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    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Diame at 3,5m is a no-brainer... If Newcastle want Carroll a swap for Ben Arfa should be on the cards... Mertens from PSV is the type of player we really could benefit from getting! My ideal playmaker would be Isco, but given the ridiculous prices being quoted I'd be very happy if we get Eriksen... In terms of CB's a young one in addition to alderweireld would go a long way! If there is truth to the Digne rumors I'd be happy for him to give Erique a run for the LB spot... Clasie at Feyenoord would be a great buy to give Lucas some much needed competition... In terms of goals we could get Remy at a decent price, or maybe Heung-min at HSV could be worth pursuing... I'd keep Reina and Skrtel, but sell; Downing Carroll Assaidi Spearing Flanagan Coates Pacheco Uncertain about Shelvey, Borini and Allen, but especially Shelvey would benefit from another loan... The amount of money given to Rodgers from FSG will have a big say in how this all connects....
  2. Midfield not good enough - We need at least 2 signings in CM that can ad muscle and steel - Gerrard/Allen/Lucas are woeful when other teams bully us....
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  4. zico

    Downing reborn?

    Still nowhere near a £20m winger... If we want to challenge for 4th and above we need something better! Credit for raising his game though, should increase the re-sale value as well....
  5. zico

    Is Rodgers becoming a laughing stock?

    We're mid table because our last two managers have wasted about £100 m on mid table players such as Carroll Downing Borini Henderson Allen Imagine what we could have bought for that money, it's ridiculous ... If Rodgers this summer again goes for his known strategy of buying players he's coached before then he'll loose my support - full stop....
  6. This was a team in the middle of their pre-season training - embarrassing..... Rodgers will now probably bring out his drivel about the fantastic effort and great performance... #waitandsee
  7. Really starting to doubt Rodgers now, no tactical brains whatsoever - plan A only..... And that's not even a good plan as we don't have the players for it....
  8. Fair enough, but two of these were expensive players at prices where you expect an immediate impact.... Pretty sure most posters on here would be able to get more quality and impact with those £27 m that was spent on those two....
  9. How the fuck has Sterling lasted 74 minutes... How the fuck has Suarez avoided to score on any of his 4 big chances... Why the fuck does the manager not use subs to get fresh legs on earlier or make any tactical changes after letting goals in.... Johnson once AGAIN falling asleep on that last goal... Season over.....
  10. Borini, Assaidi and Allen suggests otherwise.... Sturridge has started very well... In terms of the kids I hope they are able to make a giant step upwards over the summer as they are way short yet if we want to challenge in the PL...
  11. Will he get the transfers right? That's the question....
  12. zico

    West Brom(H) Match Thread

    Do you honestly think they would score 2 if we scored first?
  13. zico

    Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel

    When did we revert to man to man marking? Noticed last night that we had no one positioned in zones and that we conceded the goal by being blocked from following ones attacker..... No way should a ball be allowed into the area where they scored from without any of our players defending that area.... I don't mind man to man marking of their best aerial attackers, but we still need to defend the dangerous zones in our box.....
  14. zico

    Pace Brendan Pace!!!!!!!

    I don't know if I trust BR in the market! I don't trust FSG to put up what's needed to compete..... Sell carroll/Downing/Borini to raise money...... We need at least another 2 wingers - first choice world class players One more CM, one AM, a CB or two and at least one WC striker/preferrably 2..... On top of the £20-30m raised for the players above another 50 million will be needed - can't see that happening any time soon with the current owners....