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  1. fin-bat

    A man farted ...

    A man who holds back his fart, he has other secrets also.
  2. fin-bat

    Hey Guys

    Are Finns welcomed there ?
  3. fin-bat

    Jonjo Shelvey

    Hands are full of bacterias. Your friends are probably wankers, so I wouldn´t want to shake their hands either.
  4. Sounds to me like Kenny wants to put all the blame on Comolli for making this signing. "He is better than I thought, but I didn´t think he was very good anyway. Comolli signed him..."
  5. fin-bat

    RAWK: a warning from history

    I got banned from RAWK years ago and I still miss the friendly banter I had with all the girls over there. Are there any females here on TLW ? Would you like to start dating with me ? Dave ?
  6. fin-bat

    Blackburn home match thread

    Suarez reminds me of Milan Baros for some reason...
  7. fin-bat

    Evra accuses Suarez of racism

    I am white. Hopefully none of you feels offended by it.
  8. It was a nazi salute, but what the heck, he hasn´t killed anyone yet.
  9. fin-bat

    King Kenny Dalglish - He is the man

    I can see it via teletext that Kenny is a right manager for this soccer club, how come you cocksuckers can´t see it even if you are living in Bootle ?
  10. fin-bat

    Norwich home Match Thread

    RVP ? Why not RVN ? Why can´t we talk with full names by the way ?
  11. fin-bat

    Norwich home Match Thread

    We´re missing a profilic goal scorer. Hopefully Carroll will turn into one, because Suarez is not that person. Simple as that.
  12. fin-bat

    Lucas has not improved.

    I notice Lucas during games only when he makes a foul in front of our penalty box, which happens quite often. Others he is totally invisible to me, which is quite strange, but I guess everybody has their favorite players who they like to follow...
  13. fin-bat

    World XI

    Where´s Quaresma ?
  14. fin-bat

    What's the point in Damien Comolli?

    You better keep your mouth shut son.
  15. fin-bat

    Steven Gerrard & his impending return

    Hopefully will be used as a sub when he returns. He´s usually crap when returning from injury, let alone being 6 months without playing.
  16. fin-bat

    What now?

    I miss Sami.
  17. fin-bat


    Funerals have been cancelled ?
  18. fin-bat

    The lure of Liverpool

    Redmen ? Oh, you´ve been negged too. Isn´t it awful ?
  19. I´ve heard rumors that Aquilani actually had a pretty good season at Juventus. So it´s not just one preseason friendly where he has shined..
  20. fin-bat

    Summer 2011

    Be afraid. Be very afraid, you faggot.
  21. fin-bat

    Summer 2011

    Silverlining negged me for telling the thruth ? Thank you fuck face. I´m gonna stick an cold iron bar into your ass we meet. Think about it.
  22. fin-bat

    Summer 2011

    Cole should be sold, Aquilani should be kept. Jovanovits should be sold, Ngog should be kept. Insua should be kept, same as Shelvey. No loans. Because I like them both. Keep Carroll. He will come good. Gerrard hasn´t even played yet and we look like a world beaters. Sell Poulsen, I don´t rate him. Give some games for Spearing, he´ll be satisfied. Kelly is good, I´m not sure about Wilson. He may be a late bloomer. Overall, very promising youngsters. Ugh.
  23. fin-bat

    Malaysia XI V Liverpool FC

    Aquilani stands out like a sore thump amongst all the dross. Insua not bad either. Keep them both.