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  1. mickyc1973

    Champions League Final 2010

    barca , we havent beat them in a final, yet .
  2. mickyc1973

    Liverpool Airport to Anfield

    there is a shuttle bus into town , goes to the coach station on london rd , then you can get the 26 or 27 shiel road bus to anfield
  3. mickyc1973

    "Why haven't we signed a left winger"?

    i hope so , cos we need a winger or hes goin to put barry there
  4. pepe , cos if he wasnt there there would be an empty net to slot the ball into ,
  5. mickyc1973

    Hating Arsenal

    we just dont hate arsenal , even in the fantasy league teams i have no mancs , no bitters or chavs , but cesc and kolo usually make the list ,
  6. mickyc1973

    Name our cat

    kit mambo (animalympics anyone)
  7. mickyc1973

    Rugby, who give's a shit?

    union is shit johnny kicks it the length of the pitch some frog catches it and volleys it back , and the fat fellas in the middle run backwards and forwards ,, league is fuckin great six big tackles every time .
  8. mickyc1973

    Name our cat

    call it ......ian
  9. mickyc1973

    A bit of fun

    ------------------------ gordan------------------------ ---richards---------- toure----woodgate-------barry--- ------------ronaldo-------barton-------gerrard------ -------------drogba ----berbatov----mccarthy--- subs: kirkland shorey a. ferdinand anelka arteta rosenior miller kranjar and someone from brum
  10. mickyc1973

    athens all over again

    you dont get a better chance of goin the lFINAL league game tho , do you .
  11. mickyc1973

    Bye bye Jose

    that my friend, is a beautiful tale i shall tell my kids tonight as they transcend in the land of nod .
  12. mickyc1973

    Bye bye Jose

    why dont you just fuck off , spoutin shit like this , do you sit at the match slagging players off in your quiet seat ,
  13. mickyc1973

    From Chris Bascombe. . .

    carra is in todays notw , lets start slaggin him off aswell , i dont think so .
  14. mickyc1973

    Players who go out on loan

    les ferdinand went to turkey as a youngster
  15. mickyc1973

    Paul fucking Merson

    surely thats a good sign