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  1. Brod

    Chris Bascombe

    He a narky little fucker that moans for 90 minutes. Would I like to see him in our side? Fucking right I would.
  2. Brod

    how much

    Missed my point completely.
  3. Brod

    how much

    Get your head in some coaching manuals and we'll chat mate.
  4. Brod

    how much

    I don't and there's nowhere I've stated that he hasn't. I said it would worry me if I thought the chairman was buying players instead of the manager and lets be honest here, do you really think that sort of behaviour isn't in keeping with the man Shiniwatra is? Just look at what he did to Eriksson. I highlighted the Shevchenko signing as an example. Look at the trouble that caused. It was the begining of the end with the relationship between manager and chairman.
  5. Brod

    how much

    Thank you for proving to me that you know nothing about the game. I won't be bothering with you anymore.
  6. Brod

    how much

    My point appears to have been lost on you. Again, the manager didn't sign him. The manager picks the team and knows what type of player he wants, not the scout. The manager should be sending scouts out with a prerequisite of what he wants to enhance his team in a sytem chosen by him not just some random player, regardless of how good he is.
  7. Brod

    how much

    Jo may well turn out to be a bargain at that price. He may turn out to be utter shite. Truth is, until a player has had a season with a manager that knows why he bought him and what system he fits into nobody knows. This is what would worry me if I was a City fan, the player has been bought by the chairman, not the manager. You only have to look at what happened to Shevchenko to highlight this. Best striker in Europe for seasons but a square peg in a round hole at Chelsea and £30+ million wasted. Players needed to be looked at by a manager not a chairman with no experience of picking or training a team. It's like a real life version of Champ Manager to half of these meglomaniacs.
  8. Brod

    You have to love Luis Garcia

    Failing to remember Yossi's run and ball to Torres there?
  9. Brod

    You have to love Luis Garcia

    I only pop in now and don't read every thread on here but I've had the misfortune lately of reading quite a few of your posts. To be blunt, you haven't really got a fucking clue about the game on ground level. Have you ever played, coached or managed at any type of level? I seriously doubt it as you seem to lack the basic understanding of the game yet preach like you know better than everyone, including Rafa.
  10. Brod

    Ticket prices

    What I'm incredibly pissed off about is that my season ticket now works out as being more expensive than if I bought a single ticket for each game. It used to be that season tickets worked out at having two free games a season but now I'm paying £20 over what all the tickets are actually worth. I'm fucking fuming about it.
  11. Brod

    Unions and all that

    Been in the PCS for 11 years now. My dad was one of the loud mouthed Scousers on the tely that was mentioned earlier during the strikes at Fords and my granddad was high up in the AEU so its something I've been brought up around. Problem is now that everyone's so heavily in debt with mortgages and easily accesable credit cards/loans that people can't often afford to strike. It's what the government always wanted to be able to manipulate the people.
  12. Brod

    Football decision

    Seriously, you should go for it. You could ponder it for a season then get a nasty injury which means the descision has been taken out your hands and by the time you get back into it again you're too old, slow and shit to play at that level. Me? Bitter? Fucking right I am.
  13. Brod

    tlw footy tonight...

    I'll defo play on a Tuesday in Sefton Park if needed.
  14. I must admit that Bastian Curtissteigers has impressed me. Great delivery from a free kick and looks like a grafter. Shit hair though, he'd have to sort that out.
  15. Brod

    Football decision

    Move clubs. You'll become a better player and the strangers at the new team will be your mates within a few months. You'll regret it if you don't.