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  1. Christianlfc

    Celtic tell fans to stop 'moshing'

    During the troubles, alot of Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland deserved to die for treason. But still, your figures are bullshit too. Combined the Loyalist British terrorists organisations killed 609 Irish Catholics and that's excluding the British army who can add a further 258. The IRA killed 338. Wikipedia isnt hard to look at mate. Dont just listen to your da
  2. Christianlfc

    Celtic tell fans to stop 'moshing'

    Celtic and Rangers are always going to produce political support to Britain or independence. Their history is drenched in it and so are the fans. For years and years Celtic fans sang about the IRA. So what? The IRA are a representation of a fight for independence from Britain that most of the Celtic fans want, I bet my life there's not a soul inside Celtic Park that isn't going to vote for independence. About 30% of their support inside the stadium comes from Northern Ireland. Who most likely if they're 40 years old or older, have been in the IRA, known someone in the IRA, known someone killed by a soldier representing Britain and in turn known someone who has killed a British soldier. Or if they are under 40, their daddy is over 40 and probably been talking this crap to them since they were old enough to listen. But its the same with Rangers fans, In Scotland and Northern Ireland they have radical loyalist support to Britain who constantly sang and danced about being up to their neck in Fenian blood ( Which is a relation to the Battle of the Boyne, A war which a dutch king called William defeated king James in Ireland to eradicate any chance of Catholic Monarchy in England, then they massacred a rake of Catholic (fenians) too. One of many genocides in Ireland by the British state. My point is, dont complain about the IRA songs if your going to sing about a massacre by a British army on Irish people. Its retarded. But still, A bit of crowd disturbance amongst your own fans which is clearly just boisterous behaviour. Isnt half as bad as destroying Manchester. So you cant really drag that balls out just because your sectarian.
  3. Christianlfc

    James McClean refuses to wear poppy

    Fair play to James McClean, I wouldnt wear a poppy if you paid me. Yes originally it was a symbol of lost lives in WW1 or WW2 but its been extended to soldiers who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan which surely implies Ireland too. The Irish soldiers that went to the World wars went on a promise of home rule. They died then never got it. The British army was responsible for a famine that halved the population of Ireland and thats before you start taking into account how many they killed when they actually started using bullets. For anyone that thinks the Famine was caused by a potato blight please pick up a history book. The British army withdrew under military garrison enough food to feed 18 million people over the 5 years the famine occured. Ireland had a population of 8 million. Anyone who expects an Irishman to wear a poppy should go and try sell them on the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan because it makes about that much sense to expect the Irish to wear one. When your done, why dont you suggest that the Palestinian national team wear the Star of David on their kits for the next International match?
  4. Christianlfc

    Rafa explains Keane and Barry debacle

    I think the point is, he's the mainstay defencive midfielder at a world class club with a world class midfield and it seems Rafa was right about him from the start.
  5. The Minute it was ripped away from them
  6. Christianlfc

    Andy Carroll, what does he do?

    I cant knock Carrols work ethic the last few games, I'd of loved to have seen him with Suarez and Benayoun. Think we miss creative nippy players to hover around him sometimes.
  7. Christianlfc


  8. Christianlfc

    Doni can play in the semi

    Because a failed appeal of a straight red adds one game to the ban. Derry just got his increased to 4 games even though young was offside and dove. Fucking disgrace the FA are.
  9. Christianlfc

    Decent performances, from inconspicuous players

    Neil Mellor, Arsenal/Olympiakos
  10. Christianlfc

    Do we miss Lucas

    The sheer amount of times Lucas stops counter attacks coming at the team is invaluable. His tenacity in the tackle is as good as any defencive midfielder in the world and his vision isn't given enough credit by enough of our supporters. Anyone who plays football knows how disheartening it can be to know that as soon as you receive the ball someone is aggressively coming to get it back. Lucas more often than not, is positioned perfectly behind the ball receiving midfielder to start hassling as soon as the player is in possession. Spearing is excellent at this too. When fit I would play the both of them in defencive midfield. ......Kelly Skrtle Agger Enrique....... ............Spearing Lucas......... ........Johnson..........Bellamy...... ...................Gerrard ............ ...................Suarez..........
  11. Christianlfc

    We're a shambles

    West Ham are famous for being brilliantly shit, I dont want to become that.
  12. Christianlfc

    We're a shambles

    Because if they finish above us and win the more prestigious domestic cup on a shoestring budget, with a smaller stadium and smaller/cheaper assembled squad. Then it would be fucking humiliating.
  13. Christianlfc


    Everton will be more up for this one than any derby thats came in the past 20 years. This match will be difficult and in a one off game you can see why the bitters are optimistic. Liverpool will need to be right on their game to get the job done and I hope we are.
  14. Christianlfc


    Has anyone else noticed the way Kuyt will constantly attempt audacious 1 - 2's with Suarez at the expense of better options or going himself? He seems to want to set Suarez up for chances the way a big brother would playing behind his little brother in the park. It was frustrating the life out of me last night and has done a few times in previous matches. I can understand Kuyt's reasoning. They both speak dutch and can communicate better. Suarez and Carroll are the set strikers and he has lost his spot out in the right to Henderson. This leaves him with being the larger target man which he's never going to oust Carroll as or the link up forward which is not natural or suited to him. He lacks the flair, movement and creativity to play that role but when Kenny plays him its exactly what he tries to do. Slipping through balls and intricate one two's isn't Kuyts game especially when he is over zealous to prove he can link with Suarez. He excelled at this club through work ethic and drive (like his goal last night). It was never for his dribbling, creativity or finishing. His passing method has been relatively 'safe' which doesn't suit the forward role either and he was more appreciated for his ability to tackle & defend. Under Benitez organisation was fundamental with Kuyt, Masch, Alonso or Sissoko we were defencively magnificent and kuyts defensive willingness only enhanced that but its not the same under Dalglish. He wants to counter attack with pace and be the dominant attacking team rather than concentrating on control which we've been used to for the past 7 years. I just don't see where Kuyt fits into a team with that philosophy. I think he knows that himself hence the desperation to show he can link with Suarez to find a place in the side. Kuyt in Reds admission I think we may well be looking at Dirk Kuyt's last season at liverpool. Anyone else?
  15. Only Reina, Skrtle, Suarez and Enrique would even be considered as first team players for that side, Kuyt might of got a look in with Kewells injuries.