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  1. benite

    January 2014 Transfer Thread

    Newly signed Chelsea star's agent has admitted Liverpool were close to his client. The recriminations are still ongoing at Liverpool regarding their failed bids for Mohamed Salah. The Reds allowed the winger's transfer to drag on, yet also alerting other clubs to his availability and eventually Chelsea pounced. The player's agent has now revealed Liverpool spent two-and-a-half months trying, unsuccessfully, to land the Egyptian. Sascha Empacher told The Mirror: "It was a long and fair negotiation with Liverpool, but it lasted two-and-a-half months - too long. "Both clubs could not agree on terms. When Chelsea contacted Basel, he was happy and took his chance. It was no financial matter." Clearly Salah would have seen a move to Liverpool as a dream transfer, and seized that 'chance' if it were offered to him, but it just didn't get to that point. Liverpool spent far too long attempting to meet Salah's asking price - which Chelsea seemingly did within 24 hours. Seeing as they had not given up on the deal even until Salah completed his Chelsea medical, Liverpool blew the clear run they had at him. For any negotiation to go on for that long, would have put serious doubt in the player's mind, firstly how much the buying club actually wanted him, and secondly if it would ever happen. It was no surprise he then leapt at the chance to join Chelsea when it came along.
  2. 12, it was a midweek game think we beat Derby 1-0, kenny came on as sub. All lined up facing the tunnel to collect the trophy. It wasn't big news, it was just reported as Liverpool have won another title. Having been raped at the final whistle by Arsenal the year previous it was widely expected that Liverpool would put in an extra effort that year to avenge Arsenal's triumph the year previous. Little did we know after 1990 how bad it would go. United where still a laughing stock at this stage! Seriously funny defeats they suffered!!!!!
  3. benite

    Other football

    Uraguay v Argentina live on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idSPHc7ruyA
  4. benite

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Very upsetting, and i feel a shit storm coming there way if this window ends as unproductive as it has been
  5. benite

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    whats the little extra 1 or 2m, 2 or 3m....10m?? If its the little extra you pay the extra 1 to 3m. If they have any 'ambition' or are serious about competing at the top you go out and show the intent. They've made inquiries and tried to sign top players (supposedly) without paying the little extra, so then lets stay a 6 - 8 placed side or a top 10 side? At least could FSG come out at the end of this window and show us what their ambition and intent is for this club going forward. Very frustrated pal, seeing all these young promising footballers going to Tottenham
  6. benite

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    If we're looking at signing the like of Costa (20m) Willian (25-30m) & Mkhitaryan (20-25m) then we've got money to spend, but then again is this FSG appearing to be ambitious and trying to show the fans they are trying to sign marquee players. Miss out on 3 marquee signings fuckin REALLY? or are we that bad at concluding a transfer. We've made money in the window this summer, we've recouped what we've spent and then some. Why are Spurs getting in quality signings and we're resorting to loan signings?? Are Spurs a bigger club then us, Europa Lge? London? paying better wages? I know they have the Bale Money but you've got to ask yourself why are we going for marquee signings if are finances are in question? Somethings not right and we've been burned before. As far as i can see they've made a profit out of this window Considering what Spurs have done this window mate, this has been hugely underwhelming!!
  7. benite

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    How far this club is falling, resorting to loan signings to get a competitive squad for the coming season, pathetic!!!
  8. benite

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Im wondering what FSG are hoping for from this squad this coming season. Are we happy with 5th?? coz we're not getting 4th 3rd 2nd or fuck all. My hope was that we'd challenge Spurs and Arse for 4th but the way Spurs are spending there's not a chance we'll get anywhere near 4th. Unless we pull some sorta rabbitt out of the hat in the last couple of days but with what has happened with our supposedly marquee signings doesn't fill me with any sorta confidence we can. This is a purely negative post but this looks like another season of shit and lost hope before it has even begun. Im completely underwhelmed with our transfer dealings.
  9. benite

    Broken Collarbone

    Don't want to depress you any more but i broke mine about 20 years ago as well, never set right and i've had muscle problems in my neck for years, still get pain in my neck if i dont train or do any type of physical activity. Its the worst bone to break, a fucker of a bone to break I've sort of fund what helps me with it and thats physical activity, like weight training, gym work etc. You might want to look into some decent rehab for it and some sort of programe that builds up the muscle again in that area and keep that shoulder area strong. I didn't do that as i was a teenager when i broke mine, but now ive made the my left shoulder fairly strong along with my neck and it gives me little but no bother now anymore, but I AM hearing your frustration its a bastard it is!!
  10. benite

    Stoke (a) Match Thread

    jon jo is untouchable
  11. benite

    Stoke (a) Match Thread

    we just crap ourselves once that ball goes above head height
  12. benite

    Stoke (a) Match Thread

    fuck sake jon jo......you'd think if Stevie was in that position he's do better
  13. benite

    Stoke (a) Match Thread

    fuck sake jon jo
  14. benite

    Stoke (a) Match Thread

    Stoke's support is ridiculous...'stand up if you hate Suarez' followed by our support 'stand up for the 96'
  15. benite

    Favourite ever non-Liverpool side

    Rafa’s Valencia Milan late 80’s Ajax mid 90’s Arsenal invincibles Yugoslavia 90 Holland 74 / 78 / 88 Brazil 82 Newcastle mid 90’s (Asprilla, Ferdinand, Ginola) Spurs 87 (Clive Allen, Hoddle, Waddle, Mabbutt, Ardiles, Ray Clemence) Barca (Current side shit on all the rest unforthunately)