari King following Bobhorse napping it. Nice £65 , which puts me almost straight after a dodgy 2 days.
  18. sir roger

    Grand National

    There's another thread about this Rico & Travis. With some more expert tips.
  19. sir roger

    'Big 4' all star 11

    4231 Reina Sagna Carra Ferdinand Evra Essien Xabi Ronaldo Gerrard Rooney Torres
  20. sir roger

    C Ronaldo Agrees To Join Madrid

    Its a weird one TCW , as the site seems to have breaking news & old news all jumbled up. Have a look at the April Fool gag though ( Cappello leaves England job , Keegan's back ) it's quality stuff. Sounds good fun in Turin as well there , had never heard of Sebastian Giovico who is going to Arsenal , but he is obviously good enough to have 5000 Juve fans rioting in the streets. But at least they are getting Malouda in compensation.
  21. sir roger

    Wee Football Trivia Question

    To be fair , The article does suggest it was forced on him a bit by the presenter who was called Hector ( his surname looked like the Countdown letters board ).
  22. sir roger

    Wee Football Trivia Question

    I googled Xabi Alonso/gaelic football & it came up with an article from the Sunday Mirror on 20/1/2008 stating that he spent a spell in Kells in his teens & along with some Spanish friends he 'dabbled' in Gaelic football.The programme which it was broadcast on ' Hector San UK on TG4 gave him a Meath GAA jersey which he was happy to wear. I'm sure they would have mentioned any medals he had won n his time there. ps Another one of the google results was UEFA.com , which diplomatically announces ' Xabi Alonso has revealed a love of the vaguely savage Irish sport of Gaelic football.
  23. sir roger

    Wee Football Trivia Question

    I'm not an expert on Irish sports , but surely you have to be fairly good to win one of them things. We had a french lad stay here for a week once & I took him to 5 a-side , but he never won an FA Cup medal or anything.
  24. sir roger

    Wee Football Trivia Question

    Never mind goalkeepers , how did Xabi win an all-Ireland medal ? or is it a namesake or something