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  1. Silvah

    Insanity 60 day

    Cheers mate, but that link has been blocked by my ISP (Virgin). Has anybody got any other links please?
  2. Silvah

    Insanity 60 day

    Need to get onto this too? Anybody got a download please?
  3. Silvah

    Watching Movies Online

    Bump. Any good movie sites?
  4. Silvah

    In my life...

    I'm sure you've all seen this before but I just had to share it again. It still chokes me: Enjoy
  5. Silvah

    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    It's interesting to see the media's take on Rodgers. He deserves massive respect for the football Swansea have played, and their transition to the Premiership, however it wasn't actually him who introduced that style of football to the club. It was Martinez. I'm not advocating either as I think both are too inexperienced at this stage, but it's worth noting the link. Another thought is that it looks like Martinez' style of play really started to click towards the end of the season, and if he stays it would be interesting to see if they could take that through to next season, and start to push on.
  6. I have to agree about Enrique, he was back to his best after a few indifferent games. The (very small) thing that always gets me about him is that he seems to hold onto the ball for that little bit too long. He is great at driving us forward, but I think he can release the ball a bit quicker. Anyway, that's a small gripe, otherwise he's been one of the signings of the season.
  7. Silvah

    An open letter to Lawro

    Neil Ruddock? Diouf?
  8. Silvah

    Dodgy Football Shirt website

    'Matey' that's an amazingly funny post, how did you come up with that chesnut?
  9. Silvah

    Dodgy Football Shirt website

    Ouch, didn't expect that reply, but understandable I guess. I've already got a (genuine) LFC top from last season. I'm after a Milan top, which I want with Maldini on the back.
  10. Chaps, Does anybody know of any dodgy footy shirt websites? I've bought off one in the past that I found off here, but I cant remember what the address was, and I know they change their site addresses often. Tried searching the site, but no results. Any help would be appreciated - cheers.
  11. Silvah

    Noteworthy European transfers 2011

    Vidal to Juve is a great deal (for Juve that is)
  12. Silvah

    Fantasy Football 2011-2012 TLW league

    I'm in. Not Too Xabi
  13. Silvah

    This Fabregas to Barcelona thing

    Given the current transfer climate, I'd be pretty pissed if I was an Arsenal fan, to get less then £40m for him.