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  1. grazywalker

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I re watched the whole lot again about 2 months ago. It really is very good.
  2. grazywalker


    I have had to mute the TV as I cant stand her boring voice anymore.
  3. grazywalker

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I agree on both points, The fact that even after 3 days since I finished watching, I am still thinking about the characters,situations and where they may be in two years shows how good it actually is. The scouse lad who got burnt seemed a likeable lad, but then it showed ho he was unstable and capable of being a fuckin dangerous loonball when he was on phone losing his shit.
  4. grazywalker

    House insurance problem

    Hello Dave. You with a broker or one of those direct insurers? Happy to have a chat with you tomorrow. Number sent by PM. Doesnt sound like there is a quick answer you will be happy with but wil go through this with you tomorrow.
  5. grazywalker

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Re watching No Offecne Cop show based in Manchester. Loved it and loved the main female lead in it. Such a great character and played to perfection by locla biiiird. Best bit "witness said she was fat and gobby" I mean, thats half on Manchester, we dont satand a chance of finding her"
  6. grazywalker

    Premier League Round Up (May 15-19 2021)

    I like Potter a lot though, he just seems like a top fella. I heard him on the radio earlier in the week saying “I”m not a sexy appointment. There’s nothing sexy about me. I’m even called Graham and there’s never been anyone sexy called Graham”. Man’s got a point. WHOOAHHH!!!!!!!!!
  7. grazywalker

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I gave p after 1st episode as they wrecked my head. It seemed to be trying ot hard and over acted. Does it improve and you get used to it. I have battled through others esrly episodes of series and it won me around.
  8. grazywalker


    I see what you did there, or I hope I do.
  9. grazywalker

    Premier League Round Up (May 7-12 2021)

    I messaged the lads group straight after that Richarlason move. Not only did he make shit run, he also stood there like a ducking ugly statue with that cunty face. He should have been busting a gut to get to 6 yard box as Coleman was legging it and tried to put balls across. The cunt.
  10. grazywalker

    Line of Duty

    I actually enjoyed No Offence more than this.
  11. grazywalker


    3 episodes in on first series. Its is ok , but have to admit I am struggling to like any of the characters and it seems really slow. Does it gather pace soon?
  12. Max Waltmon's dad Is my mate.
  13. grazywalker

    Featured: That was the week that was (Feb 9-12 2021)

    I was just looking for this as well. Guess he has a major case of the CBA's.