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  1. Agt Provocateur

    Nottingham Forest 0 Liverpool 1 (Mar 20 2022)

    I think I will be fully silver by May.
  2. Agt Provocateur

    Nottingham Forest 0 Liverpool 1 (Mar 20 2022)

    I honestly had no idea jabroni was a prohibited word! I will swap it out with any array of the 80s cartoon villain insults I have in my locker moving forwards.
  3. Agt Provocateur

    Nottingham Forest 0 Liverpool 1 (Mar 20 2022)

    I didn't think they were in the same league. Diaz was pushed, it wasn't exactly two handed but there was contact but nowhere near enough for a free kick, the referee rightly waved it away. Yates' dive was the worst, most insidious kind of cheating there is for my money.
  4. Agt Provocateur

    Nottingham Forest 0 Liverpool 1 (Mar 20 2022)

    Cheers. Yeah I should have added (apart from taking Fabinho off) because that change wasn't needed. I get what we were trying to do, going for the jugular in normal time. We were struggling at home to Norwich and went 4-2-3-1 and absolutely blasted them away. i think that's what we were going for here but it didn't work out at all.
  5. Agt Provocateur

    PODCAST: Man United 0 Liverpool 5 - Match Reaction

    Do I not get a medal for having the patience of a Saint?
  6. Agt Provocateur

    PODCAST: Man United 0 Liverpool 5 - Match Reaction

    Well, I got a few points in!
  7. Hi all, Hope you're all well. I was joined on the latest episode of my podcast by @dave u and @Stu Monty as we look back over the last season. We also discuss Trent Alexander-Arnold, whether it’s a mistake to let Gini Wijnaldum walk away, Roberto Firmino’s future, and what the club need to do to improve over the summer as well as the involvement in the failed Super League. You can download it here: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-8t5fa-1053a5e You can also download via iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music if you prefer.
  8. Agt Provocateur

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    We're now really, really at risk of missing the top 4. If the owners are shitting themselves at the prospect of a reduced TV deal, they should consider the prospect of no Champions League money. Nobody is expecting a Koulibaly or a Upacampo, but to not bring A centre half is a complete failure of ownership. And they think they can get away with it because there's no fans in the ground to call them out on penny pinching.
  9. Agt Provocateur

    Burnley (H) Premier League - 21/1/21 - 20:00

    If we can play our way back into form then we could be back in it before too long, because we are about to go on a run of top of the table six pointers. A win at Spurs next week would be a huge lift. But I just don't see where the next result comes from, let alone the next goal. It's crazy how things have changed in 3 weeks.
  10. Agt Provocateur

    Gerard Houllier

    Absolutely awful news. The end of his time at the club wasn't pleasant but I think we have all long forgotten about that now. Gerard Houllier dragged Liverpool kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Not just Liverpool in fact, he modernised the British game. Not to the same extent that Wenger did but along similar lines. He pushed the concept of "not putting diesel into a Ferrari" and that is now the norm in football. There's a reason he was a UEFA technical director. The man knew his football, as well as anyone in the last thirty years. He was always someone who was criminally underrated and I think that's because of the drop off that ended with us getting Benitez in. I am not a medical expert but it's pretty obvious he wasn't the same manager after his heart problem. It seemed to affect his personality a bit and definitely his decision making. We will never know how close we'd have come, but at the end of the 2001/2002 season he was a couple of signings away from winning the league but unfortunately it went in the opposite direction. But I will always, always remember him for the 2000/2001 season. I was a late starter with football and had only seen us win the Coca Cola Cup in 1995 and bomb a few leagues in the mid 1990s. That was the season where the videos and pictures I'd seen of our past became my present. I will never forget that treble winning season when we lived on the brink seemingly from January until May. Every 3 games, there was a massive game and even the league games became knockout because of the race between us and Leeds. He made me believe in the club for the first time. A really sad day and I wish we could all be there on Wednesday to pay tribute to him. RIP Gerard.
  11. Agt Provocateur

    Wolves (H) - Premier League - 6/12/20 - 19:15

    My feet had gone numb by that point probably!
  12. Agt Provocateur

    Wolves (H) - Premier League - 6/12/20 - 19:15

    I was one of the lucky 2000 last night, my name came out of the ballot. It was a special night on so many levels. I have done very little since March, I have taken lockdown and COVID-19 very, very seriously. Not only for me, but because I'm not a selfish prick and I have my mum to think of, who has incurable (but not terminal) cancer. I have spent much of the last 9 months welded to the couch in my front room working from home. The last time I did anything of note, apart from a walk around Lincoln in September when visiting a friend, was go to Anfield for the Atletico Madrid game. it was my first game as a season ticket holder in my own name for me - I've had a season ticket for 15 years but it was always in dad's name. I took advantage of the amnesty this summer to get it changed over to me once and for all. So to finally get the chance to go again after long 9 months was a huge lift for me. I was actually feeling really nervous beforehand, not the usual excitement, but when I got to the ground it was fine. The club laid on free parking so I parked on the official car park at Vernon Sangster. There was a walkway up to the ground from there where you were corralled through to the main stand. Firstly, you had to show your ticket and photo ID. The next person you came to asked if you had filled in your health declaration form (I had, at about 4pm because I had forgotten about it and the club didn't send a reminder out) and the final person verified your seasie number and name. When you get a ticket, when these measures are on at that point you're stuck in the ground at that point, you can't walk through past the Kop to go to a chippy or anything. You need to go into the ground. You use Google Pay to access your ticket, press "display code" and put your phone into the space you would your ticket. Worked first time, no problems, very impressed. When you get inside, if you're not going to the toilet or the kiosk, you go straight to your seat. There were huge spaces between people and it felt really safe. It was only the usual people kicking off at being told to sit down. I'm personally not arsed about 2000 people being able to stand if they wish but rules is rules and it is what it is. As for the performance, wow. So confident and assured. Wolves are no mugs, they are a proper pain to play against but we put it one of our best performances of the season. Midfield completely bossed the game, all of the front three carried a threat and Firmino's link up play continues to improve. Maybe he's coming out of his big dip in form which has haunted him for the last 12 months or so. It was just a good night all round. And it's really, really good to have been there and I am already envious of the people who will get to go to the Spurs game.
  13. Agt Provocateur

    The Big Football Podcast

    @Stu Monty joined me again this week for a talk about stats in football. I'm not into stats at all but I think Stu did a really good job of explaining their use. Latest episode is here: https://thebigfootballpodcast.podbean.com/e/the-big-football-podcast-24th-november-2020/ Also available on Castbox, iTunes, you can ask Alexa and now also on Spotify. Cheers for all your support, it's appreciated.
  14. Agt Provocateur

    The Big Football Podcast - TLW edition

    I can always arrange for the next recording to be at County Road KFC.
  15. Agt Provocateur

    The Big Football Podcast - TLW edition

    Unbeknownst to me, it was actually. I've now claimed it. https://podcasters.spotify.com/episode/7BPybhP3SeOkSBkHsmqJmY