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    Louis Theroux

    I think the old man is making some good points.... :no These people make me think chemical castration ain't such a bad idea.
  2. The missus has just reminded me that was part of a 'double bill' - the other film was 'She's the man', some American teen school crap about a bird playing football. Also utter shite, but proves I must love my wife... ... for some reason.
  3. American Dreamz... The wife likes Hugh Grant (I know, I know) and loves shite televised karaoke contests - agreed to go with her, wish to God I hadn't. Absolute dogshite - never, ever, ever watch this film!
  4. Moving in to new house on Friday... First mortgage... Really looking forward to it now... :wallbutt:
  5. Hand Shandy

    Have you got a claim to fame???

    Weird... Was at Leicester Uni from 94-97. Not doing anything clever like law mind. History & Archaeology for me. Re claims to fame, I played in the same village team as Andy Hunt, ex-Charlton striker of some years past. Pretty sure he played for them in the Premiership. Oh, and also played rugby against the twat who plays Grant Mitchell. Someone Kemp, isn't it? He's a short-arse little bastard!
  6. Indeed, but those things will kill ya... :whistle:
  7. Hand Shandy

    Bird fancying amnesty thread

    That's fine - I'll make do with watching...
  8. Hand Shandy

    Talent fest...

    Bored... Some more pictures of Dita Von Teese, especially for Paul! Marilyn Manson... :no Oh, an if anyone's interested in pictures of her that REALLY shouldn't be posted on a nice family forum like this, go here
  9. Oh, it's you again. :tease: The Hobbit's OK as far as it goes, but definitely a kids book. And anyone who takes the piss out of adults who read Tolkien are only doing it because they lack both the imagination and intellectual capacity to actually do it themselves!
  10. Hand Shandy

    I am

    :D That hurts, it really hurts... Probably am being over-sensitive, and should have just kept my gob shut. Never mind, better to get these things out in the open.
  11. Hand Shandy

    I am

    :D Noted. He doesn't seem to have changed much in the intervening period. Nor have other's opinions of him...
  12. Read the book. Is a little daunting, as it's a fat bastard and can be a little difficult t get into, but it's well worth it. They've had to cut loads (and I mean loads!) out of the films. Oh, and LOTR pisses on Star Wars!
  13. Hand Shandy

    I am

    Well, that comment seems to have gone down well... :$ If I may be allowed to explain myself before I become a forum pariah? I used to post 'elsewhere' a very long time ago (c. 5-6 years ago), from which I am well aware of the exploits of the infamous 'Rash' (who I am delighted to find frequents these forums). Lost job, and with it easy internet access. Have recently acquired both computer and broadband (joy!) and found that my alleged 'lifetime' membership of certain site is no longer in place. I have no intention of paying a penny more to rejoin (especially when the place appears to full of muppets), so decided to have a scout around Liverpool fan sites. Found this place, thought I recognised some names and thought I'd register. If that makes me an ex-Koptalk scumbag (and I have noted a little animosity towards former members...) then fair play, I'll leave it at three posts and fuck off. However, I would hope you are prepared to forgive past discretions and accept that I have moved on from the foolish days of my youth. :dunno: (Cue tumbleweed-type silence from TLW old-timers...)
  14. Hand Shandy

    I am

    Cheers! Lurked for a while to establish the general mood - you lot seem OK... ;) Think I recognise a few people from a long long time ago, and a forum far far away, but I won't go into that :no
  15. Hand Shandy

    I am

    a newbie... :ermm: