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  1. Fucking hell. We badly need to get in and regroup. The last 5 mins has been fucking comical.
  2. Well he has had the chances to score several but…
  3. Nope, according to commentators on Sky he was going to give it even before VAR.
  4. Two years running we have had attacks on our players resulting in season ending injuries. Fucking sickening.
  5. DJLJ

    Other Football 2021/22

    It was how they won when Ferguson was there. Get the best goal scorers in the league and constant pressure. As you say above he’ll score plenty unfortunately.
  6. DJLJ

    Thiago Alcantara

    Neither Jones nor Elliott has proven anything in a Red shirt either.
  7. DJLJ


    Stadium concert tomorrow with ‘The minds of 99’ and 50k in attendance. Ireland soon following suit also due to the high vaccination rates. Everything lifted by October 22nd except for mask wearing in hospitals/surgeries etc.
  8. DJLJ


    Scary reading many of these tweets. People want to kick people out of beds just because they haven’t been vaccinated. I know Twitter is a cesspool but still. The US is so divided and everything becomes so entrenched there, this pandemic is just the last area of battle. We as a species is truly fucked.
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    Whats your current aftershave

    Whatever I get from the kids at Christmas
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    Andrew Robertson

    Yeah I watched it. He played wing back and wasn’t great but none of the Scottish players were. Mæhle was great for the Danes, same as Damsgaard. The Scottish was outplayed in the first half. They were better second half, but the Danes was by far the better team and players overall.
  11. DJLJ

    The Conflict in Afghanistan

  12. DJLJ

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Didn’t they get 200million from the government or tv deal or whatever it was?
  13. DJLJ

    Roberto Firmino

    Totally agree about the strikers but not about the midfield. 8 players for 3 players in midfield is fine in my book.
  14. Hopefully Bobby is back soon because we have to get Mane out of the starting lineup.