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    Road Cycling

    Is it on your phone? Should automatically update when you either have a good internet connection or wifi after you've saved ride. You did save the ride? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Brodie

    Road Cycling

    Can't see the bikes you've linked above, and it might be a bit late now, but just be aware that the big manufacturers are starting to bringout new 2015 ranges at he moment so you can get some good deals for 2014 bikes. I know the giant store in town has knocked 20% off all last years models. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Brodie

    Best Sim Only Mobile Deal

    I chose the option that I was thinking of leaving and got through and played dumb saying I must have chose the wrong option. They were able to sort me out with a deal that sales were not allowed to. Only thing is you've got to ring bit earlier as I think retentions department closes at 6 or 7
  4. Brodie

    Best Sim Only Mobile Deal

    If you play hardball with them they'll do it cheaper than the £15 which is the standard price. I've just signed up my missus to that deal, but am only paying £7 a month for that package. I did 'accidently' get through to retentions instead of customer service though.
  5. Got an old PS3 (fat) 80GB, thats just got the RSOD tonight. Spoke to Sony who can offer a replacement 160GB slim for £110, but was not looking to spend that much. Gutted cos only bought GTAV at weekend, does anyone know anywhere local (LIverpool) that repairs them?
  6. Brodie

    Tax Free bikes

    I did it a few years ago, paid about £35 a month for a year, effectively paying for bike minus tax. At the end my discretionary payment was another £35 - great deal!
  7. Was given a tip by retentions in O2 back in December. When renewing sign up for 2 years and add all the bolt ons on,... and they will reduce the price of your phone, after one month you are able to adjust your tariff to one that is more to your liking / needs by removing the bolt ons. I saved about £100 on the cost of my handset (was the 4 not the 4s though) doing this, and then reduced my tariff by £10 a month removing tariffs. Good Luck
  8. Hadnt checked my emails for a few days, either on phone or mail client on PC. Now when I try on PC getting a message saying my IMAP connection has timed out, and wont download newer messages and phone just not connecting. Been on webmail and able to access the account, any ideas on how I can re-start my IMAP connection?
  9. Brodie

    School holidays could be shortened

    To over simplify the changes in ofsted - I've been teaching for 3 years and worked in 2 inner city schools in Liverpool, whose students come from very deprived areas. The standard of teaching, ethos, disclipline, safeguarding, results, support in both schools are almost identical. So much so that it made my transition from one to the other really easy. School 1 Ofsted inspection last year using old criteria graded them oustanding. School 2 inspection this year using new criteria - graded Good. In my opinion there is nothing to choose between the schools, and both do everything they can to assist, develop and model the students. The only difference between them is the criteria they are graded against, and oustanding school is now good, and as such it is easier to show just about any school in a worse light.
  10. Brodie

    School holidays could be shortened

    And thats the way it should be, with the school and community working as one together. It could be argued that the changes the tories are bringing in are actually seeking confrontation with teachers, and the propaganda being spouted in the press about teachers, are helping make schools a scapegoat for the state of society today, as well as opening up the door for the government to private education. They have already said they are happy for free schools to make a profit, lets see how society looks with privatised education system.
  11. Brodie

    School holidays could be shortened

    For all the parents on here moaning - just another thought to add to this. Four week summer holidays would mean the travel companies would increase the costs of a holiday in this period even more. And for those of you that take them on holiday during term time, the government are bringing in legislation that means schools will no longer have the ability to approve these holidays and you will be fined. Piss of teachers by shortening summer holidays - Check Raise debate which results in further devaluing of teaching as a profession in the publics perception - Check Hit the public for extra taxes on overpriced holidays - Check Hit the public with fines for taking kids on holiday when they can afford it - Check Sounds like typical tory policy to me.
  12. Brodie


    Thanks, great little app, now downloaded and installed all drivers that were missing and PC working fine. Can somebody through some rep ml's way for me please?
  13. Brodie


    Been given a PC that has been built using parts scavenged from everywhere. It has onboard network and sound on the motherboard but they wont work. I'm assuming this is because whoever built it didnt install the drivers for the motherboard. Now the problem I have is I dont know how to find out what motherboard model I have, I've opened it up and it is made my asus but dont know where I should be looking to get the model number? Anyone able to point me in the right direction?
  14. Try watching again, Carroll makes a run to the far post, Enrique plays it low and hard to near post, Caroll has a go at him and Enrique responds. Thats what actually happened, nowhere near your description of events. As for the first half, it sounds like you are describing when Carroll laid the ball off 40 yards from goal allowing Enrique to go outside with pace, it was other players not attacking the box then, not Carroll, who was rightly behind play after linking up. I've read enough of your posts to know you are one eyed when it comes to Carroll, but now I also know you are delusional.
  15. Brodie

    Strike Action

    Read somewhere that since teachers pensions started about 70/80 years ago teachers are actually £48 billion in the black for their contributions compared to payout. Successive governments were happy to the use these contributions for their own ends. Now when a significant number of teachers are reaching retirement age and are taking their agreed entitlement suddenly there is a problem! At the very least, using your figures the £5.3 billion a year defecit could comfortably be paid by the government for the next 9 years without taking any money from any taxpayer using the money already paid in. Teachers pensions were re-evaluated and adjusted 3 years ago, and there hasnt been a single piece of evidence produced to show the changes made then wont result in a levelling out as planned. 2 question SD, do you think this would even be being looked at if the world economy was a mess? And do you really think this is anything more than a short term attempt to cut costs with no real concern for the long term?