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  1. Klopp said he looked ok in the dressing room but that they had to see over the coming days.
  2. According to Klopp it sounds like Naby might be ok, so I'd guess he'd be out for half a year at least... Edit -> Snap
  3. Fucking scum bag. At least he didn’t have a leg brace thingy on it, so hopefully not broken but he will be out for a few weeks at least.
  4. DJLJ

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 17-19 2021)

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-10119703/Manchester-United-Paul-Pogba-wearing-worlds-VEGAN-football-boots.html vegan soccer boots…
  5. DJLJ

    Playstation 5

    Just gotten mine yesterday. And yeah it is bigger than I expected also. Not enough love has been given to Astros Playroom, absolute amazing little game to show off what the controller can do.
  6. DJLJ

    Geordie Arabia

    You’d imagine the reason for not sacking him straight away was they wanted to get someone lined up. At least a well run club would do it that way, but this is Newcastle so who knows.
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    https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/nba-anti-vaxxers-covid-1231988/ And many people looks up to these as role models, fucking hell.
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    https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/19/world/americas/bolsonaro-covid-19-brazil.html Bolsonaro being accused of massmurder in the biggest Brazilian study on how they have handled the pandemic and it’s recommended he gets tried for massmurder.
  9. DJLJ

    "Super League" Clubs Fined

    Super League back on? According to the folks on Irish tv, seems it is.
  10. Didier Hamann is giving him both barrels on Irish tv, not good enough, never a Liverpool player etc.
  11. DJLJ


    According to the ‘great’ Micah Richards, Rose is normally great at 1v1’s, after losing approx 50 of them to Salah in the Watford game. They are absolutely rubbish, every single one of them. Not a single word of wisdom across the whole lot.
  12. DJLJ

    Roberto Firmino

    7 from Salah, 5 from Mane and 4 from Firmino in 8 games in the PL. I’ll take that from our strikers any day of the week.
  13. Bobby gets a hattrick and not even being MotM, tough shit. Salah was just unreal.
  14. Great save by Kelleher, even if blown for offside
  15. With how poor Watford has been, I'd say a few of the forumites could have played and we'd still have won.
  16. Mane, fucking hell. Great through ball by Firmino.
  17. The first roll with the ball under his foot that takes him away from 3 defenders before setting 3 of them on their arses and then a few more looking at him while he gently lays it into the sidenetting. Absolutely genius.