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  1. sir roger

    Other Football 2021/22

    It's as if UEFA are actively trolling people with this Conference thing. Luckily get two relatively big-hitters in the final in Roma and Feyenoord and put it in a 20,000 seater stadium in Albania, giving the clubs 4000 tickets each.
  2. Not sure, AoT, been watching practically ever European Cup final since the early 70's and that's probably about the overall ratio of good to ordinary games.
  3. sir roger

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    This crackdown on their finances by the PL starting to bite then.
  4. sir roger

    PODCAST: Liverpool 3 Wolves 1 - Match Reaction

    The only thing I would say in Coady's favour is he definitely tried to drag that Boly lad to his feet by the Kop goal when he was sitting down pretending to have cramp or an injury for the umpteenth time.
  5. I am usually a pessimist but I have watched Real quite a bit this season in the CL and they are a shadow of the team that beat us in Kiev. Other than a Faustian pact I have no idea how they beat Chelsea or City.
  6. sir roger

    Boxing 2022

    Never really taken to Buatsi, but was impressed there.
  7. sir roger

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    That's awful , Nimrod. From memory Gorden Kaye from Allo Allo was knocked unconscious and badly hurt when a piece of wood smashed through his car windscreen during a storm in the 90's
  8. sir roger

    Great talk show moments and interviews.

    Apologies if it has been mentioned earlier, but Nicolas Cage on Wogan is a vivid memory of mine, where he entered the set with a wild front somersault and then started to throw cash into the audience.
  9. sir roger

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Right, smashing, super.
  10. sir roger

    Other Football 2021/22

    They've provisionally drawn Melkamu Frauendorf in the first round.
  11. sir roger

    Keir Starmer

    I don't remember a single occurrence of Corbyn telling any Labour members to leave the party.
  12. sir roger

    Celebrity Reds Fans

    Apologies gents, thought I had mentioned taekwondo in the post, was up quite late for an oldie when I posted tbf.
  13. sir roger

    Celebrity Reds Fans

    Delighted to see Bianca Walkden becoming European champ after her travails at the Olympics. First thing she said was that if she could be the best in Europe, so can the Reds in Paris.
  14. sir roger

    Boxing Prediction League

    Buatsi ko Benavidez ko Alimkhanuly pts Herring pts
  15. sir roger

    Rangers/Stevie Gerrard 2020/21

    Can't believe Arsenal, Chelsea, Unted and Newcastle never managed a fucking point at Goodison between them.
  16. sir roger

    Picking at the relegation carcass

    I think he would melt under the pressure.
  17. sir roger

    Other Football 2021/22

    Palace have been far too casual and laid back since their 2nd goal. Will Hughes is awful.
  18. sir roger

    Golf - 2022

    Bryson was prepared to play with a broken wrist but has got word the Captain has backed him and bailed
  19. sir roger

    Top Ten Conspiracy Theories

    I bet we are still paying to go through the tunnel when it should have been free 50 years ago
  20. sir roger

    Keir Starmer

    Most newspapers won't use the word cunt to be fair
  21. sir roger

    Divock Origi

    I think Jose was a good left back, and far too good for that company.
  22. sir roger

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 2 (May 17 2022)

    That, and Stevie deliberately ballooning a penno at Blackburn to get rid of the old bastard.
  23. sir roger

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 2 (May 17 2022)

    Probably the highlight of any Hodgson era home game.