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    Roy Hodgson, know your role and shut your mouth

    You mean where the black whores like to hang around ?
  2. fin-bat


    Kenny Rodgers for me.
  3. Pressing the right buttons in his first press conference with 95% accuracy. Better than Rafa did in his.
  4. fin-bat

    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    I post quite rarely, but not that rarely.
  5. fin-bat

    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    Barca could have got anyone they´d have wanted, but still they chose that lame duck looking guy to be Guardiolas successor. Can´t even remember his name. Why ?
  6. fin-bat


    Wee Brenda is no B-Rod.
  7. fin-bat

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    I think why Kenny thought he could be the right man for the job was just this. He had seen how even top managers like Benitez were too happy to walk away with a draw, when they could have gone for a win, by just letting the players to express themselves against the lesser teams. Like in the good old times. Unfortunately it didn´t work out for Kenny, although it wasn´t that far to be honest. But I still think that I don´t want to see a manager like Benitez at the helm, just because of his cautioness. He probably recognized this flaw in his thinking himself, and was thinking of something different with the signings like Aquilani and Dossena, but if we look at his signings overall, I´m not too confident that they will ever work. His time is gone. GONE.
  8. fin-bat

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    Boring boring Benitez. Almost as boring as Hodgson. His intention was to get the team playing more attacking type of football on his last year, but that´s when the wheels started to come off from his wagon. Attacking football is an unknown territory for him, that´s why he failed. Nothing to do with cancer and aids. I repeat, nothing. Hopefully he is not coming back, although I could accept him as Sporting Director or sorts, taking care of all the age groups etc. He could be good in that role, at least in theory.
  9. fin-bat

    No risk & a proven winner Rafa Benitez

    Don´t want to see that fat spanish bastard anywhere close to this great old soccer club.
  10. fin-bat

    Director Of Football

    Ayre should be nominated as DoD. Director of Downfall.
  11. fin-bat

    Barnes on LFC, Barca & future

    Finally someone talking sense on this board.
  12. fin-bat

    New manager poll

    Former Liverpool coach Karl Robinson takes some time off from MK Dons after a long season: BBC Sport - Karl Robinson cagey on MK Dons future Getting ready for a Liverpool challenge ?
  13. fin-bat

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    If we can´t appoint RB or AVB, then we should consider RDM or RDB, if they are available. I´m sure SG, JM and AC would be delighted if we went down that route.
  14. fin-bat

    The Ruthless side of FSG

    We all said that Dalglish would be ruthless, he wouldn´t hesitate to bench Carra or Gerrard if they weren´t performing. Well, he wasn´t ruthless enough. FSG was.
  15. But what if that driver was actually Mika Hakkinen ?
  16. fin-bat

    Roberto Di Matteo's face

    Lee Van Cleef ?
  17. fin-bat

    Hodgson for England

    Good overview of Roys managerial career here: BBC Sport - Roy Hodgson's route to talks for the England manager's job Looking through a microscope, it looks like he hasn´t lasted more than two years in any of the jobs he has had, but then again, he might just be so good that he doesn´t have to.
  18. fin-bat

    Hodgson for England

    Greece won the Euros by defending, so Hodge might be the best change you got. Sorry to say it.
  19. fin-bat

    Liverpool FC to become reality TV show

    If this doesn´t work, then what´s the plan B ? Kenny doesn´t have a plan B, I´m afraid.
  20. fin-bat

    Kenny vs Henry

    Rafa was like that also, in my opinion.
  21. fin-bat

    Kenny out

    The moment Kenny starts rubbing his face during games, it´s a sign for him to go. Not yet.
  22. How can I neg this frog faggot ? Do I have to pay to mr usher first to be able to neg anyone ? If so, just give me the bank account and I´ll do it. I have money.
  23. fin-bat

    Kenny's future

    1) Carroll is the new Shearer. Or was at some point, at least. Best header of the ball, ever. With the right coaching he was supposed to become a real monster of a player. 2) How much Shearer would cost now, if he was 20 and you´d know what he would become ? 3) Was bought for five years.
  24. fin-bat

    Silverlining - what are you?

    I don´t like sliverlining. He is not a gentleman.
  25. fin-bat

    Sunderland away

    You guys can´t see the priest on a mountain of sugar. Kenny won´t be kicked out, simple as that.