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  1. You've captured perfectly exactly why Arsenal want him so badly!
  2. ChicagoRed

    What use is a contract?

    A contract should provide benefits to both parties, but over the last few year's we've seen players able to ignore their responsibilities under a contract by threatening to "do a Torres" - case in point. LFC have paid millions to honour deals with players who've contributed very little or nothing, and many times, the contract itself has been a barrier to moving the player on. The wages are too high! It's been nauseating to see players - and there are many we can name - being paid by us to leave. It's time to address a situation that has swung too far in favor of the player. There's talk of performance related deals but what does that mean? The present situation loads the deck in favor of a player. The club can effectively be blackmailed by a player on the basis of "being unhappy". The same behaviour can harm the club by encouraging predatory tactics by clubs interested in the player, including the possibility of last minute moves and "take it or leave it bids". I'd like to see the balance re-dressed somewhat where the club has some "teeth" if a player decides he wants to tear up his contract. What's in place today is not strong enough and favors only the players and the mega rich predators.
  3. After boasting of his contacts with Rooney, phone calls, visits to respective houses, Gollum decides to belittle him publicly. From a football point of view, it makes no sense. It demotivates the player, and reduces his value as a transfer. Have the wheels finally come off at the Old Toilet?
  4. There can't be a schedule until there is a definitive starting point i.e. Planning permission. That will be obtained when all the necessary land has been acquired and the plans reviewed and approved.
  5. ChicagoRed

    The hypothetical Suarez replacement thread

    I know it is highly improbable, maybe totally unfeasible, but selling Suarez for £50 million and buying - yes - ROONEY - for £30 million. What a piece of business that would be!
  6. ChicagoRed

    The New Everton Manager

    I knew Bill Kenwright 50 years ago. The most important thing in his life was his Christian faith. I had no idea until I read today's article in the Independent that David Moyes is cut from the same cloth. Two guys united - no pun intended - by an all- encompassing view that God will take care of everything. So it's highly likely that before success on the field, the first qualification of the next EFC manager will be deep-rooted and practised Christian beliefs. That will make the field a bit different!
  7. ChicagoRed

    The New Everton Manager

    I feel sorry for Bill Kenwright. He's been royally fucked by both Moyes and Ferguson. As virtually the last person to find out that Moyes was part of a long-schemed seamless transition, he has to find a new manager and wish his departing incumbent well with his next season plans in tatters. Plus he has Dave Whelan singing the "small club" song again to help him. Mancs and Lancs - fuck em all
  8. It happens all the time. I've never given a fuck for small minded shitheads. Why start?
  9. Another thing that pisses me off! This whole surprise thing! The only thing that surprises me is the people are pretending to be surprised. Nobody takes over the reins of business the size of Man U on the basis of three days. It was planned and orchestrated at least a year ago, including Gollum's contract delays. SAF's health issues are worse than the Press are saying. He would have had a full scan in preparation for his hip operation, which would have been on the radar screen for a long time already. It doesn't happen overnight. This whole thing is yet another media event staged for the benefit of the egos at Man U and the Press are lapping it up. Bunch of spineless jerks!
  10. Man U won't go into meltdown. Ferguson's achievements were down to the size and resources of the club. He could pretty much anyone, with the ability to meet any fee and any wage demand. He could afford a huge squad. He can offer CL football, and an array of sponsorship opportunities, private jets, and much more. None of that will change in the short run. It goes to demonstrate that Fergie is no genius, that his achievements are in direct proportion to his resources; in fact it could be argued that he under-achieved by his relatively poor showing in European competition. But for Moyes, the challenge will be rising to the level that Man U as a club expects; its "entitlements". This is the honeymoon. The marriage is the hard part!
  11. ChicagoRed

    Is Rodgers becoming a laughing stock?

    Pointless discussion this one. Rodgers test will be this summer with his signings, and next season. He has improved the way we play and added some quality in Coutinho and Sturridge. If we get the quality we need, we'll be in with a real CL chance. If we don't, we'll need a miracle!
  12. ChicagoRed

    The Suarez Bite

    We are paying the price for NOT fighting all the way following Suarez "conviction" for racist comments we played nice in the face of a media onslaught even though we had a strong case. The faceless fucks of the FA need to be challenged for their arbitrary, inconsistent, and vindictive decision. We should challenge not only through football channels but through the legal system. We need to establish the equivalent of a disciplinary Bosman!
  13. ChicagoRed

    Will Suarez be here next season?

    Sorry to say I think he'll go!