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  1. Tuppy Glossop

    Saddest Song Ever

    Does it to me every time. As does 'Martha' by Tom Waits
  2. Tuppy Glossop

    Pink Floyd lovers

    Really enjoyed the film; great sound, even though I saw it in a small cinema. DG is just one of the great guitarists and I would've loved to have been at the show live. Thought 'Gig in the sky' was slightly spoiled by the screaming vocal, but what a buzz from 'One of these days' .... superb stuff
  3. Tuppy Glossop

    Memories of the first game you attended

    Oi not so much of the old..... January 1965 WBA v Liverpool 3rd round FA cup. My uncle was a massive Baggies fan and had taken his 9 year old nephew to see his team, hoping I'd be inspired. I was; by the magnificent men in red. Ron Yeats was imperious (albeit he gave away a strange penalty, picking up the ball in the penalty area after hearing a whistle, which came from the crowd. Justice done when they missed the penalty). Sir Roger and the Saint scored and we went on to win the Cup.
  4. Tuppy Glossop

    Leonard Cohen

    ​What Faustus said. ​I also saw Leonard twice. First as a spotty 15 year old at the Isle of Wight festival in 1970 and second at the NEC on his last tour here in 2013. The 2013 gig was one of the best I've ever been to and I've seen a few greats in my 61 years. I'm the most confirmed atheist there is, but there was a spirit and feeling at the concert that I've rarely felt. A truly great poet and song writer. As the man said: "Now I bid you farewell, I don't know when I'll be back They're moving us tomorrow to that tower down the track But you'll be hearing from me baby, long after I'm gone I'll be speaking to you sweetly From a window in the Tower of Song." It really is ‘Closing Time.’ RIP
  5. Tuppy Glossop

    Random musical chat.

    Yes, such a great voice; he should've been so much bigger. The River and 'Superlungs' albums often get an airing in our house and bring back great memories of my student days. Went to see Mr Reid in a pub near Dartmouth about ten years ago and wished I hadn't - he was pretty shit, although it could've been an off night. He's touring the UK at this very moment......
  6. Tuppy Glossop

    Most lusted after character from TV and film. Probs NSFW.

    Better ask 'Shakey' Neil Young - aren't they stepping out together now?
  7. Tuppy Glossop

    Your first and last live gig

    First - Led Zeppelin (supported by The Liverpool Scene & Blodwyn Pig) at The Pop Proms, Royal Albert Hall 1969 Last - Leonard Cohen at the LG Arena, Birmingham in September. Yes, that makes me nearly a hundred years old.............
  8. Tuppy Glossop

    Top Tips

    Actual health and safety labels put on items - on a box of fireworks…….do not put lighted fireworks in your mouth on the top rung of an aluminium ladder …….STOP!! This is the last rung….. on a double mattress……do not attempt to swallow
  9. Tuppy Glossop


    Dances with Wolves - is one of my all time favourites - great cinematography and The Last of the Mohicans is worth another look - if that counts as a western
  10. Tuppy Glossop

    Greatest album ever made.

    Weld - Neil Young & Crazy Horse Welcome to the Canteen - Traffic Only in it for the money - Frank Zappa & The Mothers also rans - Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix Live at Leeds - The Who Abbey Road La Peste - Alabama 3 Apple Venus Pt1 - XTC
  11. Tuppy Glossop

    Best Stephen King Book

    Pet Sematary is the one that leaves the longest impression - I think because it's based on something we've all done - buried a pet in the garden. I also enjoyed 'Thinner' and 'It' - you never look at a clown in quite the same way after reading It..... Strange how the films never come anywhere close to the quality of the books, perhaps apart from the Shining - mostly down to Jack.
  12. Tuppy Glossop

    your best festival?

    "Have you seen the film Message To Love about the 1970 IOW festival? Wish I'd been there." No, Gus, I haven't seen the film right through. Is it worth it? (I think I might try and track it down if it is.) I do recall though some of the slightly unnerving antics of the people who were trying to break the perimeter fences down. I seem to recall they were described at the time as the White Panthers..... I was just a sperm who loved music so tried not to pay too much attention to the aggro. To see that sort of lineup on my first trip to a festival was something I'll never forget. The weather was even very kind, just blue skies.....
  13. Tuppy Glossop

    Blues/Jazz/Folk Etc Music thread

    Some great music on here and I listen to the Blues quite a bit; love the old greats, especially Son House and Leadbelly, but also some of the newer stuff......like Watermelon Slim & The Workers, Derek Trucks Band, Walter Trout Band, Buddy Whittington (played with John Mayall until recently), Eli 'Paperboy' Reed, The Insomniacs.
  14. Tuppy Glossop

    your best festival?

    Erm.....Isle of Wight 1970. Yes, I'm ancient; I was only 15. Hendrix, The Doors, The Who, Taste, Free, Family, Ten Years After, Joni Mitchell, John Sebastian, Jethro Tull, ELP, The Groundhogs.......now them were the days
  15. Tuppy Glossop

    Are you afraid of dying?

    I'm a Humanist (most of the time these days I write and conduct non-religious ceremonies - mainly funerals) so I don't believe in any life after death. I do believe in the wonder of this life and the incredible story of science and evolution that led to animals and humans and I like Philip Pulman's words : "Even if death means oblivion, friends, I'll welcome it, because it won't be nothing; we'll be alive again in a thousand blades of grass, and a million leaves, we'll be falling in the raindrops and blowing in the fresh breeze, we'll be glittering in the dew under the stars and the moon, out there in the physical world which is our true home and always was." Aaaaah........ "Death hides no secret; it opens no door; it is the end of a person. What survives is what he or she has given to other people - what stays in their memory" - Norbert Elias
  16. Tuppy Glossop

    RIP Beefheart

    A true legend... happily I'm old enough to have seen the great man live in 1974 at Birmingham Town Hall. Although I love Safe As Milk -still got it on vinyl - it's 'Strictly Personal' that I play most and it's been getting a lot of airplay in the last few days...... the postman's groovy and strawberry fields foreverrrrr......RIP
  17. Great thread and some great music. I'm working at my desk (at home) so this is first 10 on a 'Media Player' shuffle - Love Burns - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Boys Don't Cry - The Cure Castles made of Sand - Jimi Henddrix Experience Night Life - Joe Bonamassa I'm gonna booglarize you baby - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Sail Away - Neil Young Father was a Jockey - John Lee Hooker Intermezzo from Sinfonia Antartica - Ralph Vaughan-Williams Sky holds the Sun - The Bees 2129 - Alabama 3
  18. Tuppy Glossop

    First, best and worst gigs?

    First : Led Zeppelin 1969 Royal Albert Hall (The first Pop Proms) I was a sperm of 14. Work it out. Best : V hard. Isle of Wight 1970 Hendrix. Part of musical history, just to have seen the man was enough. If I only have one more choice, then I'll have to go with the Alabama 3, Bristol O2 Academy 2009 great live band IMO (A close run thing with Neil Young at Phoenix 1996, but I can't remember an awful lot about second half of the show.) Worst: Nina Simone, Bishopstock Blues Festival 2001. V sad; voice shot to pieces and famous bad attitude to the fore; felt sorry for the band.
  19. Tuppy Glossop

    Advice required (probably from people who have kids)

    Agree with SKI - especially about the angels and stars stuff. Kids are often better at dealing with these matters than we give them credit for. Honesty and compassion and making it clear they've got someone else to talk to as they may not want to talk to mum or dad in case they upset them. There's a 'children and young persons' section giving some good general advice on the Cruse website. Cruse Bereavement Care
  20. Tuppy Glossop

    ice hotel

    My daughter and her husband are due to go in February or March and they're also off (hopefully) to see the Northern Lights. I've made a note of the questions and will let you know.....
  21. Tuppy Glossop

    What is your username supposed to mean/represent

    I write and conduct Humanist (ie non-religious) funerals. Some of my friends couldn't get their heads round this when I first started and began calling me The Rev. I'm not sure which bit of 'non religious' they didn't understand, but the nickname has stuck and I like the irony....
  22. Mmmm nice Animal wars may be about to be eclipsed - follow the 'Prawnzilla' link for Tea Wars - Prawnzilla -v- Citrus Sheep And the Underpant toast thing is a bit weird.......
  23. This link is not for the faint hearted tea drinker - Mmmm nice
  24. Tuppy Glossop

    Naked vicar falls on potato

    I do feel some explanation may be necessary. Well, me and my friend Morris Piper had been having a vodka and Mr Potato Head party the night before. Having got out of our skins drunk, it was one of those nights when you sleep walk and either wake up pissing in someone's wardrobe OR stood up naked at the window trying to change the curtains. When the door bell went (it was my other friend, Edward King, who'd brought the tiny clothes to dress up the potato heads) I woke up in shock and fell backwards onto the table. Unfortunately, Mr Golden Wonder had been left stood on the table and well, he sort of disappeared up my arse. I'll never forget the look in his eyes as I looked back over my shoulder when I fell...."I'm chips" he seemed to be saying, trying to spit out his pipe. The walk to hospital took me a while, but I just thank God that Pumpkin night was last week. So, basically, I deny everything and I'll certainly never drink Smirnoff again.
  25. Tuppy Glossop

    What religion do you fit in with?

    Atheist ; and I am in fact a paid up member of the British Humanist Association (British Humanist Association). I've never been into any 'ism' before, but when I read up a bit about Humanism a few years ago, I realised I'd been a Humanist for a long time without knowing it. Despite excluding belief in religion, deities or supernatural beings (except Nando and Yoda of course), Humanism is a positive belief in humanity and the spirit and magic of the human mind. I am also extremely lucky and privileged to work as a Humanist Funeral Celebrant - I write and conduct non-religious funeral ceremonies for people. Friends of mine couldn't quite get their heads round this when I started doing the work and one started calling me 'The Rev.' (Hence my user-name.) I'm not sure which bit of 'non-religious' he didn't understand, but now I seem to be stuck with the name.......still...into every life a little irony must fall......... If anyone on here ever needs any advice about or assistance with a non-religious ceremony, just email me.