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  1. RoboRiise

    Boxing 2019

    Every time I think I've seen everything inside a boxing ring, I'm proved wrong.
  2. RoboRiise

    Boxing 2019

    I've genuinely seen better fights than this at kicking out time. Hoping Fury does the fat cunt with a budweiser bottle in the tenth.
  3. RoboRiise

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Have I missed all the talk about the crowned heads of European football chasing Harry Kane's signature this summer? Oh lol. 3-1, That's that then.
  4. RoboRiise

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Listening to everybody trying to big this up as some major event is hilarious. It's a nothing tournament that nobody gives a shit about - I've been sat around doing nothing much all evening and only remembered it was on about five minutes into the first period of extra time, such has been it's seismic impact on the football calendar.
  5. RoboRiise

    Boxing 2019

    Joshua doesn't seem to have processed the magnitude of what happened there. Not really a good look, being faintly patronising about someone who's just put you on your arse four times.
  6. RoboRiise

    Boxing 2019

    LOL he literally just said that. Well not the part about the bought ref but we can infer.
  7. RoboRiise

    Boxing 2019

    Brutal yet accurate assessment.
  8. RoboRiise

    Boxing 2019

    Scenes. Joshua can fuck off with looking incredulous too, the ref has done him a favour there. He took an 8 count, walked back to the corner and didn't come off the ropes when asked, twice, because he was going to go full bambi and everybody could see it. Fair fucks to Ruiz, he won that by swarming Joshua with full-on aggression and Joshua just didn't have a clue what to do about it. His corner had it right; work the jab and keep the distance, every time Ruiz got inside him he did damage. Funny that he wasn't keen on fighting Fury because he didn't have any belts to bring to the table. Think that might bite him on the arse a bit now, although based on that display Fury would destroy him anyway. Special mention for Eddie Hearn. Couldn't happen to a nicer fella.
  9. RoboRiise

    Boxing 2019

    Yeah I can't imagine Ruiz has many rounds like that one in him, the lad looks like he did his training camp at McDonalds.
  10. RoboRiise

    Boxing 2019

    Both took a round off in the fourth, Joshua has recovered somewhat but I'm not sure I fancy him if Ruiz unloads on him again like he did in the third.
  11. RoboRiise

    Boxing 2019

    This is interesting. Joshua looks done here.
  12. And top class from BT Sport there binning the interview off to let the lads celebrate.
  13. I just wish I could wash that down with a pint of Harry Kane's tears, the diving cunt. Not the greatest game. Don't give a fuck. Give us that cup.
  14. All getting a bit baggy towards the end of the half but I'll take 1-0 at half time. They shit themselves when we get at them, more of that needed in the second half. I wanted Robbo to score that goal so bad. Also Trippier is a cunt going down holding his face like he'd had a slap from one punch Jarv (he in jail now) when Robbo just gave him a little tap.
  15. Traveling fans doing us proud there, that's a mighty wall of red. Anyway, full-screening this on youtube, so see you on the other side.