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  1. ausired

    19 Years

    JFT 96 RIP YNWA Never forgotten
  2. ausired

    Initial thoughts LFC TV?

    Does anybody else watching the channel on the e ticket have problems with the picture continually stopping or is it just the s*** broadband in Oz
  3. ausired

    I had to laugh at the title of this video

    Perfect fuckwit for that small club
  4. ausired

    Blues want a standing section

    Standing section fruit and veg section of new stadium, next to the lemons
  5. ausired

    Xabi: Barca close to my heart

    If he wants to leave, then i'm afraid it's time to cash in, but 16m,Barca can have his old boots, let's start talking at least 20m, unless Et'o is some part of the equation.
  6. ausired

    Villa (Aston): Match thread

    Rafa's had 10 day's to prepare the team for this, hopefully we'll tear them a new arsehole.:thumbsup:
  7. ausired

    Most annoying character on TV?

    Not a character,but that annoying prick from ESPN Tommy(bulge in the onion bag) Smyth, complete tosspot