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  1. ozted

    Everton (H) FA Cup - 05/01/2020 - 16:01

    Love it! You definitely have a way with words.
  2. ozted

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    Ich bin ein Scouser
  3. Sparky would be a perfect fit. Ex Manc player & loads of experience with struggling clubs.
  4. But it cant be his fault - he doesn't have enough trophies.
  5. ozted

    Tommy Lawrence (The Flying Pig)

    Last game of the season 1964 we beat Arsenal 5-1 to win the League. Tommy saved a penalty and. when Liverpool got a penalty with the match more or less won everyone wanted Tommy to take it but he wasn't having any. Only the Koppites could christen one of their heroes 'The Flying Pig' Great memories - RIP Tommy
  6. ozted

    Sam Allardyce is a CUNT

    Ferguso will never be found out. He is too wily and has got too much on the Establishment for that. But he was a close buddy of the fat one and his son is/was a dodgy agent.
  7. ozted

    Sam Allardyce is a CUNT

    I cant fault that description.
  8. ozted

    Ian Ayre is gone!

    ....or David Moyes?
  9. ozted

    Sam Allardyce is a CUNT

    Another Ferguson recommendation.
  10. Remember what he said at his press conference after his appointment? I have been around and heard a lot about the English press......... now its up to you to prove them all liars'. Priceless!
  11. ozted

    Welcome Jurgen

    'I'm the normal one' What a brilliant comment and the press lapped it up
  12. ozted

    Harry Redknapp

    'Arry wouldn't have wasted all the money Rodgers has, he would have pocketed most of it - in the dog's account.
  13. David Moyes: The gift that keeps on giving.