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  1. Menc

    An Epic Swindle by Brian Reade

    I really couldn’t care less what peoples opinions are of other people on the internet mate, never met the guy. Your use of his avatar to infer that he might be mentally unstable was ridiculous though.
  2. Menc

    An Epic Swindle by Brian Reade

    So an avatar isn’t a good way to judge character?!
  3. Menc

    An Epic Swindle by Brian Reade

    Is a Patrick Bateman avatar enough for somebody to be considered dangerous nowadays? We all know it’s a fictional character, right? Unlike say, Osama bin Laden, or the Taliban.
  4. Menc

    Pako Ayesteran - What a Man

    Correct. As an aside, I believe he left Valencia because he fell out with Emery.
  5. Menc

    Summer 2011

    Not sure this one’s a reliable source.
  6. We all would. But what we have now, minus what we experienced with Hodgson, might have left us with a very real chance of champions league football next year, and without the upcoming headaches of scraping Poulsen, Konchesky and Joe Cole off the wage bill. I’d certainly take that.
  7. If you’re overseeing a club that’s strapped for cash and has no manager in place, you don’t sign a player with a lot of question marks hanging over him on a +100k/week contract for 4 years. If Purslow was worried that the club would miss out on potential targets he shouldn’t have sacked a manager without having a new manager lined up, or at least an inkling of who he was going to appoint. Nor do you handicap future managers by shipping out players on year-long loan deals because you don’t like the look of them.
  8. Menc

    Just wanted to vent my disgust..........

    Certainly not by me. I see you as the Mandela of this Liverpool forum, just waiting to lead us into the light of… Purslow and Hodgson?
  9. Menc

    Just wanted to vent my disgust..........

    It’s odd that you’re so consistently accused of being unbalanced.
  10. Menc

    Just wanted to vent my disgust..........

    As night follows day. Do you want to talk about RAFA BENITEZ by any chance?
  11. Menc

    Just wanted to vent my disgust..........

    I didn’t lay all the blame at their door though, did I? I know you’re Purslow’s number one fan and had a brief Hodgson fling but you can stand down on that one. Torres is not the only one to blame. The previous owners, Purslow, Hodgson, and even the new owners have all contributed to Torres wanting to go. His timing is absolutely appalling but this has not all come from Torres simply waking up one day and deciding that he doesn’t like Liverpool anymore. A large number of factors have contributed to us getting to this point and to pretend otherwise is just foolish.
  12. Menc

    The Torres poll

    Is there not a middle option of 'keep him until the summer when we have a chance to replace him'?
  13. Menc

    Just wanted to vent my disgust..........

    That’s a massively simplistic view of the situation, even from you. This hasn’t just arrived out of nowhere, it’s been building for a year and more.
  14. Menc

    Just wanted to vent my disgust..........

    I think his false promises were probably more to blame than the buy-out clause. Still, ridiculous timing from Torres. Edit: And the appointment of Hodgson, of course.