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  1. Jamie Vardy is not having a party.
  2. Have some of that you cunts.
  3. We've got Alisson. If they want penalties, it's a bold strategy.
  4. Right, give it 30 minutes of Divock and fucking destroy them.
  5. Their manager could run on the pitch with a fucking machete and this ref would send Klopp to the stands.
  6. Peno? From this ref? Fuck me, has he had a better offer?
  7. I want Robbo to tell that lad with the white hair he looks like a cunt.
  8. God I hope we beat these diving cunts.
  9. I did that a few years ago, bent my ankle inwards at nearly 90 degrees. Didn't break it, just completely fucked up my ligaments. I would much rather have broken it. Twice. That lad has no luck and bad luck.
  10. This ref is either as bent as a nine bob note, or a complete fucking imbecile. Get it in the net lads because you just know this ballbag is going to blow up for some absurd penalty if it's 0-0 with 10 minutes to go.
  11. Why do we always get these 'special' refs? I can't work out whether this bloke thinks he's the star of the show, or whether someone just grabbed him out of a pub on the way to the ground.
  12. RoboRiise

    Boxing 2019

    Saw nothing to change my opinion that Joshua would struggle against the quality in this division, but a bloke who looked like he held his training camp at McDonalds is not that quality. The fat cunt trousered 13 million for that, he'll probably be 35 stone and washing himself with a rag on a stick in three years time.