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    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Not buying a top class centre half would be gross negligence. We need to get top 4 again and start building a base from where we can be successful. If it's VVD or no one then get him in. Plus I like the idea of non shithouses in the team. That would be mane, salah and possibly ox with keita also to come. The mentality of the team is changing.
  2. KevieG

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    I wonder are the club ready to pony up the cash and get VVD on Jan 1st? Champions League football is there for the taking again, not to mention what might be achieved in the actual champions league.
  3. KevieG

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Of course he is. He's about 6 ft 3.
  4. KevieG

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    Danny Murphy is a clown. Bigging up Fat Sham, even managed to get a plug in for Woy.
  5. KevieG

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Amazing what signing good established players does for the team. Lets just pay the premium and get Keita in early, and get VVD in.
  6. KevieG

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    What also probably needs to be factored in is that its probably VVD or nothing.
  7. KevieG

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    If he turns out to be the centre half we have been missing for years and we get 5 or 6 years out of him its fine. Just pay it. The alternative is the comedy roadshow of Klaven, Lovren and Matip.
  8. KevieG

    Dejan Lovren

    The whole episode just confirms to me that, apart from anything else, the man is too mentally fragile to be playing for the club. He needs to get off social media. The fans voting him player of the month after one of the worst performances in recent memory just sums up the loser mentality of the place. A great job shurgodhelpus badge for being incredibly shit.
  9. KevieG

    Mohamed Salah

    Bargain. We've got our two best wide players since the Barnes and Houghton side.
  10. KevieG

    FSG are not shit

    7 years. 1 league cup. Miserly spend. Cant get transfers over the line. Yes. They are shit.
  11. KevieG

    Sadio Mane

    Out for 6 weeks. That's the season fucked
  12. KevieG

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    Chamberlain needs to given a shot at midfield. He might stink the place out but that's mainly what the three amigos in there for most of the season have done so no harm in trying it. The way it's going it's getting into Robbie Keane territory and I can't imagine it's doing his confidence any good.
  13. KevieG

    January 2018 Transfer Thread

    By basically refusing to do serious business in the last 4 or 5 windows we are stuck now with a situation where almost 75% of the squad needs binning and that just cannot be done in one window. VVD and Keita aren't going to solve this. We need 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, a striker and a keeper. The best part is we probably won't even do business in the next window.
  14. KevieG


    Lev yashin compared to Karius
  15. KevieG

    Spartak Moscow(A)- Champions League 26/09/17

    Agree. And Aubamayang, lacazette, Costa, vardy were all on this summers menu. We didn't even try. We spent 35 million on someone the manager doesn't seem to want.
  16. KevieG

    Spartak Moscow(A)- Champions League 26/09/17

    So can we drop this Karius experiment? I know you bought him Jurgen and to be proved right but he is Brad Jones bad. And firmino isn't good enough to take on the scoring burden for a team that can't defend. Someone clinical is needed. Shit transfer window back to haunt us again.
  17. KevieG

    Rio Ferdinand to become professional boxer

    The guy used to shit out of challenges on corners. Don't see the boxing working out.
  18. KevieG

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Lets give him 6 months at least before writing him off. He has been put under pressure from the off by being benched with that price tag. And I don't think Klopp knows what do with him either. Its starting to look a bit like the Robbie Keane deal. I always thought he looked decent for Arsenal.
  19. I think most were really really trying to spot something with Winjaldum and gave him plenty of time but after a year now as first choice I'm not seeing it and can safely say that he is crap. You might get one good game in 5 if you are lucky but thats not enough, nowhere near it. Now he might turn it around, but I doubt it. Doesn't have the mentality for the club. And obviously he isn't alone in that.
  20. KevieG

    Leicester(a) Premier League - Match Thread

    I have no clue who to pick for this one. No faith in any of the keepers/defenders, or midfielders for that matter. Klopp needs to start earning his corn now, i dunno is that a formation change or bombing out the captain or what, but he needs to turn this around. He chose not to sign defenders or central midfielders so its on him to fix this. I'm tempted to say 3 centre halves but thats just increasing the chance for mayhem with our clowns. Milner and Clyne got a bit of stick last year but its becoming obvious they brought something to the defence now.
  21. Not me. He is nasty fucker with bags of pace, isn't a total shithouse, and scores loads of goals. But yeah Brexit or something... Klopp is waiting forever for these perfect players in the transfer market. He needs to start thinking of the here and now. 2 cbs in January and a centre mid.
  22. We should have been after 2 centre halves and a central midfielder this summer. We spent 35 million on ox who doesn't even start. Mind blowing stuff.
  23. Shit. And most didn't expect much more from these shot houses which says it all
  24. From what I have seen of Matip he lacks a bit of bravery and doesn't seem to impose himself physically on the game.
  25. What stuck out for me was that we had 20 mins to rescue that game and we couldn't raise a gallop, we were closer to losing it than winning it, and i would put that mainly down to a lack of balls and leadership by too many players, especially in midfield. At this point, all 3 of the midfielders can go as far as I'm concerned. Say what you like about lallana and coutinho but they have the courage to try and make things happen even when they are having a bad day. Also, once Mane and Salah went off the attacking direction of the team was lost. Firmino is an ok link man but without those two around him he becomes ineffective. I would definitely give the Ox a run of games in the Lallana position and drop Winjaldum. He cannot be any worse than a player who doesn't want the ball.