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  1. Oh go blow it out of your other hole. You're a tedious little twit, with precious little to back up your fake bravado. You've been trying as hard as your feeble intellect will allow to get some kind of retarded "online punchup" arranged. I wasn't impressed by your pathetic attempt to drag a 3 year old quote of mine out of context (seriously, just how pathetic is that, keeping a 3 year old anti-racist post of mine in your back pocket. What are you - 7?). Neither am I impressed by your cheap fake chest thumping now. It isn't happening. If we ever did meet in meatspace, I'd be more likely to take pity on your pathetic self, and offer you a (slightly used) hanky for you to mop up your drool. You are dismissed. PS: stop pissing on your shoes.
  2. He's one of the head coaches at AKA (along with "Crazy" Bob Cook et al), but is definately the head BJJ guy. Actually, he calls his program "Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu", but its BJJ nonentheless (he puts more emphasis on non-Gi moves, but with the growth of MMA, so do a lot of coaches now). We are approx 30 miles up the road from AKA (San Jose, we're in Fremont/Union City), and our head BJJ guy (Mike Prudencio) was a long-time student of Dave's (as well as getting his brown belt from the Gracie gym at Mountain View), hence the affiliation (we've also labeled our program "Guerilla Jiu Jitsu as well, but, err, we're all Gi). We're not twinned with AKA or anything (as our gym has more than just combat sports, we're also one of the premier Crossfit facilities in the US), but (especially with BJJ) there's a lot of crossover. As far as his training methods, I'm not that well qualified to comment. At my low level, I'm sure most top-notch instructors are very similar. As I said earlier, I tried BJJ, but I wasn't good enough, nor did I have the temperament. Not patient enough, and kept on trying to muscle out of things instead of using technique (or so Mike kept telling me). Plus, BJJ injuries are genuinely scary (at least to me). Dave Camarillo used to take the Saturday sessions, and was pretty tough - even to the established regulars. Very, err, "matter-of-fact" guy. You can read between the lines on that one - in the end, I'm just a guy who genuinely couldn't hack it during his sessions. Our kick-boxing programme doesn't mix with AKA, so I can't comment on what they do. But they do have a LOT of fighters there, so I'm sure their sparring sessions are brutal. Ours are much more gentlemanly :). Get hurt? Take 5. Most of our guys are either amateur or police (one of our gym owners - Freddy Comacho - is a long-serving SWAT team member).
  3. Thats not a hint. Thats a complete answer. How did you get on with Melons? Did she turn you down as well?
  4. I know. I've ruined your fantasy now, haven't I. Here, have another cookie.
  5. I think its just a storm in a teacup, with people acting as if he had insulted the innocents who died (looking at the tweet, it doesn't look like he did). If he had something to say about that, that would definately be "bringing the club into disrepute". Having "unorthodox" theories over a disaster isn't the same thing (In my opinion, and I'm sure in others, once they all calm down) Other footballers (eg: John Terry) did far worse, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. To be honest, the most shocking thing about this episode is that a modern footballer actually HAS a theory, about something, somewhere ...
  6. Ah there's more to it. So to complete the fetish-inspired fantasy, you need to be threatened with physical harm, over the internet, by a woman. Wierd kink. You must have been dropped pretty hard as a baby, onto a hard surface. There must be a "threaten me please" forum somewhere on the Internet, for the likes of you. PS: why don't you PM Melons and ask her to oblige you. Get off my tail, this is creepy ....
  7. Haha, this is hilarious. So you didn't store a link to that post for 3 years, you just happened to google my username and kickboxing, and this site. Err, just in case. Riiight ... Unfortunate side effect of arguing with pond scum. Anyone with more than 2 gray cells will come across as superior. Can't be avoided. Pond scum have limited comprehension ability, true. Aha, we get to the meat of the matter. Did you want someone (or me) to threaten to beat you up? That must be why you stored the link to that post of mine for over 3 years. Must be some as-yet-unamed fetish I wasn't aware of (mercifully). Sorry to disappoint. Here, have a cookie ...
  8. As it turned out, no I didn't. Dave Camirillo is a hard taskmaster, and BJJ scares the heck out of me. Too easy to get seriously injured, especially when your technique is sorely lacking (ie: me).
  9. Ok, so I shall await your next witty rejoinder 3 years hence, when you store something else I've said for years (possibly from this thread) and wait to unleash it on the world. Oh, the tension....
  10. The Taliban are from the Afghan people (mainly Pashtun). They're not seperate entities. He said, as he wiped the snot of his nose with the back of his hand, smeared his tears across his cheek, and ran downstairs looking for Mummy. and threw his keyboard against the wall in impotent rage. "Mummy, I need a new keyboard, someone is arguing with me on the internet ..." And I doubt we'd ever meet face to face. I don't tend to associate with shoe pissers, racists and/or cretins. I only bump into them occasionally on the interwebs.
  11. With 2 obviously snide, sly little fuckers like "Sugar Ape" and "Uncle Travelling Matt", I'll take my chances .... Anything else?
  12. I don't need you to give me a clue. NATO invaded, with the main intention of installing a government more to their liking. 5 minutes after NATO leaves (which they will, its just a matter of slowing down the retreat to reduce the political impact of it), the NATO installed government will be torn to shreds, and the Taliban (who by the way, are NOT Al-Qaeda, and never participated in 9/11) will be back in power. Either completely, or as part of a larger alliance. Apparantly, you seem to be the only person who isn't aware of this. The leaders of the NATO installed government are. They have been trying desperately to negotiate with the Taliban for nearly 2 years now, with little results (they're dead, and they know it). The US knows it, and there is tremendous clamour within for them to negotiate with the Taliban (because, they know, they will win in the end) so they (the US) can retreat. Low-level talks have already begun, but there is uncertainty within the Taliban over how to proceed (thats why they haven't gone anywhere yet, not because the US doesnt want to talk). The old guard are in favour of allowing a negotiated retreat by the US and NATO. The younger leaders are not (less pragmatic view, perhaps).
  13. You little cretin (I suppose your username was well chosen in the end) - that was from THREE YEARS AGO, in a thread where some shitheads (apes like you, I would imagine) where DEFENDING racist abuse (delightful stuff like "elephant washer" etc), and then pretending it wasn't racist. Racist and bigotted crap does get my temper flaring. And yes, if someone did say that racist shit to my face, I WOULD do what I said above. No exaggeration. What exactly do you think you've proved by storing that quote for 3 years and dumping it here? That I don't like racist fuckers, and would gladly kick their asses if they talked to me like that? (yes, the little pen-picture above is true. Want directions to the gym and guys I train with?). Well whoppe-dee-doo. Congratulations little Sherlock. And here's the post in full. If you're going to try to drag stuff out of context from years earlier, then at least do it properly: http://www.liverpoolway.co.uk/forum/ff-football-forum/60614-sad-little-sidenote-last-nights-game-2.html#post1112214
  14. Pretty self-explanatory, I would have thought. Alexander went right through Persia like a hot knife through butter. When he reached Afghanistan, he quickly secured a treaty with the local leaders, and departed toute suite for Punjab, never to return (the Afghan's tossed the Macedonian garrisons out). The British Empire tried it in the 19th century. From memory, I think the Afghans were feeling unduly charitable that time, as they did allow 1 survivor to cross back into British India (a riderless horse, I think). The Soviets tried it in the late 20th century. The Afghans endured hell, yet in the end, THEY broke the back of the Soviet war machine. NATO invaded in 2001. The Afghans have endured another nightmare. Yet, a decade later, who seriously thinks NATO can possibly win and secure their conquest? You can't conquer the Afghans. End of story.