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  1. Anybody else looking forward to this? (Apologies if there is already a thread on this) I loved Oblivion but from what I have seen so far this one looks like it'll blow it completely away. Can't wait.
  2. RedBrian84

    Recommend a whisky....

    Following the quite superb and thirst-inducing beer thread, are there any of us who enjoy a few drams of the Highland water? This is my current tipple: Beautiful stuff.
  3. ....is drawing to a close (at least in the films and books, not the theme park. Rowling is a clever rich bint), the trailer for the new film(s) is now out. Where does everyone on here stand with it? Are you glad it's coming to a close, and by next July it'll be off our screens for good, or are you a fan and are really looking forward to the finales? It's been a phenomenon and no mistake, whatever your personal opinion of it. Personally I enjoy the films and the books. The films have mirrored the books in the sense that they were very 'kiddie' to begin with and as the main trio have grown up, so have the storylines. The films have generally been watchable but not as good as the books (as in most cases really), but these two final films really need to be something special in order to go out with a bang in my opinion. The two-film split is an obvious money spinner, although it really would have been a challenge to put the final book into one film and not risk ruining it. From reading the book it promises to be a belter though, plenty of death and destruction and flying brooms and hormones to go with it. Just interested to know people's thoughts?
  4. There are probably many threads on this already, but here goes. Was reading today that he's been invited (or so goes the rumour) to that garden party with the Queen at Buckingham Palace?? For fuck's sake. Whatever your views are of the Royals- pro or anti- he surely cannot be allowed to attend this function, where many ordinary people who have done a or a lot in their own way, to making this country a bit of a better place? If it's true, then who drew up the invites? I've been told that the Queen doesn't make the invites herself, one of her lackys does that, so who's the grade 'A' twerp who invited a man who claimed that Sol Campbell and Rio Ferdinand "could never be British because they are black"???? A man who slated Prince Charles for "betraying" this country with his support for people of all backgrounds and races? It makes my blood boil. I got a leaflet through from the BNP urging me to vote for them. I initially went to chuck it, but through some morbid curiosity I read it. And was disgusted and completely flummoxed as to how anybody could possibly vote for these twats? Needless to say, every person on the leaflet was white. There were phrases like "British jobs for British workers" and claims that they would pull all troops out of foreign theatres. All of which was a thinly veiled cover for their intolerance, hatred and bigotry that would see this country descend into chaos. I know many people will say that "they would never get in power", but the same thing happened in Berlin in 1932. A country with a wonderful culture allowed a minority party with a complete loon at the helm to take power, with promises of jobs for all Germans to get out of the crippling worldwide depression. Oh, and to rid Germany of the "underclass" that was responsible for all its woes. History repeats itself when people are ignorant to it. This "political" party of racist thugs must never, ever be allowed anywhere near Westminster.
  5. Well bloody hell it's been a good long while since I've been on here - good to see that there's still good threads kicking about. I've got to say Enrique and Moreno the pair of absolute fucking blends. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Rate the last film you watched...

    The Return of the King - 10 severed Gondorian heads out of ten. A near-perfect finale to an epic, peerless trilogy of films. People can gripe about the multiple endings and the rather rushed demise of Saruman or other perceived omissions/changes to the text but for me I don't think anybody could have presented such a massive series of books better than Jackson. This was a war film in every sense. In fact, the entire story is about a world plunged into an all-consuming, utterly destructive war. Breathtaking visuals, superbly acted, riveting story and so gripping. I get goosebumps every time the Rohirrum appear on the horizon to rescue Minas Tirith. Love it. Could watch it over and over. The battle of Pelannor Fields is fucking awesome.
  7. When A Child Is Born by Johnny Mathis Anything by that bellend Kesha. Her voice goes through me.
  8. RedBrian84

    Best movie one-liners/quips

    "Aim for the flat top!" - Ghostbusters
  9. RedBrian84

    room 101

    1) Sally from BBC Breakfast. What a gimp. 2) Spiders 3) All Apple products.
  10. RedBrian84

    What is your quick meal of choice?

    Tinned mackerel in red sauce on buttered toast. Delightful.
  11. RedBrian84

    Best movie one-liners/quips

    "Armed? Armed with what?" "Oh, I don't know. Bad breath? Colourful language? Feather duster? Guns you tit!" - Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  12. RedBrian84

    Best movie one-liners/quips

    Double post*
  13. Mad-Eye Moody, Harry Potter
  14. Robert Muldoon, Jurassic Park "Clever girl....."
  15. RedBrian84

    Best movie one-liners/quips

    "That's why Roger Pedacter is dead! He found Captain Winky!" - Ace Ventura "Look son, we burnt this tight-arsed city to the ground in 1814 and I'm all for doing it again" - Malcom Tucker, In The Loop "I'm not saying I don't trust you, and I'm not saying I do. But I don't" - Topper Harley, Hot Shots! Part Deux
  16. RedBrian84

    Rate the last film you watched...

    300. On ITV2 tonight and with fuck all else on decided to give it another blast. Completely absurd, over-the-top homoerotic wargasm. But entertaining and stupidly daft with it. Enjoyable watch on a Friday night with a beer. 7/10
  17. David Thewlis in Kingdom of Heaven played a boss character with more than a hint of the miraculous about him (especially evident in the director's cut) called Hospitaller. And maintaining the Harry Potter link, Maggie Smith was ace as McGonagall in all eight HP films, despite playing the last two racked with cancer.
  18. RedBrian84

    Female artists from the 80's.

    Sam Brown has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard.
  19. RedBrian84

    Rosie Jones

  20. RedBrian84

    Rosie Jones

    Can I just bump this and say that following that image of Rosie Jones in a baked bean bath, if anyone has a similar one of Rachel Riley in a bath of Alphabetti Spaghetti I would be most grateful.
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    Movies you could watch a hundred times...

    LOTR trilogy Batman Begins Kingdom of Heaven Gladiator The Bourne trilogy The Three Amigos Blazing Saddles Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II Shaun of the Dead Hot Fuzz Dead Man's Shoes
  22. RedBrian84

    Places you will not be visiting again

    Stoke. Oh my fucking God what an absolute cesspit of despair and nightmares. Went into the place en route back home from visiting a relative, because there was a decent tent in their Go Outdoors store. Turns out the tent was the most stable, sturdy and interesting thing about the entire city. I felt like they do in Harry Potter when the Dementors show up and take away everyone's happy thoughts. Grim. Fucking grim.
  23. RedBrian84

    Kate Middleton

    Michael Gove has had a kid too?
  24. RedBrian84

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    Having an Adnam's Ghost Ship at the min. Lovely pale ale, nice citrus kick.