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    Gerrard: I would leave Anfield

    The only positive to this is that I get to see him play in person a few more times before he hangs it up. Even against the shower that is mls
  2. AmerScouse

    Mario Balotelli

    Thought he added a dimension to our team today. He was strong with his back to goal and allowed sturridge and sterling to play off him. And he provides an aerial presence as well. He will get his goals but I liked his intelligence today most of all. Good start by the lad but it's one game. Show me the same work and mentality for a couple of months and we've got our selves a game changing player
  3. It's amazing to me how fast glen Johnson has gotten so shit
  4. AmerScouse

    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    anyone who makes Skrtel look like both a goal scoring centre half AND a consistently competent defender has to have a it of special about him. fair play Brendan
  5. AmerScouse

    Bye Johnson

    what is going on with this lad? He's looked woeful defensively. I know its not his strength, but he's always been adequate. Does a 30yr old England international suffer from loss of confidence? I understand his forward forays are being curtailed by having Sterling in the side and playing more like a winger, but even when he does get the ball in attacking positions, the verve appears gone. Is he done??
  6. AmerScouse

    January 2014 Transfer Thread

    I'm pretty sure the post I quoted said "we don't need him". Therefore the question is whether or not that makes sense.
  7. AmerScouse

    January 2014 Transfer Thread

    if you want to be in the champions league and challenge for the title, you aren't doing that with Suso, at least not in the immediate future. I would think people would realize by now that we are one more injury away from basically being impotent attacking wise. we need much more depth in attack and sterling's play of late should serve as a warning against us relying too much on the kids. pastore would be an excellent addition. more competition for places lifts players' games. and we could actually afford to rest someone like Sturridge every now and again. to me its been lucky that he's not an injury that required more than a few days recovery.
  8. AmerScouse

    Featured: Defender: Boss calls me 'Killer'

    i'm warming to this man. he certainly doesn't mind throwing his body about during a match. I think its infectious. between his evil stare and kolo constantly talking to himself, forwards must be shitting themselves at having to deal with the two nutters.
  9. how long until Ferguson pulls a Scholes and comes out of retirement?
  10. his comments re: the champions league yesterday were awesome. he is single handedly destroying them mentally. he is undoing in weeks what ferguson took years to build from a mentality perspective. its fascinating to watch. I thought this was the year the mancs finished 5th. it was more hopeful than anything else because they don't have a ton of quality, but it might well just come off
  11. AmerScouse

    Southampton at Home match thread

    not enough winners on the pitch today. when we went one nil down the heads dropped and no one urged us on. gerrard was awful today and lucas was out on his feet after 50 mins. kolo toure did his damndest to drive us on but it takes 11. sterling, sturridge, moses all passengers second half
  12. AmerScouse

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    not sure how he even gets games in that team. between altidore and fletcher they will play most of the games. and they got adam Johnson and that Italian fella to play the wings.
  13. AmerScouse

    Philippe Coutinho

    phil was just a tiny bit off today. I just hope he doesn't try to do too much or start to press because he's the focal point of the team now. don't want him to lost any confidence if the goals don't come right away. the interplay at times between him, aspas and sturridge today was awesome.
  14. AmerScouse

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    doesn't matter what happens at this point, come January it all starts up again because he's not cup tied for Champions League play. if a CL team comes in for him he'll angle for the move then.
  15. AmerScouse

    Suarez: Sell or Keep?

    that's not an FSG model, that is what happens to every club that isn't in the champions league but has a great player on their books.