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    Rafael Benitez

    He can have wild sex with Linda back home there in Chicago, so why would he want to travel to Liverpool ?
  2. fin-bat

    Reading Match Thread

    It was never going to last. Even Cherouy had a few good games at the start, remember.
  3. fin-bat

    Rafael Benitez

    His only chance to get back to LFC is if Hyypiä is gets the managers job and chooses Benitez as his assistant. No other possibilities.
  4. fin-bat

    SFG sacked

    SFG. Sven Göran Eriksson ?
  5. fin-bat

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    What does moneyball say about gay players ?
  6. fin-bat


    Good chance for Sami and Leverkusen to win the whole fucking Bundesliga now.
  7. Well said. No idea how something that looks like one big mess has gained so much popularity. Re@lly don´t underst@nd wh@t I should think of @ll this @nymore.
  8. fin-bat

    Club Statement on C&A

    Soon to follow, an apology from behalf of LFC to all parties involved in this case...
  9. And if Mr Usher worked as a ghostwriter, we might get some comedy value added to the story...
  10. fin-bat

    Rodgers In

    Dalglish was asked to buy potential. British potential. That´s what he did. Rest is history. His-story. Interesting story, but not a very winning one. Suarez, Enrique and Shelvey are probably the only signing that Dalglish got spot on. Others are just potential.
  11. fin-bat

    If Rodgers was sacked tomorrow?

    Supporter. Sup-porter. Porter. Porter ale. Guinness. Don´t tell me you guys have been arguing here sober all day. Without any Guinness ? What kind of supporters are you anyway ? Heil heil Brendan Rodgers. May the year 2013 be fruitfull for you and for your ideas. All hail Gerrard and the sweet mother of Jesus. And Josef. Amen.
  12. fin-bat

    Pascoe out.

    Impressive body language through out the whole game. Seems like the players really respect him.
  13. fin-bat

    Rodgers Out

    Houllier and Rafa both started by fixing the defence and putting some discipline in place. Rodgers started by saying that be bold, don´t be afraid to make mistakes, it´s all part of the dance. Sounds like junior league coach to me.
  14. fin-bat

    If Rodgers was sacked tomorrow?

    I know it hurts to even think, but these two persons could very well be part of the group of "secret advisores", operating behind the scenes: Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher hail the arrival of new Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson | Mail Online
  15. That´s why Robinson isn´t getting a look in anymore, because he is too much of a defender for this system. The boy can defend, but he is not a winger.
  16. fin-bat

    Early thoughts on Rodgers

    That heavy guy seems to be his number two. Anybody know his name ? Don´t tell me it´s his brother.
  17. fin-bat

    Comolli Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim

    Sorry about that. Maybe I got wrong idea about moneyball from articles like this: 5 Basic Steps to Moneyball Approach in Football Manager | Aid The Boss 1. Plug the Gaps “Imagine that you’re a cost-conscious consumer who finds himself starving and without food in the middle of nowhere, with just one shop – and it sells overpriced food. You have the money, so do you choose to go hungry, or pay to fill the void? (in this case, in your stomach).” Quote from Tomkins Times Many people mistake moneyball for getting players as on the cheap. Moneyball is not about this but about exploiting the market and playing it well. Before you can start implementing any of the other tactics you have to sort out your first team first and make sure that it is a competitive force. Using your resources effectively. Spend the money to get your team to the place where the resources will allow you, work to build a competitive base before moving on to other aspects of the side. Once you have got your side together you can risk you time on using the rest of your resources to find those bargain players who will go on to make a profit.
  18. fin-bat

    Comolli Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim

    Ok, thanks for the telling. I only read comic books, so how could I´ve known. I thought this home grown rule was part of the FFP rule. I guess it isn´t. Those bits and peaces I remember hearing from this moneyball thing, are things like "if you have a cap in your squad, it´s ok to pay over to odds and splash mega bucks to fill it", "buy young and coming players before they have made it", "paying big wages is ok, because teams that have the highest payroll are usually at the top" and then when we add to those the fixation to statistical analysis and that home grown rule, leave the decision making to someone like Comolli, we can easily see how we ended up with Carroll with the money he came. No ?
  19. fin-bat

    Rodgers Out

    Werner would be proud of you. You guys are relentless.
  20. fin-bat

    Rodgers Out

    A bit like Carroll´s career stats before Comolli bought him, with a difference that Carroll already was the best header of the ball ever :whistle:
  21. fin-bat

    Rodgers Out

    Maybe I´ve missed something, but are we into one of those "five year plans" with Rodgers that Houllier famously started ? Hodgson at least was honest when he said that "judge me after 10 games" and he was rightfully fired after that. That´s the way I like it :)
  22. fin-bat

    Rodgers Out

    I´m sure Clarke has a buy back clause in his contract, so we could easily bring him back in january, as well as Tom Ince too. And this is a strategy we could adopt going forward anyway. Not only send players on loan to gain experience, but managers also. Brendan could go to Stoke or some team which plays the game differently and gain valuable experience there. You see, it´s a bit of a problem if Swansea is the only team he can manage. We can´t affort to bring the whole Swansea squad over to Liverpool, although I´m sure it would lower the wage bill dramatically.
  23. fin-bat

    Rodgers Out

    I think he had the squad in place to win it at 08/09, but he prefered to drive with the handbrake on against middlesborough and the likes. After that season he stepped out of his comfort zone, bought Aquilani, and it all went downhill from there.
  24. fin-bat

    Rodgers Out

    As long as Guardiola is out of a job in management we should ask him to join the club in some sort a consultant role. He probably knows the Barcelona model better than Rodgers. Anybody know his phone number ?
  25. fin-bat

    Comolli Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim

    I think the Financial Fair Play rule may play some role in all this. We are supposed to be bringing Sturridge and Walcott in this coming january, and both happen to be british, even if Kenny has left the building a long time ago. Is that a coincide ? I think if you combine the FFP rules and Moneyball idealogy, the ideal player who you get is Andy Carroll.