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  1. Mukky

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    Having watched the latest episode, can't help feeling that Control may actually be a Borg origins story. I suspected it a few eps back, but each episode seems to reinforce the theory. Still quite a few holes in the theory, hence an element of uncertainty but far too many synergies as well to suggest otherwise.
  2. Mukky

    Tottenham (H) 31/3/2019

    Fair comment, I think. The pressure is really starting to ramp up now so will be telling how Klopp reacts to this in the run in. When we clearly lost shape, control, and momentum in the 2nd half, change was needed imo. The other side to this is, fair play to Jurgen for maintaining his composure.
  3. Mukky

    Dejan Lovren

    Lovrens lack of awareness around him, positioning and generally slow to react has been a consistent theme. He tries to talk a good game, just can't back it up when it matters in the big games.
  4. Mukky

    Alisson Becker

    Disagree. Don't think he had a chance wth the height from the angle and the power generated on the shot. You would have to be superhuman to have reacted to that.
  5. Mukky

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    He wasn't the worse by any stretch, so slightly unfair. Did what he usually does, and cycled the ball. Milner was the poorest in the mdfield three and looked well off the pace. I think this team has now outgrown this flat midfield defensive three and time Fabinho becomes a regular in the big games imo. This midfield is not progressive enough to provide the support to the front three and without a striker who cannot hold the ball up effectively, this accentuates the problems.
  6. Mukky

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    Been catching up on Voyager and Enterprise on Netflix. Picking and choosing interesting episodes rather than watching the entire series right through. Both are interlaced with mediocre to absolutely superb storlines. Really enjoyed Enterprise, espcially Season 3 with the Xindi threat story arch running throughout the entire season. One of the best seasons of any Trek series imo. Thoroughly compelling viewing, with the Enterprise dispatched to nullify the Xindi threat, with the experiences influencing the Prime Directive and eventually setting in motion the United Federation. The conflicts in morality and where the line is add an interesting element to the arch. Enjoyed Voyager, espcially the Borg storylines (Scorpion, Unimatrix Zero etc). Species 8472 could have been fleshed out far better than it was, with a lot of potential unrealised imo. DS9 next in line. Discovery has been superb and looking forward to the next season.
  7. Mukky


    World class performance. Imperious midfield display!
  8. Mukky

    Fekir Alternatives

    Go back to Monaco for Youri Tielemans or maybe Hirving Lozano of PSV. Both might be good options
  9. Mukky

    Loris Karius

    As many have alluded to, not many standout keepers available at the moment. I would not mind getting either an experienced keeper like Samir Handanoivc to plug this position or if we want to nail the position for the long term than that young kid Lafont at Tolouse, looks like a top prospect.
  10. Mukky

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    RMC are reporting that Lyon and Liverpool have concluded an agreement for the transfer of Nabil Fékir worth €70m, including bonuses and signing a 5 year deal. Gérard Houllier, Lyons special advisor, apparently played a major role in the negotiations.
  11. Mukky

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Avengers: Infinity War - 9.5 / 10 Superb pacing from the get go and unpredictable. Incredible action, very funny, great character in Thanos who is compelling and exudes real danger and malevolence along with his Black Order minions.
  12. Mukky

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

  13. Mukky

    The Merseyside Derby (h) - Dec 11

    Bugger.....Lovren has started to talk to the press again. I'm worried all of a sudden. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/dejan-lovren-says-tottenham-punch-14015325
  14. Mukky

    Fuck off Barca

    http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/liverpool-couldnt-sell-philippe-coutinho-transfer-barcelona-pep-segura-john-w-henry-a7923351.html?amp The inside story of why Liverpool couldn't buckle and sell Philippe Coutinho to a man they used to knowJohn W Henry personally intervened to ensure Coutinho was going nowhere, and Simon Hughes explains why... Simon Hughes Friday 1 September 2017 Having decided that Coutinho would stay, Henry could not afford to back down Five years separates two stories involving the same characters; one prevalent in this country, another not so well known. They are tales that go some way towards explaining why Barcelona were so forceful in their attempt to sign Philippe Coutinho but ultimately, why their attempt will prove not to be quite forceful enough. It was in July 2012 when Pep Segura, then the technical manager at Liverpool’s academy, ended his three-year association at the club after previously being told by Liverpool’s owner, John W. Henry, he had earned a promotion. Before Brendan Rodgers became Liverpool’s manager, Henry and Segura held a three-hour meeting and it was concluded that Segura would become Liverpool’s new sporting director, filling the administrative space left behind by Damien Comolli’s sacking a few months earlier. Rodgers, though, had other ideas, insisting his own appointment would not involve another tier of management above him. For Segura – a decent man, and someone respected inside Liverpool particularly for his contribution towards the development of Raheem Sterling – there was reasonable embarrassment when he arrived at Melwood for the start of pre-season training only to find out then there would be no place for him in the new set-up. Despite his efforts to contact Henry about his proposed fresh responsibilities, the line of communication had gone stone cold since Rodgers’s arrival. Though he expected that plans had changed, Segura was upset and angry that he had found out this way and so, on that July morning, rather than driving to the academy in Kirkby as he had been told to by Rodgers, he resigned on the spot – though the announcement of his departure was made a month later. Those who knew Segura best from his time at Liverpool describe him as a professional and so, his hurt was understandable considering he had been treated without the necessary level of respect. Sources in Catalonia, meanwhile, say Segura has a long memory. Now Barcelona’s general manager having returned to the club where he built his coaching reputation, and as the person overseeing player recruitment, it is told he has viewed the signing of Coutinho as a personal mission. While Coutinho is seen as a long-term successor for the fading Andrés Iniesta, the whiplash of his own departure from Liverpool still stings and it is said he would like nothing better than to expose Fenway Sports Group’s collective stance over Coutinho’s future as total mush. It was a small but significant detail when Fenway released a “definitive” statement earlier this month, outlining that Coutinho would not be sold, this was not a statement released by Liverpool FC but by its ownership group, a statement, indeed, that was not signed off by any person in particular as they often are when something important is announced Hour-by-hour, day-to-day, week-to-week, Henry does not have much involvement in the decision-making processes at the club and instead, key issues are dealt with by Jürgen Klopp, Michael Edwards, Liverpool’s sporting director, and Mike Gordon, Fenway’s president. Henry only intervenes when he really needs to and this was one of his calls. Before Coutinho had submitted his transfer request, Henry knew that his scan, taken on Tuesday August 8, for mysterious back strain had returned without obvious signs of injury. He knew as well that two days later a 3pm meeting involving Edwards and Coutinho’s representatives had not gone well at all. Any owner of a well-run football club should also be informed and be able to imagine what might follow when a star player signs a new five year-contract – as Coutinho did in January – but proceeds to only agree a short-term lease on his home, especially when it has already been reported that Barcelona are interested in him. Those that have dealt with Henry regularly know how he is capable of brain lapses, instances where he has appeared completely engrossed on a subject one moment and unreachable the next. Particularly relating to Liverpool matters, perhaps living on the other side of an ocean while running a business empire where Anfield forms only a part of his thoughts contributes towards the way he approaches things. Perhaps, indeed, this is why Segura found himself isolated very quickly from what seemed a position of promise. Henry’s distance from Merseyside has not helped in the past because he has not been around to cast judgements for himself. He has instead relied on the opinions of his appointments, which have been bad ones too often – meaning that he has only acted when it has been too late, contributing towards a generally negative impression of his and Fenway’s intentions. Having decided that Coutinho would stay, he could not afford to back down particularly when the transfer market did not map out exactly the way Liverpool or its febrile supporter base would have wanted in terms of incomings. Fenway have been determined to change Liverpool’s reputation and by not relenting to Coutinho’s wishes, for the time being at least, it sends a message to their own players as well as rivals that this is not a selling club. Any other outcome would have been received as deception and from then on, it is hard to see how any of the messages coming out of Liverpool would ever be trusted again.