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  1. Sponky

    The hypothetical Suarez replacement thread

    The club have come out and said there's no release clause. Now who's the muppet! It's a good job you were not about when the pied piper came to town!
  2. Sponky

    The hypothetical Suarez replacement thread

    Who mentioned anything about a nose & a monkey? You really are deluded. I just thought he looked like him....that's it...nothing else to to see here! I bet your family are afraid to speak to you incase you get out your psychoanalysis! Has anyone ever tried telling you that you may not always be right?
  3. Sponky

    The hypothetical Suarez replacement thread

    I see your still peddling your vile rhetoric SD. I'm not usually one to respond to over opinionated egotistical tits but after refreshing my memory and reading other insults I've received from you over the years ,you are that exception. Remember the time you insulted me by branding me a racist after i likend Avrim Grants appearance to that of Watto from Star Wars. You said I anti semantic. I have hardly posted on this site over the last few years as when I do arrogant toss wipes such as yourself try to stamp over any opinions that don't meet your own agenda. A vile forum bully who I don't doubt has insulted hundreds of people on this very site of the years. Well I'll go back to my happy family life now and you can carry on being a self opinionated arrogant git!
  4. Sponky

    The hypothetical Suarez replacement thread

    Ok, edited for the academics.
  5. Sponky

    The hypothetical Suarez replacement thread

    The writing was on the wall as soon as he had bitten Invanovic. There's no doubt in my mind that Suarez new what he was doing when he sunk his teeth in. 20% was wiped of his transfer fee. 10m wiped off instantly. After the way he had departed Ajax, Luis new what he was doing before this mindless act. During the game in question Rafa was given a well deserved warm welcome home. On the other hand Torres was rightfully geared and hissed at! Suarez new this mindless act would hasten & clear the path for his departure. He would now be able to leave without losing the love of his adoring fans. This is the ugly face of modern day football. You only have to look at the behaviour of other South American footballers playing in the Premier league. Both Tevez & Mascherano have given 110% on the pitch but when there heads are turned they simply refuse to play in order to get what they want. Luis Suarez is no different.
  6. Sponky

    FIFA 13

    The paco rabone may be of some interest.
  7. Sponky

    FIFA 13

    I'd rather you steal it for me and I pay you a 10 spot :D
  8. Sponky

    FIFA 13

    So what are the best deals out there.....answers on a post card....
  9. Sponky

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    Your one extremely sad mother or your just a big billy bullshitter! Either way some of your ridiculous naive posting has got me to make an effort and post myself for the first time in a long time. Your hoarseshit is giving me eye aids! I should know better and ignore 12 year olds, however my 6 year son has more common sense than you.
  10. Sponky

    Kenny Dalglish Leaves Liverpool.

    Disgusting decision.
  11. Sponky

    X-box live membership deals??

    I have used this company for a few years now for live renewal and microsoft points. They always deliver via email within the hour to. Electronic First - Fast and Secure Email Delivery of Gaming Cards
  12. Sponky

    Why I'll Never Do A Bungee Jump

    Crikey, poor Sheila.
  13. Sponky

    What did you get then?

    Even though im 36 years of age.........he he, your jealous arn't you?
  14. Sponky

    Evra accuses Suarez of racism

    Seing Brian 'The Cock' Swanson live outside Scotland Yard is the final straw! Cringeworthy enough to fuck skysports news off until the transfer window opens at the least.
  15. Sponky

    Work secet santa conundrum

    A hijab perhaps...........