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  1. Future Aston Villa captain, Jack Wilshire. What an overrated prick.
  2. stig-inge

    The Seasons Starts Today!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good half. This Van Gaal character seems to be more shrewd than people let on. Pretending to be a bit shit so his team can take the premiership by storm in a few weeks when they get used to his philosophy. I'm onto him.
  3. stig-inge

    Panini World Cup stickers

    Just started yesterday. More than happy to except donations. The first sticker out of the packet was Ronaldo. Sickening
  4. stig-inge

    Tony Edwards

  5. I hate Johnson. Always have. Always felt he was extremely heavily praised for anything good he ever did while his blasé attitude in general was ignored. It really does pain me to see him swan around the pitch every week.
  6. stig-inge

    Other football

    Townsend is awful. His first touch is heavy every time.
  7. stig-inge


    That was fucking brilliant
  8. stig-inge

    Euro 2012 Round Up - Days 1-4

    That was class as usual.
  9. stig-inge

    Allianz Areana Yes or No?

    I was there last year and did the stadium tour. Very impressive. It would be worth it it see a match.
  10. That's amazing. I really am speechless. You know the type of speechless you get when you can't laughing.
  11. stig-inge

    Silvester to leave Reds

    For fucks sake. Just when things were starting to look up this happens...
  12. stig-inge

    Todays games

    Nice unbiased commentary from Fat Sam all night. Just how far is he buried up Fergies ring piece?
  13. stig-inge

    andy gray

    It says on Sky Sports News that he left.
  14. stig-inge

    favourite western

    The Wild Bunch is without doubt the best western ever made. I am really surprised that nobody mentioned it.