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  1. Why did Moyes let his contract run down at Everton, if he didn´t have another job in sight already ? I mean, Everton surely would have liked to keep such a miracle worker. Also, the timing of the Ferguson retirement suggests that they were just waiting for the season to practically end for Everton and Manure (Manu had already won the crown and Everton didn´t lose to Liverpool), to be able to make the announcements. I think it was planned a long time ago that Moyes would go there at the end of the season, even if Paddy Credand hadn´t heard about it.

  2. So if Ferguson wants a puppet so he can control him and still effectively run the club on a day to day basis, why exactly is it he has retired?


    I'm confused.


    It´s a different thing to control things from the office, than to travel all over the world with your team, especially if you are over 70 years old. But he is a control freak, so he can´t just retire and let Moyes do what he wants, I´m sure of that.

  3. Would advise to turn the sound off.



    Oh I see, Suarez is trying to imitate all the tricks that Pele used to do. He must have seen that youtube clip too. But quite a players Pele was, considering those turfs were quite horrible back then to be honest. The ball is constantly bouncing, but he still does manages to do some amazing things with it. My hat is off to Pele.

  4. We played the same team 2 weeks ago and pretty much handled everything they had and out played them


    People were calling for Rodgers head after that game (as usual)


    United were totally out played last night, with possibly their strongest defence, attack and midfield on the pitch


    Just saying like....


    That´s what we do. We destroy opponents only to end up losing or drawing with them. Has been happening this season as well as most of the last season. Points only count. United know how to collect them.