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    Comolli Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim

    Correct me if I´m wrong, but didn´t Henry and Werner go and meet quite a many fan clubs after they had bought the club ? I remember SOS at least was in close contact with them at some point, probably some others also, and I´m sure those meetings weren´t spent in total silence... To be honest, it wouldn´t surprise me the slightest if they got the idea of "going british" from those meetings. Too much democracy isn´t always a good thing in a football club, but I´m sure they´ve learned their lesson by now.
  2. fin-bat

    Comolli Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim

    I haven´t studied the moneyball filosofy but I wouldn´t be surprised if it courages for that kind of behavior... ;)
  3. fin-bat

    Comolli Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim

    Comolli talks sense. They must´ve had a common strategy, accepted by the owners, that now we´ll splash big money on young and coming british players, even if it may cost a bit, and the results may not be straight away to be seen, but that´s what we´ll do anyway. So to be kicked out after a year into that strategy, is pure madness. Madness, I say.
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    No, not at all. Quiet sleeper. I was the snoorer :)
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    Can´t comment, I´m a gentleman.
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    Her father is Puerto Rican, so her outlook is something else than average finnish. That´s why I went to talk to her ;)
  7. Don´t give up. I think you could have a lot to offer for this forum.
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    tears in my eye

    Awesome voices. Had to go for a long walk after seeing this. I have only one brother.
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    Seems like it´s gone forever. If you try to google it nothing comes up. Bloody hell. It was a good site for a guy like me who doesn´t understand torrents, cookies and all that fucking hassle you need to go thru when trying to make those free streams to work. But I guess now it´s back to the square one I´m afraid. It´s gone.
  10. fin-bat

    Sterlings contract

    Steady now. 30k a week and a bag of candies every saturday should be enough. He´s 17 for christ sake.
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    Tottenham Away

    I don´t know who you are chap, but your post shines like a sore thumb among all this dross.
  12. fin-bat

    A Tribute to TLW Forum Legends - RIP

    Don´t worry Grasshopper, SL was a wanker and deserves to be banned. Don´t blame yourself.
  13. fin-bat

    Michael Owens Moustache

    Only classy thing coming out of that little midget for the past 10 years are those moustaches.
  14. fin-bat

    Early thoughts on Rodgers

    Sir, you are an idiot.
  15. fin-bat

    Ferguson's statue

    Jaw should be chewing gum.
  16. fin-bat

    Di Matteo sacked

    Priest on a mountain of sugar...
  17. fin-bat

    Young Boys at home, match thread

    Where´s Robinson ? I would rather play him than Downing. Not even on the bench. What the...?
  18. fin-bat

    Di Matteo sacked

    He negged me one time too many.
  19. fin-bat

    Di Matteo sacked

    But why Rafa ? I think they needed Steven Seagal or some other super human.
  20. fin-bat

    Di Matteo sacked

    Has Guardiola said that he´d like to work in England, or why does everyone assume that things will automatically pan out certain way ? To me it looks like he´s not sure if he even wants to manage any team anymore.
  21. fin-bat

    Di Matteo sacked

    Hopefully it´s Moyes and then gets kicked out before the season ends... I don´t think Guardiola is stupid enough to go there.
  22. fin-bat

    Early thoughts on Rodgers

    Good material for imitators...
  23. fin-bat

    Is Enrique on crack

    Yea, too much rotation maybe.
  24. fin-bat

    The ideal January signing

    Leo should play in the hole, otherwise he doesn´t really fit into the system Rodgers is trying to implement.
  25. This season we haven´t had as many clear cut chances as last season, I would assume...