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    Hi, are there lots of people from Ireland here ? I´m from Finland, and about three or four mouths ago I met a girl here in Finland who was from Wisconsin, USA, who wanted to move to Europe. We spend some time together, but she only had a three months tourist visa and after that three months had gone, she had to travel to Ireland, with a plan that she could come back to Finland with a three months tourist visa, after spending another three months in Ireland... Anyway, now she has been there in Ireland a bit over a month already, in different places around the country (back in Dublin now), trying to find work from farms etc. but with no luck. She´s been couch surfing there, trying to save money, but I think she is running out of money now, so I felt that I should try to help her, if possible. If any of you knows any place there in Ireland where she could stay for a few months and maybe even work a bit for food and shelter, that would be nice. She is a good girl. Half Puerto Ricoan, half german, so she is a decent looking also. 24 years old, maybe too young for me, so you can have her if you want ;) , but I still would like to help that poor girl. She´s alright, although maybe a bit desperate, but who wouldn´t be if you were running away from america ?
  2. This looks like a facerub ála Hodgson to me. The ending must be near for Moyes.
  3. fin-bat

    Another new sponsorship deal.

    Wonderful, wonderful news. This is what we all have been waiting for.
  4. Holding midfielder ? No. A libero ? Yes. Sent from my toilet using only one hand.
  5. fin-bat

    I don't like change

    Am I colour blind, or is the background colour now some sort of pink ? Why ? I feel a bit gay reading this site now...
  6. fin-bat

    Scariest Footballer

    Mamadou Sakho, ladies and gentleman:
  7. fin-bat

    Tom Werner Interview

    As a body language expert, I can tell you that the man is lying.
  8. fin-bat

    Philippe Coutinho

  9. fin-bat

    David Usher - Making an arse of himself

    Seven articles per week, probably something like 500 £ per article. That makes about 100 000 £ per year. Soon he´ll move to Aruba and leave this stinking site to run on it´s own without any edition. So, nothing chances here, but at least some of us has managed to escape from the poverty. Good for him.
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    What next, a nose job ?
  11. fin-bat

    Reina to Napoli

    Only positive I can find from this is that we can probably call Reina back from loan if Mignolet gets injured or doesn´t perform as expected... or can we ? Don´t tell me Ayre fucked up this also.
  12. fin-bat

    Worst Third Kit of all time?

    That kit might look good on a pregnant lady, but safe to say, it´s something that I would never want to wear.
  13. fin-bat

    Happy Birthday Monsieur Usher.

    Happy birthday ! Hard to imagine that one cheeky kid from Toxteth could rise to such heights at such an early age, but it seems to true. Real life story from rags to riches. My hat is off. Happy birthday Dave ! :)
  14. It´s Ernest, because he writes a bit like Hemingway.
  15. fin-bat

    Iago Aspas

    ...Zorbas ?
  16. fin-bat

    Iago Aspas

    He looks more manly than Ayre though, even without a Harley.
  17. fin-bat

    Andy Carroll, what does he do?

    I have a feeling that Dave Usher has been creampied by Frode Klippe, no other way to explain how this clown of a stavangerian is still amonst us real fans.
  18. fin-bat

    The mystery of Oussama Assaidi

    Allah is strong, but Assaidi is weak because of too much fasting during every fucking Ramadan.
  19. fin-bat

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Need to buy that McManaman from Wigan, no matter what he costs. A good player.
  20. fin-bat

    The New Everton Manager

    But what does Stallone think of Moyes leaving Everton ?
  21. fin-bat

    Is Rodgers becoming a laughing stock?

    Who is this hooligan ?
  22. fin-bat

    Manure go into meltdown

    Why did Moyes let his contract run down at Everton, if he didn´t have another job in sight already ? I mean, Everton surely would have liked to keep such a miracle worker. Also, the timing of the Ferguson retirement suggests that they were just waiting for the season to practically end for Everton and Manure (Manu had already won the crown and Everton didn´t lose to Liverpool), to be able to make the announcements. I think it was planned a long time ago that Moyes would go there at the end of the season, even if Paddy Credand hadn´t heard about it.
  23. fin-bat

    Manure go into meltdown

    It´s a different thing to control things from the office, than to travel all over the world with your team, especially if you are over 70 years old. But he is a control freak, so he can´t just retire and let Moyes do what he wants, I´m sure of that.
  24. fin-bat

    Diego Armando Maradona

    Oh I see, Suarez is trying to imitate all the tricks that Pele used to do. He must have seen that youtube clip too. But quite a players Pele was, considering those turfs were quite horrible back then to be honest. The ball is constantly bouncing, but he still does manages to do some amazing things with it. My hat is off to Pele.
  25. fin-bat

    Is Rodgers becoming a laughing stock?

    That´s what we do. We destroy opponents only to end up losing or drawing with them. Has been happening this season as well as most of the last season. Points only count. United know how to collect them.