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  1. Mr. Beast

    Post a picture of your dinner

    one suffers for the art!
  2. Mr. Beast

    Black Sabbath

    Tickets on sale for the Amsterdam leg tomorrow morning. I'm quite excited about this.
  3. Mr. Beast

    North Korea gettin' all Gangnam up in this bitch.

    its win, win for USA and North Korea in the short term. (if noone gets bombed). US Military get an excuse to expand their presence in the Asia Pacific. Kim Jong Un internally presents it like he faced off the might of the American Empire. China needs to call their bluff and start selling off their dollar reserves.
  4. Mr. Beast

    North Korea gettin' all Gangnam up in this bitch.

    The narrative doesn't add up to me. Could be like at school where you’ve got a bit of a known hothead so you dig him slyly or throw something at him when the teacher isn’t looking knowing he’ll respond and get caught and look like the aggressor Or actually are the USA basically seriously threatening North Korea and Kim Jong Un is demonstrating that he’s gonna go down fighting, you'll win but this won’t be a cakewalk like Afghanistan, Iraq, don’t try it etc. The whole Rodman thing, was he saying look i like basketball, don't kill me like you killed all those other bad guys!!! Or he could be just be an inexperienced loon on a powertrip. Or everyone’s just testing each other out, USA-China, NK-USA, NK-China, seeing what each other’s moves are. Likely more about China than anything else
  5. Mr. Beast

    Anyone cooked with Dorset Naga chillies?

    I accidently took on a hot wing challenge (i thought it was just a starter) with something similar Naga Viper pepper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I had the exact symptoms of a heart attack afterwards exept the pain was about half a foot lower. I could see it working quite well in a chilli though if you measured it up correctly.
  6. Mr. Beast

    The Space Thread

    this is well worth a watch: OVERVIEW on Vimeo
  7. Mr. Beast

    The Space Thread

  8. Mr. Beast

    Cameron: "Cuts will change our way of life"

    Look at my fucking red trousers!
  9. Mr. Beast

    Cameron: "Cuts will change our way of life"

    EH!? He's not a "competent tax lawyer or accountant" is he though - he's the fcking chancellor of the exchequer. Are you saying it's okay for George Osbourne to very publically and glibly advocate ways of avoiding your tax responsibilities while still getting your full portion of care from the state? you don't have to attempt some piecemeal defence of any and every perceived attack on the coalition you know!? (not that it makes any difference whatsoever when he said this - the description of the clip actually mentions they don't know anyway)
  10. Mr. Beast

    Film titles that describe your last shit

    the final scene from the Good, The Bad and the Ugly with Morricone's Ecstasy of Gold blasting out - always reminds me of when your strolling through town minding your own business then you feel a shit coming on, and next thing you know you're running around in ever more delirious circles trying to find a suitable hostelry... [YOUTUBE]yn2xSNv0TSk[/YOUTUBE]
  11. Mr. Beast

    Cameron: "Cuts will change our way of life"