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  1. I was 19 last time we did this. Just over a year out of school after finishing my A levels, engaged four months earlier, working in a shite job but with high hopes for the future, wondering when I'd be able to afford to start saving for a deposit on a house, whether I'd end up having kids, all the rest of it. I'm 49 now. Still in a shite job, single (me and that girl broke up in '92 by the way), no kids thank God, still don't own a house and never will now. Don't give a fuck. Life is beautiful. I love you all.
  2. We've got Alisson. If they want penalties, it's a bold strategy.
  3. Right, give it 30 minutes of Divock and fucking destroy them.
  4. Their manager could run on the pitch with a fucking machete and this ref would send Klopp to the stands.
  5. I want Robbo to tell that lad with the white hair he looks like a cunt.
  6. I did that a few years ago, bent my ankle inwards at nearly 90 degrees. Didn't break it, just completely fucked up my ligaments. I would much rather have broken it. Twice. That lad has no luck and bad luck.
  7. This ref is either as bent as a nine bob note, or a complete fucking imbecile. Get it in the net lads because you just know this ballbag is going to blow up for some absurd penalty if it's 0-0 with 10 minutes to go.
  8. Why do we always get these 'special' refs? I can't work out whether this bloke thinks he's the star of the show, or whether someone just grabbed him out of a pub on the way to the ground.
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