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    Rodgers In

    I'm happy with progress to date under Rodgers. We are beginning to look settled and showing consistency (allbeit not enough wins) which is something that has been missing for years. We are starting look like a far more solid and competitive team now then we were last season and I'd expect us to be even better towards the end of the season - continual improvement. Style of football is lovely at times too. I think (hope!) that next season will be our best and most consistent for a long while.
  2. Baz1969

    Tottenham Away

    Is it on TV anywhere?
  3. I agree. I'm pissed off about what happened on Friday but I do trust these guys not to shaft us. They may not splash the cash as quickly as I'd like but I think they have the best of intentions. Or else I'm just naive. They are still wankers for not signing Dempsey though.
  4. Baz1969

    Michael Owen anyone?

    Is the little prick better than nothing? Yes - so we should bring him back because the alternative is nothing.
  5. Baz1969

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    Agree - to seriously challenge for the league usually takes a few years of being consistent and competitive in the league first. Cup competitions are nice distraction and its nice to win one but I have zero interest in them if our league form is shite. I would take 4th next year instead of any cup as it demonstrates a good level of consistency and competitiveness which can then be built on. Would love a cup too but not instead.
  6. The minimum requrement for me is that we are consistent and competitive in the league with at least a top 6 finish. A cup win in addition would be a welcome bonus but our league form is top priority. I would rather a good consistent league performance finishing 6th, than win any or all of the cup competitions we're in.
  7. The minimum requirement is that we regain some consistency and become competitive. We must be seriously challenging for a top 5 spot. Even if we dont finish in the top 5 I wont be too disappointed so long as we've been serious challengers - this would be a huge improvement. Get the winning mentality back and stop losing to no mark teams.
  8. My heart says give him another season but my head says no. The number one priority for whoever is manager next season has to be consistency and competitivness in the PL. Minimum required is that we must be seriously challenging for a top 4 spot all season. If we do that and maybe win or do well in cups I'll be relatively happy. A cup win by itself (like this season) is not good enough. We need to move on from being a cup team and always papering over the cracks. Consistency and competitivness in the league have to be no.1 target.
  9. Baz1969

    FA Cup Final

    If we only lose by two goals we'll have done well. We are woeful, dreadful. Spearing, Henderson and Downing should never wear the shirt again. Likewise Carroll and Adam - all donkeys. Daglish should be sacked straight after the match. He is clueless, could'nt spot a good player if his life depended on it and has no idea how to set up a team. We are worse now than when Woy was in charge..going backwards yet again despite spending 100M on players. Joke.
  10. Baz1969

    FA Cup Final

    Looking forward to the game but not the performance or the result....we'll contain them for 70 mins and lose 3-1.
  11. Baz1969

    Liverpool V Fulham 1/5/12

    Kenny should be sacked now - totally clueless. We are a bigger embarrassment now then when Woy was in charge. Shocking.
  12. Baz1969

    The Semi - Blueshite at Wembley

    Carradonk couldnt get in the team for months - why is he still there now that Agger is back?
  13. Baz1969

    The Semi - Blueshite at Wembley

    If (when) we lose today Kenny has to get the bullet and take the donkeys he signed with him. Agger at left back, hendo on the left, Jose and bellamy on the bench. Clueless.
  14. Baz1969

    The Semi - Blueshite at Wembley

    What happens if its a draw today? Is there extra time or straight to replay in next week or two? Blue slime will win today unfortunately...by one goal I think.
  15. Baz1969

    Wigan at Home 24/03/12

    Same shit different season. We are an embarrassment. Kenny should be sacked (along with Carroll, Downing and Adam) if we lose this match and that gives us time to get a new manager in before pre season. Personally I'd go for Pellegrini.